BIZARRE ADVENTURES #27 (Jul 1981) Marvel Comics

cover:  Paul Gulacy
Date: Jul 1981
Cover Price: $1.25


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    "Phoenix" (18 pages)/"Winter Carnival" (17 pages)/"Show Me The Way To Go" (18 pages)
    writer:  Chris Claremont
    Mary Jo Duffy
    Bob Layton
    art:  John Buscema
    Klaus Janson
    George Perez
    Alfredo Alcala
    Dave Cockrum
    Ricardo Villamonte
    colors:  (B&W)
    editor:  Denny O'Neil
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    BIZARRE ADVENTURES #27 (Jul 1981)
    Marvel Comics

    BIZARRE ADVENTURES #27 (Digital) (01 Nov 2016)
    Marvel Comics

    News: Checklist Update (7/8/2006)

    July 08, 2006 05:51 pm [ submitted by Ilke Hincer ]
     From Ilke Hincer (email)
    From The Perez Archives :

    The Previews Files Card Sheet
    1994, Dark Horse Comics

    Four card punch-out set featuring Dark Horse's Comics' Greatest World heroes Card DH-4 features Grace art by Perez, reprinted from cover of Catalyst: Agents of Change
    Promotional item, bound into Diamond Distributing Previews
    Also given away as a non-bound-in card at 1994 Dark Horse comic convention appearances

    Scan from

    BIZARRE ADVENTURES #27 (Jul 1981)
    Marvel Comics
    X-Men Rarities
    July 1995
    "Reprints" story from Bizarre Adventures #27

    Oddly, this uses redrawn and newly colored art, "inspired by George Perez and Alfredo Alcala." The new "artist" is not credited, but the colorist is Ariane. -------------------------------

    Missing from the checklist: The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine #1, which was the first time that the Perez-inked tale from Marvel Treasury Edition #26 was reprinted. It was later reprinted again in Wolverine Battles the Incredible Hulk .

    Information from