BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003) Baltimore, Maryland


Brandon Peterson
Jason Keith
Date: 20-21 Sep 2003
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Guests includes: Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, Judd Winick, Frank Cho, Michael Avon Oeming, Neil Vokes, Billy Tucci, Greg Horn, Steve Conley, John Snyder, Marc Hempel, Mark Wheatley, John Gallgher, and more
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    BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003)
    Baltimore, Maryland

    SINESTRO (Jun 2003)
    art by Perez at NEW YORK 2003, colors by Tom Smith at BALTIMORE 2003 
    from ES

    FLASH (27 Jun 2003)
    art by Perez at NEW YORK 2003, colors by Tom Smith at BALTIMORE 2003 
    from ES

    FIREHAWK (27 Jun 2003)
    art by Pérez at   NEW YORK 2003, colored by Tom Smith at BALTIMORE 2003
    from ES

     January 9, 2004 | Photos From Baltimore 2003
    From Baltimore Comicon

    2003 Photo gallery
    Tuesday, December 02, 2003 11:40:48 AM

    Crossgen panel with Marz, Peterson and Perez at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003) Crossgen panel with Marz, Peterson and Perez at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003) John Gallagher (and Indy Girl) raise More Funds for the CBLDF at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003)
    Tom Smith brightens a fan's sketch at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003) George Perez signs JLA-Avengers #1 at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003) Still going... at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003)
    Jim lee and George Perez jam for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003) Mark Waid and Tom Brevoort stump the fans at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003) Just a few of the many items auctioned for the CBLDF at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003)
     November 12, 2003 | Site Update
    [ Art ] Added

    RIO RITA (Sep 2003), commissioned at the BALTIMORE COMIC-CON (20-21 Sep 03), from Femforce Femfans
     November 11, 2003 | Lee and Perez's CBLDF Drawing
    From Yusuf Madhiya

    BATMAN VS JLA (Sep 2003), art by Jim Lee and George Pérez for CBLDF at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON. From MSN Group: Art of Jim Lee BATMAN VS JLA (11 Nov 2003), art by Yusuf Madhiya, based on Jim Lee/George Perez's CBLDF Sketch. BATMAN VS JLA (Sep 2003), art by Jim Lee and George Pérez for CBLDF at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON, photo by ES
     November 5, 2003 | Simply JD Baltimore Report
    From Simply JD

    On The Convention Floor…
    By Mary Brickthrower & J.D.


    GEORGE PEREZ at THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20 Sep 03), photo by Mary Brickthrower & J.D. GEORGE PEREZ at THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (21 Sep 03), photo by Mary Brickthrower & J.D. GEORGE PEREZ and BILLY TUCCI at THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (21 Sep 03), photo by Mary Brickthrower & J.D.
    As luck would have it, George Perez was there early! Along side him was inker Tom Smith, so I pulled out my copy of JLA/Avengers #1 and got them both to sign it. George also accommodated me by signing my copy of Tales of the Teen Titans # 44 which introduced Nightwing. George was very energetic and it was nice to see him in high spirits early in the morning when most people weren’t even at the con yet. He was talking with Marvel editor Tom Breevport so I didn’t stand around ogling. As I was walking away, an announcer welcomed everyone into the con. Immediately, people came running in frantically looking for something. As Mary so eloquently stated above, it was indeed the Jim Lee line. It was scary to see people running that fast, especially since Jim wasn’t even in the building yet! I went back over to Koop’s area and met back up with Mary for my Venti Café Mocha…ahhhhh!

    Make no mistake about it. If there was a "belle of the ball" at the Baltimore con, it was George Perez. Sure Jim Lee packed them in on the Saturday that he was there. But George was there on both Saturday and Sunday, early both days and with the exception of panels, was at his booth all day. Everyone wanted to talk with him or take a glance of this comic legend! (As seen in my photo of artist Michael Avon Oeming watching Perez from afar, or writer/artist Billy Tucci holding up a copy of the 200,000+ copy selling JLA/Avengers) I spoke with an 11-year old girl who got a Wonder Woman head sketch from George, which was a miracle since he hurt his hand while finishing up JLA/Avengers #4 and had it in a brace! The man was just everywhere…

     October 12, 2003 | CBLDF's Baltimore Recap
    From CBLDF News and

    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Limited Edition) (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press
    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press

    CBLDFNews Summer Recap & T-Shirt Auction
    Fri, 10 Oct 2003 05:38:42 -0000


    ITEM: Baltimore The Merrier

    Despite the high winds and floods provided by Hurricane Isabel, Baltimore Comicon was a roaring success. Held September 20 and 21, the show was the launch pad for More Fund Comics, an amazing anthology of comics by dozens of creators including Frank Cho, Brandon Petersen, Scott Kurtz, Mark Schultz, John Gallagher, Steve Conley, John Romita Jr, & John Romita Sr., Mike Oeming, and many, many more. Over 500 copies of the book were sold at the show, including the exclusive, limited edition Frank Cho variant cover, featuring the title character from his upcoming series "Summer Days."

    In addition to More Fund, Jim Lee signed all day on Saturday for crowds numbering in the hundreds. Following Lee's marathon signing, the More Fund Auction happened, where the Fund auctioned George Perez's cover to More Fund, Steve Conley's art from the interiors, a one of a kind Frank Miller banner, and much more, raising $5,000 for the Fund. All told Baltimore Comicon raised $8,600 for free speech!

     October 3, 2003 | Sketches From ES
    From ES

    Here are a few of the sketches from the THE NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL SCI-FI & FANTASY CREATORS CONVENTION (27-29 June 2003) that I got Tom Smith to color at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON (20-21 Sep 2003).

    I hope the next project George does is the AVENGERS #500 cover!!

    SINESTRO (Jun 2003)
    art by Perez at NEW YORK 2003, colors by Tom Smith at BALTIMORE 2003 
    from ES

    FLASH (27 Jun 2003)
    art by Perez at NEW YORK 2003, colors by Tom Smith at BALTIMORE 2003 
    from ES

    FIREHAWK (27 Jun 2003)
    art by Pérez at   NEW YORK 2003, colored by Tom Smith at BALTIMORE 2003
    from ES

     September 25, 2003 | SBC's Baltimore Comic-Con Recap
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Baltimore Comic-Con Recap, Part 1
    Posted: Tuesday, September 23
    By: Tim O'Shea

    NEGATION WAR #1 (of 6) (Errata) (Mar 2004) 
    CrossGen Comics
    Not surprisingly, the guest line-up may have been a major influence on the attendance upswing. One of the bigger names (who was only able to attend on Saturday) was Jim Lee, whose popularity has only grown more thanks to the soon to conclude Hush (with Jeph Loeb) on DC’s Batman. Lee was there in support of DC, Wildstorm, and most importantly, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Lee’s presence at the con was in fact, courtesy of the CBLDF. The other names that attracted autograph lines on the Lee scale included George Perez (hot on the heels of the release of JLA/Avengers 1), Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins, Walter Simonson, Mike Kunkel, Mark Waid and of course, local favorite, Frank Cho.


    Given the plethora of negative press that CrossGen has garnered in recent weeks (given their admitted financial challenges), I was pleasantly surprised to see a strong turnout for the CrossGen panel on Saturday morning. The panel consisted of Ron Marz (serving as host) along with Brandon Peterson and George Perez. At the outset, Marz acknowledged the fiscal “hiccups” that CrossGen is currently enduring. All three men remain optimistic about the long-term prospects of CrossGen, with Perez going so far as seemingly endorsing the company with his praise, acknowledging that he has far less to lose (given his recent “freelance” success with Avengers/JLA) than the 100+ families who look to CrossGen for salary, benefits. As Perez noted, that if they’re willing to stay committed, he cannot help but believe in the company as well. Marz is not viewing CrossGen’s current plight with rose-colored glasses by any means, noting “we’re not out of the woods yet.”

    That being said, CrossGen is clearly trying to turn some negatives into positives, as Peterson noted at the panel. The shake-up, as Peterson described it, gave CrossGen a chance to stop and look at the big picture, as they prepared/planned the upcoming War, which will be drawn by Perez. In fact, Marz presented the first issue’s script to Perez at the panel. In discussing the War, it became readily apparent that Perez would not be returning to his monthly assignment on Solus, once The War wraps up. Why that is remains uncertain. As part of the War, CrossGen has acknowledged that some books will stop publishing, while other, new ones may begin. Marz emphasized that unlike DC/Marvel “event” comic miniseries (where toys [characters] are taken from the shelf, but then “returned” to the same place at the story’s end)—with War “all the rules are off—for good, dramatic reasons…people tend to die in wars.”

    Baltimore Comic-Con Recap, Part 2
    Posted: Wednesday, September 24
    By: Tim O'Shea


    A scheduling change meant that I missed the JLA/Avengers panel (its time was flip-flopped with Jose Villarrubia’s art lecture). This led to some great comedy, as I sat through the thoroughly enjoyable Writers 101 panel (more on that in a minute) and stayed around for Avengers/JLA. When a swarm of college age students sat around me, I was bewildered. While I know the book had been a success, I assumed it was more successful with the ages 30 to 40 demographics. When Villarrubia walked in and there was no sign of Perez or editor Tom Brevoort, I knew I was in the wrong place.

     September 23, 2003 | Pulse's Baltimore 2003 Report
    From Pulse

    posted 09-23-2003 11:11 AM


    The main hall stayed packed for most of Saturday, with a particular peak of frenzy during the Jim (Batman) Lee signing at the CBLDF table (see Vog #5 at above link for footage). Many attendees and exhibitors who met Jim for the first time at the show commented on what an incredibly nice guy he is, and were impressed that he has managed to remain so humble and patient despite the hundreds of adoring fans champing at the bit for his signature. Other tables among the many that drew consistent crowds were Insight Studio Group, George (JLA/AVENGERS) Perez, Walter (ORION, ELRIC) Simonson, Mark (FANTASTIC FOUR/SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT) Waid and Matt (GRENDEL, TRINITY) Wagner.

    Kids, kids and more kids were at the show, which made this alterna-girl feel a bit weird selling randy titles like TRUE PORN and FANCY FROGLIN at her table, but the parents accompanying said tots seemed philosophical (and a few snuck back later--sans young ones--to purchase some of the offending material, for closer inspection).

    At the end of Saturday, the CBLDF auction (see a list of auctioned items here) drew a decent crowd, although Charles Brownstein’s impromptu offering of a date with Dean Haspiel to the highest bidder didn’t go as well as might be expected, since the crowd was almost exclusively male. See what you missed, ladies? According to Brownstein, the auction raised about $5,400 including $1,000 for the George Perez "More Fund" cover and $1,500 for the Lee/Perez jam.

     September 23, 2003 | Photo From Baltimore
    From ES

     GEORGE PEREZ at the Baltimore Comic-Con 2003 (20 Sep 2003), photo by ES
     September 22, 2003 | Vogner's Pérez Video Clip
    From Vogner, thanks to Comic Book Conventions and ES

    09/20/2003: "Baltimore Con Updates"


    Baltimore Con Day 2, Part 1

    #8 - George Perez gives brutally honest advice to an aspiring artist

     September 22, 2003 | Baltimore Con Report (JJAYJ)
    From JJAYJ, via CG Forum

    BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003)
    Baltimore, Maryland
    NEGATION WAR #1 (of 6) (Errata) (Mar 2004) 
    CrossGen Comics
    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Limited Edition) (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press
    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press

    GEORGE PEREZ AS THE FLASH at the Baltimore Comic-Con (20-21 Sep 2003), photo by JJAYJ
    Crossgen at Baltimore Comic Con
    posted 09-20-2003 09:51 PM

    Ron Marz, Brandon Peterson, and George Perez made it to the Baltimore Comic Convention this weekend, bringing with them a stripped down Crossgen booth apparently designed for smaller conventions. There were a few revealations, be forewarned of possible spoilers ahead!

    The three of them held a panel discussion on Crossgen today, much of which was spent discussing "The War" miniseries. Ron Marz (who is writing the miniseries) made use of the event to ceremoniously hand over the script to the first issue to George Perez (who will be the artist on the series). George complained that there weren't enough characters in the script, but that he would change that. They also handed out copies of the Call to Arms poster at the conclusion of the panel.

    Not much was revealed about the miniseries. It will be three issues, each 38 pages in length, with the first issue coming out in late May 2004. Incidentally, in a later conversation I had with George, he confirmed that it is Sephie depicted in the print.

    They spoke a little bit about the financial troubles facing Crossgen, which have yet to be resolved. They admitted that morale is off, but the issues are being completed on time even if they aren't being published on time. George said he is committed to remaining at Crossgen, despite repeated efforts to get him to defect, however it is unlikely he will return to Solus after doing The War (on the other hand, Solus may not return after the miniseries).

    Some odds and ends: There will be a second round of DVDs out before Christmas, possibly including Chimera. Heroclix is interested in doing a full set of Crossgen figures. Brandon did the cover art for the convention program, a great drawing of Arwyn holding the American flag. George did the Hulk cover art for the More Fund charity anthology (regular edition - there was also a limited edition with a Frank Cho cover), while Ron and Brandon collaborated on a story for the anthology. I asked Ron if it was true that Mystic was due to be cancelled - he wouldn't confirm or deny it but said it would be published through next Spring at least. Right now Ron is working on the crossover story between The Path and Way of the Rat. Everyone is delighted with the script for the Way of the Rat movie, Ron did indicate that the script writers have come up with an different take on how Po Po started talking. It sounds like Chimera has a movie deal already. Crossgen expatriates Mark Waid and Joshua Middleton were also at the convention.

    I'll probably think of more later, or will hear more tomorrow, and will add to this account if I do. If anyone else picked up on something I missed please jump in!

     September 21, 2003 | Baltimore Con Report (ES)
    From ES

    BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003)
    Baltimore, Maryland
    GEORGE PEREZ and TOM SMITH at the Baltimore Con (20-21 Sep 2003)
    GEORGE PEREZ (21 Sep 03) at at the Baltimore Con, photo by ES
    BATMAN VS JLA art by Jim Lee and George Pérez, photo by ES
    Baltimore Comic Con 2003 Report
    Sun, 21 Sep 2003 20:26:31 -0400
    written by ES

    I had a great time at the con. George wasn't sketching due to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (Note: Brace in Photo) but he was signing. I was there both days and had George sign by Crisis TPB on Saturday and on Sunday a copy of the More Fun Comic and two copies of JLA/AVENGERS. Even though George wasn't sketching he was signing up a storm and posing for photos. Everybody Loves George.

    I attended the CrossGen Panel on Saturday. Ron Marz and George talked about THE WAR coming out this spring. Sounds Great!!! I was unable to attend the JLA/AVENGERS panel due to them change time slots on Sunday. Sorry No Transcript this time.

    I had Tom Smith color some of my previous sketches from George and they turned out beautiful. George had some pieces at the CBLDF auction on Saturday. I was not there the whole time but I did see two of his pieces MORE FUN COMICS cover ($1,000.00) and Original Jim Lee/George Perez Sketch ($1,600.00) sold. George always gives his all when it comes to the CBLDF.

    I also met a lot of comic creators, some for the first time and some that I have met before. Tom Brevoort, Frank Cho, Geoff Johns, Karl Kesel, Scott Kolins, Martin Nobel and Family, Howard Porter and Mark Waid. Everybody was great!!!

     September 22, 2003 | Baltimore Con Report (SunWuKong)
    From SunWuKong

    My Baltimore Comicon Report
    posted 9/21/03 7:29 PM

    Just got back from the Baltimore Comicon 2003 and, as usual, I had one hell of a time (and hell on my finances). Here's what I can remember from the con regarding Perez:

    • Crossgen's "The War" is going to be 3 issues long and it's going to be written by Ron Marz. The first issue is going to be solicted in May of 2004. It's going to resolve many storylines in many of the Crossgen titles.
    • Perez is jubelent about JLA/Avengers first issue success. He says that he can finally clear out is debts and then some. The selling of the art alone is going to provide his wife with a new car! He also is very glad that this series is totally going to be for the fans.
    • As of today. 1/4 of issue 4 of JLA/Avengers is pen & inked. It looks like it will meet the Dec 31st release date. Perez is very commited to meeting the deadline so that all of the issues will be released before 2004.
    • There is talk of about what format the collected edition is going to be. Perez said that DC is talking to put it into an "absolute" HC format (which I will lobby to no end!). They also said that the prior JLA/Avengers art might be printed in the collected edition as well.
    • Perez needs the cover to issue 3 back because he needs to draw 4 more characters in it! It took 3 weeks for him to draw it. Tom Smith was asking fan at the con to find him color references for some of the characters!
    • I did get one nugget of exclusive info. Hawkeye and Black Canary will meet in issue 3.
    That's all I can think of right now. I'll see how much will get back to me later on in the week.
     September 21, 2003 | Nolen-Weathington Update
    From Eric Nolen-Weathington

    Baltimore Comic-Con
    posted 9/20/03 5:24 PM

    Much to my regret, I was not able to make it to Baltimore Comic-Con after all. The drive from Raleigh through Virginia and on to Baltimore was just too treacherous, especially as my wife and son were coming along. On the positive side, I'm using the time to finish up the book.

     September 19, 2003 | Baltimore Panels
    From Scoop

    Baltimore Comic-Con: What Hurricane?
    Industry News, Scoop, Friday, September 19, 2003


    Panel Schedule:

    Saturday, September 20

    11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
    What's new with CrossGen?
    Find out what's coming new from CrossGen with Brandon Peterson, Ron Marz and George Perez. A “Major Announcement” is promised, as is a free exclusive Baltimore Comic-Con poster!

    2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    The making of More Fund Comics with John Gallagher
    Find out what went into making of what may be the most important charity anthology book of this year.

    5:00 p.m. - close
    More Fund Art Auction for CBLDF
    Incredible art pieces to be auctioned off to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

    1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
    JLA - Avengers
    Join George Perez, Tom Brevoort, and Tom Smith for their discussion on this long anticipated cross over


    The Avengers/JLA art team of artist George Perez and colorist Tom Smith will appear, as will their Marvel editor, Tom Brevoort. Also high on the list is Batman artist and Wildstorm Productions founder Jim Lee. Matt Wagner (Mage, Grendel, Trinity), writer Mark Waid (Empire, Superman: Birthright, late of Fantastic Four), and writer Geoff Johns (Flash, Avengers, Hawkman, JSA). Current Fantastic Four artist Mike Weiringo, Elektra artist Sean Chen, and Avengers cover artist J.G. Jones also featured.

     September 19, 2003 | Baltimore Survives Isabel
    From Chuck Rozanski

    Baltimore Comic-Con Survives Isabel!

    I apologize for this extra newsletter this week, but my eldest daughter, Rowan, just called me from Baltimore, and asked me to please, please let everyone know that the Baltimore Comic-Con scheduled for this weekend is still going to be held. Rowan reports that a few of the streets near the inner harbor are flooded, but that everything is just fine in the vicinity of the convention hotel. If you live anywhere near Maryland, and are looking for a fun time this weekend, I highly suggest a trip to Baltimore. Aside from all of the other events detailed in the article I copied from Gemstone's weekly SCOOP newsletter, I thought I might also mention that Rowan will be hosting several events for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund at the show, including a benefit auction. She's quite a good auctioneer, so that event should be a fun time for everyone.

     September 19, 2003 | Pérez Will Be at Baltimore
    From Tom Smith

    Pérez in Baltimore?
    posted 9/19/03 8:57 AM

    I just got a call from George , he is at the airport now and is going to the Con after all.

    I'll be there too, tell everyone to stop by and see us at the con.

    Tom Smith "A/JLA CAL!"

     September 19, 2003 | Baltimore is a Go
    From Newsarama

    09-19-2003 03:36 PM


    “Also, George Perez figured that it was going to be rough travel and called to tell us he was probably going to have to cancel, but we looked things up, called him back, and told him his plane was on time. He hustled to the airport, so he’ll be here. Geoff Johns is already here, Matt Wagner is already here. Marty Nodell is here as well.”

    Additionally, as the high waters recede, Nathan anticipates zero problems with road and rail travel. “The Gaijin guys are in their van and on the road right now, Todd DeZago is driving, and bringing Howard Porter and Ron Garney with him, so I’m confident they’ll all be here,” Nathan said. “Mark Waid’s flying in on a red-eye Saturday morning, so he’ll be here as well. Probably little sleepy, but here.

     September 19, 2003 | Pérez in Baltimore?
    From George Pérez

    Pérez in Baltimore?
    posted 9/19/03 7:50 AM

    It's 7:50 in the morning on Friday, Sept. 19 and the news says that the Baltimore Airport is closed or only just opening for limited flights. It looks like I will not be able to attend the Baltimore show due to (Hurricane) Isabel. I'm really sorry, since I love the show and its organizers Marc and Bonnie Nathan. I also apologize for any fans this will disappoint and believe me I wish there were a way I could have made this announcement sooner. Unfortunately, acts of God seldom take notice of such inconveniences.

    At this rate I may never get to see a printed copy of JL (?)

     September 15, 2003 | Baltimore Show Will Go On
    From Pulse

    posted 09-15-2003 05:35 PM


    THE SHOW MUST GO ON!: Despite the approach of the massive Hurricane Isabel, this weekend's Baltimore Comicon will go on as planned. Says organizer Marc Nathan, "We don't know what [the storm] will do and we have no plans to cancel/postpone the show. Baltimore, unlike Boston, New York and Philly, does not sit on the ocean. We sit on the bay - WAY up the bay. It's called the Inner Harbor for that reason. The storm is supposed to be out of here by the weekend anyway. So everyone travel safe and we'll see you Saturday and Sunday when it is long gone!"

    Convention guests include Judd Winick, Mark Waid, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, George Perez, and 70 others, and the show will feature the debut of the star-studded MORE FUND CBLDF benefit anthology with an exclusive Frank Cho cover.

     August 24, 2003 | Nathan Interview at SBC
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Baltimore Comic-Con's Marc Nathan: SBC Q&A
    Posted: Thursday, August 21
    By: Tim O'Shea

    Tim O’Shea: How did it come to pass that More Fund Comics will debut at Baltimore?

    Marc Nathan: More Fund Comics, an anthology that will greatly benefit the CBLDF will debut at the show this year. We made a lot of money for the fund last year and wanted to top it. One night in January, myself Frank Cho and John Gallagher and a few others were having dinner and we spoke on how to go about beating the total raised last year. John had just completed his collection of Buzzboy and was tuned in to make a trade. The idea to ask mainstream creators to fill the book was a reflection of our annual guest list. Frank got on the phone, I asked George Perez, who received his Defender of Liberty award in a ceremony in Bonnie’s restaurant, Charles Brownstein got permission from Marvel for the Hulk cover and big name creators with stories came flowing in. At the show, we will also have an auction for some of the art, including the Perez cover. We hope to make a zillion dollars for the Fund. Frank Cho and Scott Kurtz will be launching a new strip in the book that will make the book important for years to come.

     August 13, 2003 | CBLDF Fundraising Gains Momentum
    From Baltimore Comic-Con

    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press

    Wed, 13 Aug 2003 18:19:38 -0400

    Dear friends of the Baltimore Comic-Con,

    With Wizard World Chicago behind us, all eyes turn to the Baltimore Comic-Con, September 20-21.


    With the growing excitement around the More Fund Comics anthology and the show's Art Auction, we sure to raise a ton of money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. If there are any pieces you'd like to donate to the Auction, let us know! For details about the More Fund Comics anthology, visit the links below. Make sure your local retailer orders plenty! and

     July 27, 2003 | CAF's SDCC Report
    From Comic Art Fans

    Day 03
    written by Bill Cox


    George Perez was passing by and Brian Tidwell got his attention and he came over and talked to the both of us for a few minutes. He told us he could not wait for the Baltimore show since that would be the first Con after JLA/Avengers was out and how after that his schedule was going to lessen for a while - the guy needs a rest!

     June 30, 2003 | Baltimore Adds More Guests
    From Scoop

    Baltimore Comic-Con Adds More Guests
    Industry News, Scoop, Friday, June 27, 2003

    BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003)
    Baltimore, Maryland
    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press

    Current Fantastic Four artist Mike Weiringo, Elektra artist Sean Chen, Avengers/JLA editor Tom Brevoort, and Avengers cover artist J.G. Jones have been added to the Baltimore Comic-Con's guest line-up that already includes superstars like artist Jim Lee (Batman), artist George Perez (Avengers/JLA), writer Mark Waid (late of Fantastic Four), and writer Geoff Johns (JSA).

    The convention, which runs September 20-21 at the Baltimore Convention Center (right by the famous Inner Harbor), has promised more guest addition announcements.

    "We already have those guests plus Judd Winick, Michael Avon Oeming, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes and many others, but there are still revelations to come," said Marc Nathan, the show's promoter.

    Information about the show can be found at, or by contacting Cards, Comics & Collectibles at (410) 426-7410.

    Other guests for the show are scheduled to include Neil Vokes, Top Shelf Productions, Billy Tucci, Greg Horn, Joseph Michael Linsner, Scott Kurtz, Steve Conley, Brian Stelfreeze, Michael Kaluta, Dean Haspiel, Brad Meltzer, Marty Baumann, Karl Story, John K. Snyder III, Marc Hempel, Mark Wheatley, Alternative Press, Jimmy Gownley, John Gallagher, Rich Henn and others.

    The show will also so the debut of More Fund Comics, an anthology benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund published by Buzzboy creator John Gallagher's Sky-Dog Comics. Advance solicited through Diamond Comic Distributors in June, this book features stories, pin-ups and sketches from many of the creators attending the show as well as Art Adams, Brandon Peterson, Butch Guice, Dan Fraga, Amanda Conner, Stan Sakai, Terry Dodson, Cully Hamner, Matt Smith, J. Scott Campbell, Benn Dunn, Erik Larsen, Jerry Ordway, Michael T. Gilbert, Harry Roland, Paul Grist and others. The 144-page book features an Incredible Hulk cover by George Perez and carries a price tag of only $11.95.

     April 25, 2003 | Baltimore Expands Guest List
    From Pulse

    posted 04-24-2003 12:24 PM



    Batman Artist and Wildstorm Founder Jim Lee On Board For The Baltimore Comic-Con

    BALTIMORE, MD: April 24, 2003 - The Baltimore Comic-Con announces an expanded guest list for this year's two-day event. Just confirmed is Batman artist and Wildstorm founder Jim Lee (Saturday only). Also added: Michael Kaluta, Adam Hughes, Karl Story, Brian Stelfreeze and Joe Linser.

    "This is shaping up to be our biggest year yet," says Show creator Marc Nathan.

    Previously announced:

  • George Perez (Avengers/JLA, Solus, CrossGen Chronicles, The Avengers, New Teen Titans)
  • Mark Waid (Fantastic Four, JLA, Ruse, Kingdom Come)
  • Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows, Shanna, Spider-Man, Marvel Comics)
  • Geoff Johns (The Flash, JSA, Avengers)
  • Alternative Comics
  •  April 14, 2003 | Pérez's CBLDF Anthology Cover
    From Comic Book Resources, thanks to Brian Pate

    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press

    Monday April 14, 2003
    written by Rich Johnston


    Earlier this week on Comicon Pulse, Frank Cho mentioned an upcoming CBLDF anthology he's been creating, and the following sneek peek image was shown:

    Well, what did I find in my inbox but a very similar picture.

    It seems that Marvel have approved the CBLDF using Hulk on the front cover of this book.

    posted 04-10-2003 11:06 PM

    This September, I will only attend the Baltimore Comic Con and NOT the SPX (Small Press Expo). It was a tough decision but due to the overwhelming workload and commitments, I can only attend one convention that month. So those in the Washington, Virginia and Baltimore area, if you want my autograph or a sketch come on down to the Baltimore Comic Con.


    The Baltimore Comic Con is printing a huge anthology book to benefit the COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND. For those who don't know, the CBLDF is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of First Amendment rights for members of the comics community. The anthology book (entitled MORE FUND COMICS) will feature a stunning cover by the great GEORGE PEREZ and contributions by ADAM HUGHES, ARTHUR ADAMS, BRANDON PETERSON, BEN DUNN, BUDD ROOT, BUTCH GUICE, DAN FRAGA, ERIK LARSEN, GREG HORN, J. SCOTT CAMPBELL, JIMMY PALMIOTTI, JOHN ROMITA, JOHN ROMITA JR, MARK SCHULTZ, MIKE OEMING, PHIL NOTO, STAN SAKAI, TERRY DODSON, and many more.

     March 21, 2003 | Baltimore 2003 Website Updated
    From Vu

    BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003 (20-21 Sep 2003)
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Just thought you'd like to know that the Baltimore Comicon's website have been updated. It also confirms George Pérez's appearance for their convention this September. It was previously announced that George will appear through an advertisment.

    Baltimore Comicon 2003
    September 20 and 21, 2003 - Baltimore Convention Center
    HOURS: SATURDAY: 10am-6pm, SUNDAY 10am - 6pm

    George Perez
    Mark Waid
    Geoff Johns
    Judd Winick
    Michael Avon Oeming
    Neil Vokes
    Frank Cho
    Top Shelf
    Alternative Press
    Jeff Mason
    Greg Horn
    Billy Tucci
    Steve Conley
    John K. Snyder
    Marc Hempel
    Mark Wheatley
    John Gallagher
    Rich Henn

     February 27, 2003 | Baltimore Comicon 2003
    From COMIC BUYER'S GUIDE #1530 (14 Mar 2003)

  • Superman (2002), Art by George Pérez

    September 20-21, 2003
    Baltimore Convention Center
    Phone: 410-526-7410

    Guests includes: George Pérez, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, Judd Winick, Frank Cho, Michael Avon Oeming, Neil Vokes, Billy Tucci, Greg Horn, Steve Conley, John Snyder, Marc Hempel, Mark Wheatley, John Gallgher, and more