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X-MEN: ROAD TRIPPIN' TP (2001) Marvel Comics

cover:  Gary Frank
Date: 2001
Cover Price: $24.95

Originally printed in:

Scan from comics501, information from Ilke Hincer 

Information from vu
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    "" ( pages)
    writer:  Steve Englehart
    Mary Jo Duffy
    Chris Claremont
    art:  Ken Landgraf
    Herb Trimpe
    John Byrne
    Bryan Hitch
    Marc Silvestri
    Chris Bachalo
    Adam Kubert
    Jack Abel
    George Perez
    colors:  Christie Scheele
    Artie Simek
    letters:  George Roussos
    Michael Higgins
    editor:  Roy Thomas
    Jim Shooter
    Information from vu   

    X-MEN: ROAD TRIPPIN' TP (2001)
    Marvel Comics
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    News: Road Trippin' Update

    July 06, 2006 06:47 pm [ submitted by Ilke Hincer (email) ]
     From Ilke Hincer (email)

    X-MEN: ROAD TRIPPIN' TP (2001)
    Marvel Comics
    It's not mentioned in the checklist entry you have for X-Men: Road Trippin'! TPB, so I thought I'd point out that this trade from 2000 includes a reprint of the Perez-inked tale from Marvel Treasury Edition #26 (info from The Perez Archives ).

    There's also an ebay listing detailing which comics are reprinted within:

    Collects 9 stories from Generation X #5, Uncanny X-Men #138, 244-245, 323, X-Force #71, 75, Wolverine #78 and Marvel Treasury 26 featuring art by John Byrne, George Perez, Bryan Hitch, Marc Silvestri, Chris Bachalo and Adam Kubert amongst others! Gary Frank cover art.