FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013 (06-07 Jul 2013) Miami, Florida

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Date: 06-07 Jul 2013
Location: Miami, Florida
Publisher: floridasupercon.com

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    FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013 (06-07 Jul 2013)
    Miami, Florida

    DEATHSTROKE (Jul 2013)
    art by Perez at FL SUPERCON 2013, colored by Laura Martin
    from Matt Usher

    DEATHSTROKE  (Jul 2013)
    art by George Perez at FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013
    from Matt Usher

    DEATHSTROKE (06 Jul 2014)
    art by George Pérez at FLORIDA SUPERCON 2014 from rff7706

    WONDER GIRL (Jul 2013)
    art by George Perez at FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013

    from oneironeer

    WONDER WOMAN (Jul 2013)
    art by George Perez at FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013

    from oneironeer

    CAPTAIN AMERICA (Jul 2013)
    art by George Perez at
    from Don Bohm

    Photo of George in the book Legendary Locals of Jacksonville

    posted Nov 24, 2014, 1:04 PM by Vu Nguyen

    FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013 (06-07 Jul 2013)
    Miami, Florida

    Arcadia Publishing
    Candy Keane writes:
    November 17, 2014

    After moving to Jacksonville a decade ago this month, I am totally honored to be considered a local and to be included in the new book Legendary Locals of Jacksonville! The pic published with my section, titled "Dressing for Success" features a pic of me and Double D Bre at SuperCon with one of my favorite artists George Perez. I'm on page 100.



    George Perez video sketches

    posted Jul 24, 2013, 9:35 AM by Vu Sleeper

    SUPANOVA 2013
    (22-23 Jun 2013)
    Sydney, Australia

    FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013 (06-07 Jul 2013)
    Miami, Florida


    Perez donate to FSC charity art auction

    posted Jul 8, 2013, 9:43 AM by Vu Nguyen

    FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013 (06-07 Jul 2013)
    Miami, Florida

    USAGI YOJIMBO (2013)
    art by George Perez for DALLAS COMIC CON 2013
    FSC CHARITY ART & CELEBRITY MEMORABILIA AUCTION (100% of proceeds benefit Kids in Distress)

    The FSC charity Art and Celebrity Memorabliia auction will feature art and one of a kind items from many of our special guests, as well as some items from the FSC archives with 100% of the proceeds benifiting Kids in Distress. Friday July 5, 7:45pm - 8:45pm in the MACC 2 BALLROOM.

    Kid's in Distress is the official charity of Florida Supercon 2013. Kid's in Distress, kidinc.org, facebook.com/KidsInDistress, is a local organization dedicated to preventing child abuse, preserving the family and treating children who have been abused and neglected, with a vision of safe and healthy children in loving families. This years theme for Kids in Distress has been Superheroes... so it seems like a natural fit... except these guys and gals are the real Superheroes!

    In 2012, Kids in Distress highlights included:
    * 218 abused children find safe haven at KID's Emergency Shelter
    * 506 boys and girls embraced through KID Foster Care
    * 152 little learners nurtured at KID Preschool Plus
    * 3,531 healthy new smiles created at KID Dental Health Center
    * 1,102 children step toward better mental health at our Family Counseling Center
    * 4,103 children and adults helped thru KID FIRST, Healthy Start and Healthy Families
    * 152 children spend safe, supervised time with their non-custodial parents though KID's Visitation Program
    *319 adults and children relied on Family Reunification Services for help
    * 85 families at imminent risk are kept together through KID Home Builders

    Here's a sneak peek at 2 pieces of original art from special guest George Perez that will be up for auction.

    thanks to Ilke


    George Perez to attend Florida Supercon 2013
    posted Nov 12, 2012 8:38 AM

    FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013 (06-07 Jul 2013)
    Miami, Florida
    George Perez

    George Perez Florida Supercon George Pérez is a true legend in the world of comic books! He is well known for his historic runs The Avengers, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Crisis On Infinite Earths, Justice League of America, Superman/Action Comics and The Fantastic Four. He has recently been involved with the new DC 52 relaunch, working on Superman, Green Arrow and World’s Finest.

    Since 1973 George Perez has been one of the top creators in the industry. He has been both artist and writer and has worked for Marvel, DC, Malibu, Tekno Comix, Crossgen, Event Comics and more! At Marvel he has left his mark on The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The Infinity Gauntlet, Hulk: Future Imperfect, Creatures on the Loose Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, The Inhumans and X-Men to name a few.

    At DC he has literally worked on the entire universe, including: The New Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Justice League of America, Action Comics, Superman, Adventures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The New Titans, DC Comics Presents, War of the Gods, History of the DC Universe, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, Brave and the Bold and more! He designed Lex Luthor's trademark battlesuit, helped make history with Crisis and is once again making history with the new DC 52 having launched the new Superman in 2011, inked the new Green Arrow and currently doing art for the new World's Finest series. As well, he and Marv Wolfman returned to the New Teen Titans for the hardcover graphic novel, New Teen Titans: Games, released in 2011.

    He was the artist on the the JLA/Avengers inter-company Marvel/DC crossover in 2003 and has worked with Malibu Comics (Break-Thru, Ultraforce), Tekno Comics (I-Bots) and Crossgen (Crossgen Chronicles, Solus). He is also known for Sachs and Violens (co-created with Peter David) and his own creation Crimson Plague.

    George will be in attendance on Saturday and Sunday

    from http://www.floridasupercon.com/comic-guests