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NOVA #14 (Oct 1977) Marvel Comics

cover:  George Perez
Frank Giacoia
NOVA #14
Date: Oct 1977
Cover Price: $0.35


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    "Massacre At Truman High!"
    writer:  Marv Wolfman 
    art:  Sal Buscema
    Dick Giordano 
    colors:  Michele Wolfman 
    letters:  John Costanza 
    editor:  Marv Wolfman

    NOVA #14 (Oct 1977)
    Marvel Comics

    NOVA #14 (35 Cents) (Oct 1977)
    Marvel Comics

    NOVA #14 (Digital) (15 Mar 2016)
    Marvel Comics

    Pacesetter #7 Feedback
    News Tue, 05 Dec 2006 18:40:40 CST Vu
    feedback for PACESETTER #7
    Reply #1 on Dec 1st, 2006 at 10:10am

    I received #7 a few days ago and think it's TERRIFIC! It's the first issue of Pacesetter that I've read and think the work is truly top notch. Very impressive.

    I was a big fan of George's in the 70's with very fond memories of his work on the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Especially Avengers #141 which was my first exposure to George's work. I remember sitting on the steps and reading it and just amazed at what I was seeing. So I'll definitely be ordering #8!!

    Tony, you should be very very proud of the fantastic work you've done. It's extremely rare and gratifying to see such high quality on a project that's done just for the love of the subject and not profit.

    Thanks again.

    Nova Prime Page

    Re: feedback for PACESETTER #7
    Reply #2 on Dec 2nd, 2006 at 10:33pm

    NOVA #14 (Oct 1977)
    Marvel Comics
    Hi thanks for the kind feedback, keep them coming folks, this was a truly not for profit issue, to be honest, I do make a little normally, not much, but that's not why I publish Pacesetter, but this issue was the first issue that I lost money, quite a bit as a matter of fact. But to tell you I get goose bumps everytime I receive my copies from the printers. And it is because of all you great Perez fans.

    One more thing, The Man Called Nova was the first series I really got into as a kid and is still one of my favorite characters and one of my dream comics is a a Nova series written by Marv and drawn by George, that would be awesome.

    One more thing I still have back issues available, drop me a line at  for more info.

    Tony Lorenz

     January 20, 2002 | Nova #14 Correction
    From George Pérez
    I'm afraid that the Marvel Index is wrong, which wouldn't be the first time. I was indeed the penciler of the cover of NOVA #14, inked by Frank Giacoia. Now I don't remember whether it was Marie Severin or Ed Hannigan or John Romita who designed the cover (they all shared that duty in those days), but those are definitely my pencils on the original.
     January 20, 2002
    From Doug Smith (This is old but I am finally getting around to this.)
    I recently just bought a copy of the Marvel Comics Index No. 8B which has all the credits for the first Nova series. I've gone and corrected the cover credits for series 1 since some of them were wrong including Nova #14 (I had found the previous cover credits on a web site). Since this appears to be an official Marvel source, I think it's safe to say the Marvel Comics Index is right. They have Nova #14's cover credits listed as Ed Hannigan and Frank Giacoia. [ see correction ]