ROBIN 5" FIGURE (Apr 2004) Bandai

cover:  N/A
Date: Apr 2004
Item #12311
Cover Price: $6.99 
Publisher: Bandai

Robin shouts "Titans, Go!"
Robin is part of the Teen Titans, which was written by Marv Wolfman with art by George Pérez.
Scan from UGO, information from Marz Distribution

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    ROBIN 5" FIGURE (Apr 2004)

    DC TV Gallery


     April 9, 2004 | Bandai TT Toys in Stores
    From Vu

    Bandai: Teen Titans has the complete listing of all of Bandai's Teen Titans toys that are available in stores right now. The only physical place that I've seen these toys sold is at Toys R Us, but these toys are going to hit normal department stores very soon.

    I picked up the available three 5" figures (Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg) and some clearance items, which were damaged in shipping.

    Retail prices ranges from $2.99 to $7.99, but it seems more expensive on their website.

     February 21, 2004 | More Bandai TT Toys
    From UGO, thanks to Bat-Mite

    ToyFair: Teen Titans
    Friday, February 20, 2004 6:51:38 PM

    Warner Bros Animation's Teen Titans cartoon series has revitalized interest in the further adventures of Robin post-Batman-servitude, and now Bandai is capitalizing with a line of toys ripped straight from your TV screen. The Boy Wonder is here in all his spiky-haired glory, along with Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Beastboy and Terra. You'll also see playsets based on the T-Sub and Titans HQ, the Teen Titans Tower. All this and vehicles, too? Teen superhero wannabes should sign up now.

     February 13, 2004 | TT Action Figures From Bandai
    From Marz Distribution

    Teen Titans: Battling Machines w/ 3.5” Fig Asst (12)
    Monday, February 09, 2004 4:10:15 PM

    Case may contain the following 2-packs:

    Titan 1 V-Cycle w/Robin, Titan 2 Lawnmower w/Beast Boy, Titan 3 Blendride w/Cyborg, Titan 4 Thunderbull w/Starfire & Robin, Titan 5 X-Cycle w/Raven &Beast Boy, Titan 6 TBD w/Robin & Starfire, Titan 7 w/Beast Boy, Titan 8 w/Cyborg, Titan 9 w/New Robin & Raven

    Each vehicle manually transforms from regular mode to Ti-Trans mode. Also includes weapons and accessories for each figure. All vehicles connect to form the ultimate Titans Battling Machine!

    (Vu: Other Bandai releases will include: Teen Titans: Weapon Asst (Jun 2004), Teen Titans: 3.5 inch Robin w/ T-Sub (Jun 2004), Teen Titans: Command Centers w/ Fig Asst (Jun 2004), Teen Titans: 5 inch Fig Asst. (Jun 2004), Teen Titans: 3.5 inch Vehicle w/ Fig Asst (Jun 2004), Teen Titans: Communicator Asst (Jun 2004), Teen Titans: 3.5 inch Fig Asst (Jun 2004), Teen Titans: 3.5 inch 2-pack Fig Asst (May 2004), Teen Titans: 1.5 inch Fig Asst (May 2004) and Teen Titans: Titans Tower Playset (Aug 2004).)