DRAGON*CON 2016 (02-05 Sep 2016) Atlanta, Georgia

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Date: 02-05 Sep 2016
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Publisher:  dragoncon.org

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    • Large poster of Uncanny X-Men #112 from Aquarius Posters From Vu UNCANNY X-MEN #112 (Aug 1978) Marvel Comics I didn't know they printed this, but I recently found what looks like an official licensed 24"x36" poster of Uncanny X-Men #112, art by George Perez and Bob Layton. The print is actually very crisp and colorful at that large size. The poster is published by Aquarius Posters, listed under the title "X-Men" and catalog number of CP1425. The local store sold this for $7.99 and, for once, is cheaper than Amazon (amzn.to/2uyvsvv). I suggest you just shop around at your local music/movie or pop culture store.
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    DRAGON*CON 2016 (02-05 Sep 2016)
    Atlanta, Georgia

    DEATHSTROKE (Sep 2016)
    art by George Perez at DRAGON*CON 2016
    from Tim B

    MAGNETO (Sep 2016)
    art by George Perez at DRAGON*CON 2016
    from Todd Sommerfield

    Photo from DragonCon 2016

    posted Apr 20, 2017, 7:14 PM by Vu Nguyen

    DRAGON*CON 2016 (02-05 Sep 2016)
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Photo from DRAGONCON 2016 (Sep 2016)
    Rebel Alliance Barbie, George Perez, Alisa-Chan, Fan, and R2-D2
    Photo from greyloch

    CBR: Comic Legends - Superman & Wonder Woman Nearly Had a One-Night Stand?
    posted Dec 10, 2016, 10:35 AM by Vu Nguyen

    SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL Vol. 8 TPB (07 Jan 2014)
    DC Comics
    Comic Legends: Superman & Wonder Woman Nearly Had a One-Night Stand?
    12.02.2016 by Brian Cronin

    Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the six hundred and fourth week where we examine comic book legends and whether they are true or false. This week, it’s all Superman-related legends!


    COMIC LEGEND: There was almost a one-shot comic where Superman and Wonder Woman had a one-night stand.
    STATUS: True

    ...It wasn’t even ALLUDED to in the comics until the late 1960s, when Lois Lane first started to think, “Hey, maybe Superman and Wonder Woman are meant for each other?”

    It was then teased in a couple of other comics, including a “DC Comics Presents” issue where Eros made them fall in love with each other.

    However, by far the most prominent pairing of the two (before the New 52) was soon after the characters were both rebooted following Crisis, when they met for the “first” time in “Action Comics” #600 and, well, this happened (courtesy of John Byrne and George Perez)…

    It then became a team-up where they fought against Darkseid because, hey, it’s comics, you have to have a fight scene!

    Anyhow, while that was the take that John Byrne came up with, George Perez had other ideas. In 1990, when he was still writing the “Wonder Woman” comic book series, he discussed the idea in the Amateur Press Association fanzine “TitanTalk”. Here is Perez…

    Also on my Wonder Woman agenda is a one-shot prestige format book tentatively titled “Rendezvous”, and it is a romance story with Diana and Superman to be edited by Karen. It will, at last, really deal with the physical relationship between these two popular characters. In other words, they do it. Due to the nature of the story, I will probably be using the Gods as a means of allowing the reader his or her option to regard or disregard this tale as part of DC continuity. I have no intention of treating this story sensationally, but there are definitely some mature themes I’ll wish to explore.

    DRAGON*CON 2016 (02-05 Sep 2016)
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Recently, at this year’s Dragoncon, during a Wonder Woman panel, Perez restated that he had started on plans for a one-shot graphic novel along those lines, but it didn’t end up materializing. At the Dragoncon panel, Perez seemed to insinuate that it might have been because his view was that Wonder Woman was going to be a bit underwhelmed, considering that she was expecting practically a god and he noted that DC was a bit wary about making Superman look bad.

    I’m sure people would be glad to see an out-of-continuity version of that, George!

    George Perez's Dragon*Con 2016 Schedule
    posted Aug 24, 2016, 8:51 PM by Vu Nguyen

    DRAGON*CON 2016 (02-05 Sep 2016)
    Atlanta, Georgia
    George Perez writes:


    I am setting up my signing and sketching for the show, but would like to participate in as many photo shoots as is feasible and thus arrange my schedule around those.
    As of this writing, I have the following activities on my schedule:

    • Thursday: 10PM: Bunny Hutch Party and Costume Contest 
    • Friday: 10:30 am - Noon: Wonder Woman Universe shoot
    • Friday: 6PM: Gotham Shoot
    • Saturday, 1PM: Titans Shoot /JLA shoot (will try to make an appearance at both shoots)
    • Saturday 5:30 PM Watching my wife perform 
    • Monday, 9AM: Dragon*Con Pig-Out Breakfast

    If anyone would like me to attend a shoot or event not listed here, please let me know. While I can't possibly oblige everyone, I'd like to have at least an idea of how many options I can choose from. Thank you.