RED X ROBIN 5" FIGURE (Bandai) (2005)


Bandai (

The New Teen Titans were created by Marv Wolfman with George Pérez.
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    RED X ROBIN  5" FIGURE (Bandai) (2005)

    News: Toy Fair 2005

    February 24, 2005 07:59 pm
     From Wizard Universe, Newsarama and , thanks to Kirk Philbrick and Andy Mangels
    02-23-2005 11:45 AM
    by Troy Brownfield

    If you follow the figures, you already know that this past weekend was Toy Fair International. That’s the grand time of year when companies put their wares on display to demonstrate what’s on tap for the coming year. Some items are recent releases, some are due out soon, and some won’t appear for months. Here’s some of the low-down…


    Teen Titans (Bandai): Bandai has a full slate this year, with D.I.C.E., the expansion of Gundam Seed and more. Still, the most relevant note to comics fans would be the line based on the Teen Titans animated series. The line breaks out into more formats in ’05, with the promised “introduction of many popular secondary characters and villains from the show, available for the first time in toy form”.

    This line is all about scale, from the 3.5” figures (which will debut characters like Bumblebee and Wildebeest) to the rapidly growing 5” figures. Among the new additions will be Dive-Action Aqualad, Robin as Red X, Snake Shifting Beast Boy, Speedy, and new Robin variants. The popular 10” format will see the arrival of Aqualad and Beast Boy as well.

    June sees a few brand new concepts as well. The 6.5” Soft Action Super Deformed Pals cover Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire and Raven. A mega-sized playset will be the Teen Titans T-Robo; it includes the T-Car, T-Cycle and T-Sub, which will now combine into a giant T-Robo. It’ll retail around $40 and come with an exclusive figure.

    DC Direct (DC Comics): Most of these assortments have been common knowledge for a while, but I’ll run a recap. Dates have been shifting, so I’ll only include approximations past March.

    - March 2nd: Contemporary Teen Titans Wave 2 (Superboy, Kid Flash, Ravager, Brother Blood) Also in March: Justice by Alex Ross Wave 1 (Superman, The Flash, Sinestro, The Cheetah, Bizarro)

    - June: Crisis on Infinite Earths Wave 1 (Monitor, Harbinger, Supergirl, Psycho Pirate, Earth-2 Robin)

    - Fall: Justice by Alex Ross Wave 2 (Aquaman, Black Manta, Parasite, Black Canary, Batman), Justice League boxed set (Aquaman with Harpoon hand, John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman), Crisis on Infinite Earths Wave 2 (Barry Allen, Earth-2 Superman, Robot Brainiac, Battlesuit Lex Luthor, Anti-Monitor)

    - October: Identity Crisis Wave 1 (Hawkman, Green Arrow, “Perez” Zatanna, Deadshot, Dr. Light), Batman: The Long Halloween (Batman, Catwoman, Mad Hatter, Two-Face, Joker)

    02-24-2005 10:58 AM
    by Troy Brownfield

    Before we get to the whats and wherefores of other assortments and lines, we’re going to kick off with a few quick answers from Georg Brewer. Brewer is a V.P. at DC and the Big E-Less Cheese of the DC Direct line. He’s a nice guy and can be found regularly at various conventions, fending off the guys who keep asking for a Batman, King of the Jungle figure. Georg took the time during this busy Toy Fair weekend to vet a few responses; true to form, he plays some things close to the vest, but there are definite insights to be gleaned. Take a look…


    Troy: I have to say that I like the direction of several of your upcoming assortments. Focusing assortments on particular events (like Crisis and Identity Crisis) and on associated groups of characters (the Batman rogues), seems like a natural fit. How much of that was internal, and how much did fan requests play into that?

    Brewer: We listen to what Fans of both the toys and comics want. Looking at what sales as a book is another indicator at time for what might be popular as a figure.

    Wednesday, February 16
    written by Justin Aclin
    Check out more ‘Identity Crisis’ toy sketches from Turner!
    If you were talking about comics in 2004, chances are you were talking about Identity Crisis, DC’s controversial, critically acclaimed miniseries that turned the lives of its heroes and villains upside down. Now, DC Direct is about to do something equally monumental to the lives of its fans— this October will see the release of Identity Crisis toys, based on the art of superstar artist Michael Turner, who drew the covers for the series. Turner provided design sketches for DC Direct to base the toys off of. To see Turner’s full sketches for Dr. Light, Deadshot, Zatanna, Hawkman and Green Arrow, click on each name below. And for more on Identity Crisis toys, pick up ToyFare #92, on sale now!

    Dr. Light
    Green Arrow