CENFLO Film Festival 2019 (27-29 Sep 2019) Mt. Dora, Florida

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CENFLO Film Festival 2019
Date:  27-29 Sep 2019
Location:  Mt. Dora, Florida
Publisher: centralfloridafilmfestival.com

  • George Perez

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    CENFLO Film Festival (Celebrity Panel) (08 Sep 2018)
    Mt. Dora, Florida


    George Perez attended the Central Florida Film Festival from September 27-29 (it was delayed due to Hurricane Dorian)

    posted Sep 30, 2019, 11:16 PM by Vu Nguyen

    Amber Karlins @KarlinsA writes:

    CENFLO Film Festival 2019 (27-29 Sep 2019)
    Mt. Dora, Florida
    I cannot imagine an #artist on earth who is kinder or more generous than George Perez. It's such a lovely thing to spend time with one of your heroes and find they are even better in real life than you'd hoped