PEREZ OBSCURA #1 (1996) Pacesetter Productions

cover:  George Perez
Date:  1996
Cover Price: $15.00
Publisher: Pacesetter Productions

Self-published by George Perez (aka Pacesetter Productions), this is an extremely limited book... and because of copyright and legal reasons, this book will never be published again.

100 copies only. Sold at the Chicago Con 1996 and Heroes Con 1996 only.

Information from Erik and Andy Mangels' THE PÉREZ ARCHIVES #1 (Jul 2001) CBLDF, scan from Jack Malley. Special thanks to Marcus Mebes.

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    PEREZ OBSCURA #1 (1996)
    Pacesetter Productions

    Pacesetter #8 Preliminary Cover
    News Thu, 07 Dec 2006 23:36:20 CST Marcus
    From Marcus
    Tony Lorenz
    It's NOT the final cover... just a TEMPORARY cover.

    Swordquest Comic Available Online
    News Wed, 22 Nov 2006 00:47:58 CST Marcus
    From Marcus
    Tony Lorenz

    PEREZ OBSCURA #1 (1996)
    Pacesetter Productions
    I'm putting together issue 8 of Pacesetter: the Obscura issue. It reprints the original Obscura, along with lots of additional materials. Unfortunately, the files we have for 4 of the images are damaged, and I need to get good quality scans of these images.

    1983 San Diego Comic-Con cover (super hero family)
    TitanTalk #60 (various teams through the ages)

    Can any of you please help??? There's a free issue of PACESETTER in it for ya!

    Oh my gosh! Check this out: ALL the published Atari Comics (incl. Swordquest) and ALL their pages: (see also Atari Age Magazine)

    SWORDQUEST #1 (1983)
    DC Comics

    SWORDQUEST #2 (1983)
    DC Comics

    SWORDQUEST #3 (1984)
    DC Comics

    ATARI AGE #3 (Sep/Oct 1982)
    The Atari Club

    News: Pérez Art From Gary Sella's Collection

    December 12, 2004 09:02 am
     From Gary Sella

    CRIMSON PLAGUE (1996), published in PEREZ OBSCURA, from the collection of Gary Sella

     August 29, 2004 10:55 am | Site Update
    [ Art ] Added
    DC ANNIVERSARY ART (1989), published in PEREZ OBSCURA #1, from Wonder Woman Museum

     January 28, 2004 | Perez Obscura Sold for $158.05
    From Ebay

     January 9, 2004 | Perez Obscura Sold for $201
    From Ebay

     January 7, 2004 | Perez Obscura on Ebay
    From Keith

    Rare Perez portfolio on sale!
    posted 1/6/04 5:21 PM

    I have a rare George Perez portfolio on sale at eBay. It contains rare and previously unpublished work by the master himself! The URL is: Ebay item=2215041985.

     February 25, 2003 | Site Update
    From George Pérez, via PEREZ OBSCURA #1

    At one time I considered doing a Julius Caesar Portfolio, setting it in outer space and casting it with aliens. At left is "Antony", at right is "Caesar".

     February 23, 2003 | Space Cases
    From Space Cases TV

  • Currently, Space Cases is not being shown in the United States (last airing date: March 15, 1998). The rights to air the show are still in the hands of Nickelodeon. However, the show still airs in Canada on a regular basis on their Family Channel. See the Canadian Family Channel's Space Cases website for a schedule.

    Space Cases is a science fiction show about a collection of five space cadets that snuck aboard an alien space ship. A busted-in-rank commander and the Staracademy vice-principal chased after them onto the ship, and the ship almost immediately got lost in space by traveling through a spacial rip. It will take all seven of them working together to get home... that, and about seven years of space travel.

    Along the way, they learn more about one another, and more about this alien space ship called the Christa. Thelma ("Techno Human EmuLating MAchine"), an android that was found deactivated on the Christa, was reactived by Harlan Band, one of the crew. Unfortunately, her main operating chip was accidentaly damaged when Harlan walked on it in the very first episode. Because of this, from time to time, Thelma seems to act... strangely.

    Season 1 Episode Details

    1. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
    2. Who Goes Where?
    3. A Day In The Life
    4. Spung At Heart
    5. Forever Young
    6. Nowhere Man
    7. Desperately Seeking Suzee
    8. It's My Birthday, Too (Yeah!)
    9. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court
    10. Prisoner Of Luff
    11. The Impossible Dram
    12. Break On Through To The Other Side
    13. On The Road To Find Out

    Season 2 Episode Details

    1. New Places, New Faces
    2. The Sporting Kind
    3. Long Distance Calls
    4. King Of The Hil
    5. Truth Hurts
    6. Homeward Bound
    7. All You Can Eaty
    8. Both Sides Now
    9. Mother Knows Best
    10. A Star Is Boring
    11. Runaway
    12. The Trouble With Doubles
    13. A Friend In Need

    Peter David and Billy Mumy approached George Pérez to do some designs for this television show. Here are two of the rough sketches that George produced (printed in PEREZ OBSCURA #1).

  • Space Cases Character Designs
  •  January 7, 2003 | Site Update
    From George Perez, via PEREZ OBSCURA #1 (thanks to Marcus Mebes.)
  • This conceptual piece for a planned Sword & Sorcery tale called "The Legend of Kazo-Nal" appeared in the 1977 Bio/Artbook PEREZ: ACCENT ON THE FIRST 'E'

     January 7, 2003 | Site Update
    From George Perez, via PEREZ OBSCURA #1 (thanks to Marcus Mebes.)
  • During First Comics' revival of CLASSIC ILLUSTRATED, I was scheduled to adapt Williams Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. This incomplete cover was all that was done before the Classics line was discontinued.

     August 23, 2001 | Perez Obscura Sold for $130.27
    From Ebay
    December 27, 2000
    From Erik
      The Perez Obscura book is a self-publish book by Perez himself which he sells at conventions for $15!!! But you can only get them at conventions.... I only saw it at ebay ONCE! It started at $19.95 but when it came to the last day when I wanted to bid on it, it went up to $200!!!

      Perez does not sell any more books because it's already sold out!!! You'll be lucky just to get a copy!!!

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