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INFINITY GAUNTLET #2 (Aug 1991) Marvel Comics

cover: George Pérez
Date: Aug 1991
Cover Price: $2.50

Information from vu
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    "From Bad to Worst" (41 pages)
    writer:  Jim Starlin
    art:  George Perez
    Joe Rubinstein
    Tom Christopher
    colors:  Max Scheele
    Ian Laughlin
    letters:  Jack Morelli
    editor:  Craig Anderson
    Tom DeFalco (chief)
    Information from vu   

    INFINITY GAUNTLET #2 (Aug 1991)
    Marvel Comics

    INFINITY GAUNTLET #2 (Digital) (Jun 2010)
    Marvel Comics

    EL GAUNTELETE DEL INFINITO #2 (Spain) (1992)

    MARVEL COMICS PRESENTA: ZONA M #2 (Italy) (1993)
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    George Perez could be the next Todd McFarlane!
    posted Mar 12, 2011 1:09 PM by vu sleeper


    INFINITY GAUNTLET #2 (Aug 1991)
    TALK TO THE HAT: Classic Creators & MIA Comics
    by Joe Quesada, Columnist | Cup O' Joe Home |  Posted: 03/11/11

    Tom Brevoort (sans Axel Alonso) by Skottie Young
    I know Neal [Adams] recently made his return to comics at DC, but he's also done work on Marvel's motion comics in the past few years. When someone of his longstanding caliber comes in to discuss a project, do you try to find projects that focus on their classic work, or do you look to find something brand new for them to make their mark on?

    Tom Brevoort: To some degree, I think it's both. I'd be foolish to not look at the body of work that someone like Neal has done in the past, and that naturally leads you in certain directions.


    There's an anecdote that I retell quite often that was told to me years ago by George Perez which relates to this. When George came back to Marvel after an absence of several years and started working on "Infinity Gauntlet" and the first or second issue had come out, he was out on the convention circuit, and some young kid came up to him all excited to meet him, with copies of "Infinity Gauntlet" to get signed. The kid says to George, "These are the greatest looking books I’ve ever read! If you keep doing this kind of work, you could be the next Todd McFarlane!" And what George took away from this, once he'd had a chance to step back and process it -- and he was nice to the kid because George is kind to everyone -- was that regardless of his many years in the field, this kid had never read a George Perez comic before. And he's absolutely right. So the fact that George had done years of great work on "Avengers" and "Inhumans" and "Man-Wolf," not to mention all the stuff he'd done at DC like "Crisis" and "Titans" and "Wonder Woman" didn't count for anything. But at that moment, for that kid, George was competing on the same level and on the same racks as the guys who were doing the current, contemporary books. So he took at as quite a compliment from that kid. He was competing in 1991 with Todd McFarlane in his prime. And what that shows is that your pedigree and history is one thing, but every time you put yourself out on the racks, you're in competition with everyone else out there today, and you need to prove your skills all over again

    News: Crisis In Infinite Hoods

    June 03, 2005 09:05 pm
    Crisis in Infinite Hoods
    Thread Started on 6/2/2005 at 3:19pm by verytired

    I found a picture By George Perez on The Musuem of Black Superheroes website called Crisis in Infinite Hoods. It's spectacular, but I can't find any mention of it in this site. It says in the museum it was commisioned for the infinty Gauntlet ltd series, but I can't find any mention of it. Can anyone help?

    INFINITY GAUNTLET #2 (Aug 1991)

    CRISIS IN INFINITE HOODS (1991), art by Mark D. Bright. Cover based on INFINITY GAUNTLET #2. From Musuem of Black Superheroes & Damon Owens.