HEROES COMIC CONVENTION 1998 (3-5 July 1998), Charlotte, North Carolina

cover:  Ron Garney
Date:  3-5 July 1998
Location:  Charlotte, North Carolina
Publisher:  heroesonline.com

  • George Perez

Exclusive CRIMSON PLAGUE: HEROES CONVENTION EDITION (Jun 1997) was sold here.

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    HEROES COMIC CONVENTION 1998 (17-19 June 1994)
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    WONDER WOMAN (Jul 1998)
    art by Perez, colors by Tom Smith at HEROES COMIC CONVENTION 1998
    from Kevin Chen

    SCARLET WITCH (Jul 1998), art by Perez, colors by Tom Smith at HEROES 1998. from Stewart's Comics

     March 5, 2004 | Stewart's Art Gallery
    From Stewart's Comics, thanks to Ilke Hincer

    SUPERGIRL (Jun 1999), art by George Perez, colors by Tom Smith at HEROES CON 1999. from Stewart's Comics

    SCARLET WITCH (Jul 1998), art by Perez, colors by Tom Smith at HEROES 1998. from Stewart's Comics

    Each of the above is an original pen-and-ink drawing by George Perez, colored by Tom Smith. I purchased Scarlet Witch (on the left) in 1998 at the Heroes Con, and Supergirl (on the right) in 1999 at the Heroes Con. George Perez is notoriously difficult to peg down for a sketch because he is so popular and busy with signing autographs and other things for the fans at shows, but both of these years he was doing sketches and donating 100% of the proceeds to the Charlotte Firefighter's Burned Children's Fund so I got lucky! George does great work as always, Tom is an excellent colorist, I got two great additions to my original artwork collection, and a worthy charity benefited in the process. Hard to beat the all-around experience here!