HEROES AREN'T HARD TO FIND SIGNING (26 Oct 2003), Charlotte, North Carolina

26 Oct 2003
- 1PM-5PM
1957 E 7th St, Charlotte, NC 28204
Heroes Aren't Hard To Find (heroesonline.com)

George Pérez appeared on October 26th, 2003, to do signing at HEROES AREN'T HARD TO FIND.


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    HEROES AREN'T HARD TO FIND SIGNING (26 Oct 2003), Charlotte, North Carolina

     October 30, 2003 | Heroes Signing Report
    From Heroes Online

    29 October 03
    written by Shelton Drum


    But the real reason I've asked you all here is to inform you...that George Perez was a great big smash hit! I mean, George has been a regular at our yearly convention since the very first one, back in 1982--when some of you had not yet been born, and the rest of you were in love with Duran Duran--but with the release of JLA/Avengers, this kid is white-hot!

    Even with the light rain that fell most of the day, there was a line at the door as early as an hour before we opened the store. People may have been waiting even earlier, but we showed up at noon. I mean, c'mon: it was Sunday. So by the time George showed up at 1 and we let people in, he was instantly mobbed! Shelton even opened up his famous vaults and pulled out some of his Perez originals from over the last 20 years! All in all, things went great, people were happy, and everyone walked away friends. If you weren't there, well, whose fault was that?

     October 18, 2003 | Heroes Signing Reminder
    From Heroes Aren't Hard to Find

    16 October 03
    written by Shelton Drum


    Ooh! Couple of quick things--first of all, don't you dare forget that George Perez will be appearing in our beautiful store, in just a week from Sunday: 26 October! With the release of JLA/Avengers #2 this Wednesday, just a few days before his appearance, this is sure to be one of our biggest store events of the year, so don't miss this rare chance to meet a living legend in the world of comics... and Hawaiian shirts!

     October 14, 2003 | Pérez at Heroes on 10/26
    From Heroes Convention

    24 September 03
    written by Shelton Drum


    And speaking of appearances, you must clear a nice space in your schedule for Mr George Perez' visit on October 26th. I'm sure you're familiar with Mr Perez, especially if you read my posting here earlier in the month. George will be signing copies of JLA/Avengers, the book that's been his dream for 20 years! Who better to celebrate this auspicious occasion with than you and I. So... I guess I'll see you there. I'll be wearing the white carnation!

    6 September 03

    Also coming soon: industry legend George Perez will be appearing in our store from 1 to 5 on Sunday, October 26th. I'm sure you're all familiar with Mr Perez's feats of derring-do, as are we--witness George's smiling face in the picture to the left: our first convention ever, back in 1982! Well, one of George's lesser-known accomplishments is a little thing called "JLA/Avengers"--whether you've heard of it or not, he'll be signing copies that Sunday, so don't miss it!