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cover: George Pérez
Jun 2009
Rittenhouse (

Promo card comes free with the X-MEN ARCHIVES TRADING CARD BINDER

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    X-Men Archives Trading Cards
    posted Jun 9, 2009 8:49 AM by vu sleeper

    From, thanks to Ilke



    PRE-ORDER Shipping June 24th!

    Marvel's favorite family of mutants returns to trading cards this summer in an all-new series, "X-Men Archives". Following on the heels of out past SOLD-OUT Marvel products, this 72-card collection will offer a retrospective of the key members of the X-Men and various X-Men groups from 1963 to 2009! Each box of this set will feature 1 Hand-Drawn, Color Sketch Card from over 75 different artists. Below is a list of artists who have agreed to participate in this trading card set so far.

    (List of artists subject to change without notice.)

    • Adam Cleveland
    • Allison Sohn
    • Andy Carreon
    • Anthony Castrillo
    • Anthony Tan
    • Anthony Wheeler
    • Arie Monroe
    • Bard
    • Benjamin Glendenning
    • Blair Shedd
    • Brandon Kenney
    • Brian Kong
    • Brian Postman
    • Buddy Prince
    • Butch Mapa
    • Carlo Sinfuengo Soriano
    • Cat Staggs
    • Charles George
    • Chris Wilson
    • Chris Gutierrez
    • Craig Yeung
    • Daniel Campos
    • Daniel Cooney
    • Daniel Hdr
    • Darren Chandler
    • Dave Fox
    • Dave Simons
    • Dennis Crisostomo
    • Doug Cowan
    • Erik Maell
    • Felipe Massafera
    • Fernando Merlo
    • Gabriel Hernandez
    • George Calloway
    • James McNeil
    • Jason Davies
    • Jason Sobol
    • Javier Gonzalez
    • Jeff Zugale
    • Jennifer Mercer
    • Jim Kyle
    • Joe Rubinstein
    • John Watkins-Chow
    • Justin Chung
    • Justin Vandemark
    • Kate Bradley
    • Kathryn Layno
    • Katie Cook
    • Keith O'Malley
    • Ken Landgraf
    • Kevin West
    • Kristin Allen
    • Leeahd Goldberg
    • Lui Antonio
    • Mahmud Asrar
    • Marcelo Ferreira
    • Mark Dos Santos
    • Mark Spears
    • Megan McCausland
    • Michael Clark
    • Newton Barbosa
    • Nick Neocleous
    • Nicole Goff
    • Randy Martinez
    • Randy Monces
    • Rhiannon Ownes
    • Rich Molinelli
    • Rodjer Goulart
    • Roger Medeiros
    • Ryan Orosco
    • Sanna Umemoto
    • Scott Barnett
    • Tess Fowler
    • Tom Kelly
    • Tone Rodriguez
    • Tony Perna
    • Uko Smith
    • Warren Martineck
    • Yildiray Cinar

    Rounding out the chase cards are several exciting sets including:
    • 9-Card Nemesis Set (1:8 packs)
    • 9-Card Ready for Action Set (1:12 packs)
    • 9-Card Legendary Heroes Set (1:24 packs)

    For every three cases purchased you will receive a unique sketch card created in mixed art medium by Andy Price.

    For every six cases purchased you will receive a sketch card drawn by either Renae DeLiz or Tom Palmer!

    For every 15 cases purchased you will receive an X-Men Archives Archive Box containing a random assortment of 25 sketch cards.

    Fans and collectors will also be able to store their collection in a custom designed collector's album which contains an exclusive promo card.

    Available X-Men Archives Items!

    X-Men Archives Complete 72 Card Basic Base Set - $15.00 Each

    PRE-ORDER Shipping June! X-Men Archives Trading Card Base Set of 72 cards, featuring a history of the X-Men from 1963 to present!

    X-Men Archives Factory Sealed Trading Card Box - $65.00 Each

    PRE-ORDER Shipping June! Full box of X-Men Archives Trading Cards. Each box contains 1 hand-drawn, colored sketch card!!! 24 Packs per box, 5 Cards per pack.

    X-Men Archives Full Case of 12 Factory Sealed Trading Card Boxes - $715.00 Each

    PRE-ORDER Shipping June! Full, 12-box case of X-Men Archives Trading Cards. Each box contains 1 hand-drawn, colored sketch card!!! Each case comes with 1 of 3 different exclusive sequentially numbered X-Men Team Cards.

    X-Men Archives P1 Promo Card - $3.00 Each

    PRE-ORDER Shipping June! This is the P1 general distribution promo card. Get this card for free with the purchase of a X-Men Archive factory sealed box.

    X-Men Archives Trading Card Binder with Exclusive Promo Card - $22.00 Each

    PRE-ORDER Shipping June! This is the X-Men Archives Trading Card album. Each album comes with an exclusive promo card.

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