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MARVEL FANFARE #13 (Mar 1984) Marvel Comics

Arthur Adams
Charles Vess 
Cover Date: Mar 1984
Cover Price: $1.50

Reprinted in:

Reprinted and translated in COLECCIONABLE MARVEL HEROES #22: VIUDA NEGRA: RED DE INTRIGAS (Spain) (Jun 2011), DIE RÄCHER COMIC-TASCHENBUCH #33 (German) and GLI INCREDIBILI X-MEN #9 (Italy) (Mar 1991)

writers: pencils: inks:       writers: pencils: inks:      Charles Vess

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    writer:  Ralph Macchio
    Alan Zelenetz
    art:  George Perez  
    John Beatty
    Brett Breeding
    Charles Vess
    colors:  N/A
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    MARVEL FANFARE #13 (Mar 1984)
    Marvel Comics

    The story behind why Arthur Adams drew MARVEL FANFARE #13 cover

    posted Mar 22, 2020, 10:18 PM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Mar 22, 2020, 10:27 PM ]

    From Vu

    MARVEL FANFARE #13 (Mar 1984)
    Marvel Comics
    It was the result of the fallout of the failed 1983 JLA/Avengers Crossover.

    From George Perez via a 1994 Wizard Interview: "... by that point, the damage was done. It got to the point where I refused to do the fourth cover for the Black Widow story in Marvel Fanfare #13. I told the editor, Al Milgrom, "I'm broken. I can't do any more work for Marvel Comics as long as Jim Shooter is editor-in-chief."

    That's when I signed the exclusive contract with DC, to ensure this wouldn't become an empty threat. I'd made myself legally unable to go to Marvel, even if I changed my mind. It might have cost me money - but I was angry.

    One thing I should point out: Jim Shooter and I have long [since] buried the hatchet. I've told him I would gladly do a cover for Defiant if he needs one. I don't want people to infer that I am still carrying a grudge."