Brian Stelfreeze
Adam Hughes
Karl Story
Cully Hamner
Murphy Anderson
June 2001
Heroes Aren't Hard to Find (heroesonline.com)

Although George Perez did not attend the 2001 Charlotte Convention, he did kick off the charity artwork with a Captain America/Superman/Wonder Woman/Scarlett Witch drawing. This book contains a color page (by Tom Smith) and a black and white page.

Convention Book (80 pages)
writer: Shelton Drum/Steve Saffel/Cully Hamner
artists: Walt Simonson/Rob Haynes/Alan Davis/Brian Stelfreeze/Adam Hughes/Dan Jolley/Tony Harris/Drew Johnson/Andrew Robinson/Bob Almond/Greg Adams/Al Bigley/Mark Bagley/Nick Cardy/Dan Brereton/Richard Case/Frank Brunner/Dave DeVries/Steven Butler/Sanford Greene/Sam Glanzman/Jamal Igle/Mike Hoffman/Rich Larson/Phil Jimenez/Craig Rousseau/George Pérez (2 pages)/Nat Jones/Jeff Austin/Bobby Nash/Casey Jones/Bill Neville/Bob Layton/various
colors: Tom Smith

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     June 21, 2001
    From Ilke Hincer
      Photos of the artist jam piece for the Burned Children's Fund charity auction, taken at Heroes Con 2001, can be seen at: www.theartofcomics.com/HEROES2001/Heroes.htm

      George Perez contributes to the center of the jam.

      Thanks to Elayne Riggs for the heads-up on where to find the photos.

     June 14, 2001
    From Kirk
      Check these links out my friend! 010524193011/wsthor.jpg and 010525074802/gp_jam.jpg
      Avengers Message Board (thanks Ilke):

      Posted by Tom Smith on Friday, May 25 2001 at 07:48:02 PDT
      Hi all..
      Since you all ask so nicely here you go. The cool story about this one is ..YOU CAN OWN IT ! In glorious Perez pencil & ink Black & White of course.
      George did this as the center sketch for the artist jam board for the Burned Children's Fund Charity art auction which will be auctioned off on Sunday, June 10 th at this years big AVENGERS Hero's Con 2001 in Charlotte North Carolina. When it is done it will have all Avengers heroes on it drawn by most of the Con's artist guests. There will be something by Alan Davis, Walt Simonson,Steve Epting,and maybe we can get Adam Hughes to add to it as well as many others. Or you can bid on the tons of original art / prints / signed comics that is donated by the artists and dealers for the auction too. So if your in the area stop in , join in the fun and place your bid.

      But the promoter " Shelton Drumm " loved this art so much he wanted to have it colored and put in the program book too so he called me. So here is it in all its digtal colored glory.

      Tom Smith "ACAL!"