HEROES #1 (2nd Signed) (Dynamic Forces) (Dec 2001)

cover:  Alex Ross
HEROES #1 (2nd Signed) (Dynamic Forces)
Dec 2001
Marvel Comics (marvel.com)/Dynamic Forces (dynamicforces.com

Released 12 December 2001. This is the second printing of HEROES.
See also: HEROES #1 (Oct 2001) and HEROES #1 (Signed) (Dynamic Forces) (Nov 2001).

Signed creators includes: Tom Palmer, Joe Quesada, Jae Lee, John Cassaday, Evan Dorkin, John Stanisci, Robin Riggs, Adam Kubert, Joe Kubert, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, Nelson, John Romita Sr (this is a listing for the first signed copy).

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    HEROES #1 (Oct 2001)

    HEROES #1 (Signed) (Dynamic Forces) (Nov 2001)

    HEROES #1 (2nd Signed)(Dynamic Forces) (Dec 2001)

     March 11, 2003 | Alessi Interview at Hero Realm
    From Hero Realm

    Hero Realm Presents
    Mark Alessi: MegaCon Aftermath
    posted March 09, 2003 10:34 PM
    by Alex Hamby


    Alex: Let’s go to Call to Duty.
    Mark: OK.

    HEROES #1
    (Oct 2001)
    Alex: You called that one – I believe the word was “disgusting”.
    Mark: I believe it is disgusting. I thought Heroes was a tremendously positive effort on their part, I wish they would have invited some CrossGen artists to participate but they never did, which was disappointing. Other than George Perez, who considers himself a CrossGen artist – not a Marvel or DC artist – I think Heroes was tremendous. I bought copies myself. I advised my people to. I am very supportive of any project, whether it be Heroes to help folks who were impacted by that terrible tragedy or ACTOR to promote gathering monies for Silver and Golden Age creators. I’m behind that.

    If you say that our objective is to promote real world heroes and you do that before 9-11, I applaud you. If you wait until all of the positive publicity about Heroes, which you did as a gesture of public support and courtesy, and then come out with multiple lines of comics, promoting every day heroes who traditionally don’t get comic books, publicize the heck out of it in light of the September 11th tragedy and then offer, for all intents and purposes a no-overprint policy putting retailers in a position of not being able to gauge the ethics of the product. I think you do the retailer a disservice and I think you insult the people involved in the tragedy.


    Alex: You’re never going to move an artist based on the fact that they might be better suited to something else?
    Mark: If you think that was the reason he was moved, good for you. Anyone who has moved here has moved by their own desire. Well, it didn’t sound to me like that was his desire. It sounded to me like he was basically told, “This is your job. Do what you’re told or you’re gone.” It sounded to me like he didn’t want to leave the X-Book. And from looking at his art style I don’t see how he’s a Manga artist at all but maybe I’m confused. After looking at thousands of Manga books I probably don’t have a very good grasp of what it is.

    Let me ask you this: They fire people at Marvel who don’t meet deadlines. Do they fire big names who don’t meet deadlines? I don’t think so.

    I generate equal punishment and reward systems, if that’s how you want to look at it at CrossGen. I do this evenhandedly. Doesn’t matter whether you’re George Perez or Carl Moline, everybody works under the same parameters.

    These things come into question because the biggest and the best in the industry should set the standard, if that’s what they are, should set the standard for the type of industry we are. If you set standards that, in my opinion, are inappropriate for the leadership position I will call you on it. I would do it if I were in technology. I will do it in comics.

     March 9, 2003 | CrossGen Vs Marvel
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Immune To Criticism

    By Alan Donald


    CrossGen Vs. Marvel

    I got a bit of a surprise this week reading Mark Alessi's comments regarding Marvel Comics at MegaCon. I wasn't so much surprised by the comments, so much as the fact Mr. Alessi was making them publicly. Many people have known Mr. Alessi's feelings on the House of Ideas but they've been asked to keep quiet on the subject.


    The next section has caused a bit of controversy:

    If you have the interest as a publisher to make a comic book about real heroes - firemen, paramedics, police officers - God bless you. They do things that protect us everyday all over this country. If you come out with that series after 9-11, you're using one of the greatest tragedies in American history as a marketing ploy. I'm sorry. I salute you if you do it before 9-11, you disgust me if you do it after 9-11. Thousands of people died, and we (Marvel) promoted comic books. Not only did we promote comic books, we hyped the heck out of it so retailers bought them by the droves, and now they're sitting back there with a ton of Valiant comics. And pretty soon, they'll be in the penny box and we'll shred these things so we can send stuffed toys from China with them.

    CrossGen sent an email to HeroRealm.com requesting clarification on this point. Bill Rosemann had this to say on the subject:

    He was talking about CALL TO DUTY. He knows HEROES was a tribute done to raise money for the Twin Towers Fund, and totally respects that. In fact, George Perez was allowed to contribute to it even though he was exclusive to CrossGen at the time. So Mark has no problem at all with HEROES... during his panel he mentioned CALL TO DUTY by name, but perhaps that wasn't reported in the panel highlights.

    Topic: CrossGen Clears Something Up...
    posted March 03, 2003 03:33 PM
    written by HeroRealmAlex

    CrossGen sent an email to HeroRealm.com requesting clarification on one point that might not have been made clear in the Bill Jemas responses. During the panel Mark Alessi was not speaking about Heroes but rather was talking about Call to Duty. Bill Rosemann had this to say on the subject:

    "He was talking about CALL TO DUTY. He knows HEROES was a tribute done to raise money for the Twin Towers Fund, and totally respects that. In fact, George Perez was allowed to contribute to it even though he was exclusive to CrossGen at the time. So Mark has no problem at all with HEROES... during his panel he mentioned CALL TO DUTY by name, but perhaps that wasn't reported in the panel highlights."

    Note: Pulse will be running an interview with Mark at some point either today or tomorrow. Go by and check it out. I will be doing a follow-up interview with Mark on Wednesday that should be posted either Thursday or Friday evening. Check back for that as it promises to be of interest.

     January 17, 2002
    From Marvel Comics
    Excerpt from back cover:
    Comic book universes are populated by colorful characters that possess fantastic powers.

    But on September 11th, 2001, an untold number of real men and women amazed the world with their phenomenal acts of bravery.

    When others ran away, they charged forward. When others reached out for safety, they offered a helping hand. When others cried out, they responded with a soothing voice.

    And, tragically, many of them died...but in doing so taught us all how to live.

    They can't stick to walls.
    They can't summon thunder.
    They can't fly.

    They're just HEROES.

     January 11, 2002 | Heroes on the Block
    From Wizard (as previously mentioned, see related)
    January 10, 2002

    Marvel Comics is helping take Heroes one step further.

    Marvel has already sold over 300,000 copies of Heroes, the tribute book benefiting the Twin Towers Fund in the wake of Sept. 11's terrorist attacks. Now, Marvel is putting much of the original art from that book up for auction.

    Club 101, located at 101 Park Ave. in New York City, will play host to an auction on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 6 PM. Live attendees of the auction will be charged a $250 donation to the Twin Towers Fund, and the auction will be run simultaneously by All-Star Auctions at www.allstarauc.com. Kevin Smith will serve as live auctioneer.

    Art from Neal Adams, J. Scott Campbell, Richard Corben, Mike Deodato Jr., Gene Ha, Sam Kieth, Adam Kubert, Joe Kubert, Jae Lee, Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons, Tom Palmer Sr., George Pérez, Joe Quesada and Todd McFarlane, John Romita Jr. and Sr., Alex Ross, Steve Rude, Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Stelfreeze and more will be available.

     January 9, 2002 | Heroes 3rd Printing
    From Diamond
    Consumer News - Week of 1/7/02

    Four months after the September 11 terrorist attacks on America, Marvel Comics and comics' top creators continue to help readers contribute to the ongoing relief efforts via the third -- and final -- printing of its sold-out Heroes (NOV015021, SRP: $3.50) and the debut of the anthology A Moment of Silence (NOV011799, SRP: $3.50), both of which ship this week.

    Heroes' tributes to the brave police officers, firefighters, and rescue workers who gave their lives during the attack on the World Trade Center -- and to those who survived to aid in the long recovery -- recently earned higher praise from the people it honors, relayed via Jeff Koob, a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Volunteer working in New York, providing support services for the recovery workers at Ground Zero.

    "[Heroes] was well-received by the recovery workers who looked through it," Koob wrote. "As the days pass and the facts sink in, and the sometimes grueling -- sometimes harrowing -- work becomes more routine, the men and women of the NYPD and FDNY need all the support they can get; and in that regard, perhaps the timing and delivery of Heroes was fortuitous. Thanks for putting out Heroes -- great job!"

     December 19, 2001 | Heroes Auction
    From New York City Comic Book Museum

    Marvel Comics extends an invitation on behalf of our artists to bid on select pieces of original art from the acclaimed HEROES book.

    All proceeds from this charity aution will go to the victims of the World Trade Center. Please join us as we auction off these original pieces by:

    Neal Adams
    J Scott Campbell
    Richard Corben
    Mike Deodato
    Gene Ha
    Sam Kieth
    Jae Lee/Neil Gaiman
    Jim Lee
    Frank Miller
    Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons
    Tom Palmer
    George Pérez
    Joe Quesada/Todd McFarlane
    John Romita Jr
    John Romita Sr
    Alex Ross
    Steve Rude
    Bill Sienkiewicz
    Brian Stelfreeze
    Additional pieces to be auctioned online
    Thursday, January 17, 2002
    6:00 pm
    Hosted by Kevin Smith
    $250.00 per plate at
    Club 101
    101 Park Avenue
    New York City

    For details, contact Marc Kaye at 646-227-8400
    or Andrew Lis at 917-472-2100

     December 19, 2001 | Heroes Mentioned on NBC
    From Vu

    For about 30 seconds, "Heroes" was mentioned on the national televsion station, NBC, on a segment on September 11th. George Pérez was not mentioned, but it is still kind of nice to see comic books being mentioned on TV.
     December 15, 2001 | Heroes - Third Printing
    From Newsarama
    posted 12-14-2001 04:31 PM


    In addition to a final, third printing of Heroes on Jan. 9th, a fundraising auction of Heroes artwork on Jan. 17th, Alternative Comics 9-11 Emergency Relief on Jan. 16th, and the two September 11th Volumes by DC, Dark Horse, Image, Chaos! (with assistance from Oni and Top Shelf) scheduled for Jan. 23rd, Marvel’s other fundraising effort, A Moment of Silence, has been given a Jan. 9th release date.

     November 28, 2001 | Heroes Third Printing?
    From Joe Quesada (his website is unavailable at the moment), via Newsarama


    Okay, now that that's all said and done, here's the latest report on HEROES. As of yesterday it seems that we completely sold out of our second print run. We're looking into back orders to see if the number is significant enough to make a third printing worth doing. Fox News ran a wonderful piece today (Thanksgiving Day) on HEROES and it had some great segments with John Cassaday, Neal Adams and myself. I want to thank everyone who supported this project by purchasing it at their local shop. Keep your eyes open for Moment of Silence, it's really going to be another special book. Speaking of special books, I've been checking out some of the stuff from all the other tribute books on tap and it's truly inspiring stuff. Please make it a point to support these magnificent books as well, there are a lot of wonderful writers, artist, editors and publishers putting their heart and soul into these projects!

    I've been getting tons of e-mail's concerning the art of HEROES and although the news is still vague it looks like the artwork is going to be auctioned off sometime in January. The live auction which is scheduled to take place at a very exclusive and prestigious club in NYC will have 20 or so choice pieces, the rest of the book will most likely be auctioned off simultaneously on Ebay, or so is the plan. More details as we learn 'em!”

     November 5, 2001 | Second Print of HEROES
    From Diamond
    Second Printing copies of Heroes (AUG015059, MSRP: $3.50) are available from retailers, but are selling out rapidly. However, Marvel plans to keep the book in print.
     October 21, 2001
    From Comic Book Resources
      by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer
      Posted: October 19, 2001

      Official Press Release

      Hey, True Believer!

      Thanks to an avalanche of media coverage, the first printing of HEROES, the comic book community's salute to the world's real heroes, has completely sold out! But never fear, because a second printing is now underway!

      Best of all, not only will the second printing of HEROES soon be available, but Marvel will once again donate the proceeds from the sale of each issue to the Twin Towers Fund. Retailers are encouraged to check in with their Diamond Representative for information regarding the second printing.

      [ Read more from CBR ]

     October 20, 2001
    From Vu
      Some of these are a few days old, but I thought I'd mention them anyway. Also, I think this is kind of nice, but I think we beat most of the other news site by mentioning MegaCon 2002 on October 11th. I've noticed two other site just now talking about MegaCon.

      From Comics Continnuum

        Marvel's Bill Rosemann said that the first printing of Heroes, Marvel's poster book benefiting the Twin Towers Fund, has sold out.

        "Thanks to everyone's efforts, Diamond is now entirely sold out of the first printing of Heroes - of which more than 20,000 were ordered between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. today," Rosemann said.

        "A few hours ago I received a call from a woman living in Florida who saw Joe Quesada and Adam Kubert on the Today Show this morning, and wanted to buy copies for her nieces and nephews," Rosemann said. "Believe it or not, not only did the person working at her local comics shop not have copies of Heroes, but had never even heard of the project! The good news is that they are now being buried in phone calls asking about Heroes."

        For a transcript of the appearance of Quesada and Kubert on The Today Show on Wednesday, CLICK HERE.

      From Comic Book Resources

        It's no secret that Marvel loves generating headlines - to get readers excited not only about our comics but also about the entire comics industry - but this time it's special. This time we're selling books for the best reason of all: to help others. As you know, the proceeds from the sale of the 64-page poster magazine will go to the Twin Towers Fund, which will in turn give the money to the people who are truly in need.

      From Cinescape

        NBC has announced it will be airing a segment on Marvel's HEROES book on Wednesday on THE TODAY SHOW.

        The segment on HEROES will happen between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., according to the network. The show is based in New York City.

     October 17, 2001
    From Marvel's Spotlight on HEROES
      Proceeds from the sale of HEROES will go to the Twin Towers Fund, which is providing much needed financial aid to families of firefighters, police officers, and other uniformed personnel who died during the attack on the WTC.

      Additional donations can be made to: The Twin Towers Fund, General Post Office, P.O. Box 26999, New York, NY 10087-6999.)

     September 28, 2001
    From Ilke Hincer
      If you haven't already seen it, here's Tom Smith's post and pic from the Avengers Message Board regarding the Heroes tribute book that Marvel is publishing -

      Posted by Tom Smith on Wednesday, September 26 2001 at 20:10:00 GMT

      Hi All..

      Here is George's and my contribution to this great project. Thanks Joe Q for giving us a chance to help out in this great cause.

      God Bless America and all our allies around the world. Tom Smith "ACAL!"

     September 26, 2001
    From Diamond
      Consumer News - Week of 9/24/01

      The world's greatest super-hero creators will honor the world's greatest real-life heroes from the September 11 terrorist attack against America in Marvel Comics' 64-page benefit book, Heroes (OCT011843, $3.00), which is solicited in this week's Previews Update, and on page 61 of the October Previews Order Form.

      Scheduled to ship on October 17, this perfect bound magazine -- similar in format to the Marvel Poster Book -- will carry an SRP of $3.50. All profits from the project will go to the New York City Fire and Police Departments and the American Red Cross.

      At press time, the creators who have signed on to take part in this worthwhile venture include Neal Adams, Kurt Busiek, Garth Ennis, J. Scott Campbell, John Cassaday, Alan Davis, Mike Deodato, Jr., Steve Dillon, Evan Dorkin, Neil Gaiman, Jae Lee, Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane, George Perez, Alex Ross, Steve Rude, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Kevin Smith, among others.

      [ Read more Heroes ]

     September 22, 2001
    From Comic Book Resources
      by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer
      Posted: September 21, 2001

      Many tribute books have been announced in the days following the Attack on America September 11th. One book that has fans really excited is the Marvel Comics tribute book called "Heroes." Bill Rosemann, the Marketing Communications Manager for Marvel Comics, mentioned it in an interview on September 14th and gave CBR News an update today with a list of the latest contributors.

      The book will be a full-color pin-up book, 64 pages, perfect bound and will retail for $3.50. Contributors to the piece are "responding and reflecting on the tragedy in various forms, focusing on all sorts of subjects," said Rosemann.

      [ Read more Marvel Tribute "Heroes" ]

     September 22, 2001
    From George Pérez

      I am drawing the Marvel tribute piece this weekend so that Tom Smith can color it and get it done in time for the Sept. 28th deadline (a very tight schedule on this job). Using an American flag motif, my piece will not feature any Marvel characters, but instead focus on the real heroes of this tragic event-- firefighters, police, EMT workers, doctors, nurses, engineers, etc. The two smoldering towers will each be placed in the center vertical stripes of the on-end flag. That's as close a description as I can give. As is usual with my work, there may be some changes made as I actually draw it.

     September 21, 2001
    From CSN
      A Tribute to the World's Greatest Heroes
      9/21 1:15 AM
      ©2001 Comic Shop News, Inc. ARR.

      Joe Quesada has always had a deep admiration and respect for firefighters -- his character, Ash, was a fireman, and Quesada has worked with various conventions to organize fundraisers for firefighters. Now, as Marvel editor-in-chief, Quesada is organizing a major tribute for the firefighters and law enforcement personnel who risked -- and in many cases sacrificed -- their lives to save others during the World Trade Center disaster.

      "The concept is very simple," Quesada told CSNsider. "The world's greatest super-hero creators honoring the world's greatest Heroes!

      "The book is a sixty-four page poster style magazine. Artists are asked to contribute an image that portrays our American heroes. I've discouraged use of Marvel heroes for the obvious reasons but some artists are choosing to use them anyway. Writers are being asked to contribute a sentence a paragraph or what have you that is suitable for the moment -- inspirational hopefully.

      [ Read more Marvel's Tribute Book ]