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MEGACON 2014 (03/21/14 - 03/25/14) Orlando, Florida

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Date:  03/21/14 - 03/25/14
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      Posted Jun 5, 2022, 6:53 PM by Vu Nguyen
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    MEGACON 2014
    (03/21/14 - 03/25/14)
    Orlando, Florida

    DR DOOM (Mar 2014)
    art by Pérez, Joe Rubenstein, Paul Mounts MEGACON 2014
    from Matt Usher

    THING (Mar 2014)
    art by Pérez, Joe Rubenstein, Paul Mounts MEGACON 2014
    from Matt Usher

    BATMAN (Mar 2014)
    art by Pérez at MEGACON 2014
    from thephantommpire

    VISION (Mar 2014)
    art by Perez at MEGACON 2014

    from Jason Abbadon

    ULTRON (Mar 2014)
    art by Perez at MEGACON 2014

    from Jason Abbadon

    ANT-MAN (Mar 2014)
    art by Perez at MEGACON 2014

    from Jason Abbadon

    WONDER GIRL (Mar 2014)
    art George Perez at MEGACON 2014 
    from Daniel Santillo

    Megacon updates and recaps

    posted Mar 25, 2014, 7:18 AM by Vu Nguyen

    MEGACON 2014
    (03/21/14 - 03/25/14)
    Orlando, Florida
    George Perez writes:
    Monday, March 24, 2014 at 2:48pm

    What a weekend! It's amazing that, despite not seeing much more of MegaCon than the people directly in front of my table, I had a truly fabulous time.

    I arrived over a half-hour early each day and was kept quite busy until the lights were turned down. I estimate that I drew somewhere around 300 quickie head sketches and managed to raise $7890.00 for the Hero Initiative, setting a new three-day fundraising record for myself.

    Thanks to all thegenerous fans who made this possible, especially those who donated even more for autographs, photographs or just for the sheer desire to do so.

    I also want to thank all the fans, friends and extended family members who dropped by to say hello, knowing that I would not be able to see any of them otherwise. Carol and I were pretty exhausted after such an action=packed weekend, but it was definitely a good kind of exhaustion.

    I so love being a comic book artist, and it's on weekends like this that I am further reminded why.

    BIG HUGS to you all!

    @gtwitt1138 writes:
    10:50 PM - 22 Mar 2014

    @perezartist  thank you sir it was an honor to meet you

    @LizBlahBlahBlah writes:
    12:26 AM - 23 Mar 2014

    Such an honor to meet @perezartist today!

    Got an amazing Wonder Woman sketch, proceeds going to a great cause!

    @RodneyRitchey writes:
    2:57 PM - 23 Mar 2014

    MegaCon geek out moment.

    I got to meet George Perez @perezartist and he did me a sketch of Thanos.

    Supercool guy!

    @HeroesHaven writes:
    3:41 AM - 24 Mar 2014

    @perezartist excited to see General A-Aron! Is George also joining the @HeroesHaven Army?


    @yopauly75 writes:

    12:31 AM - 25 Mar 2014

    @perezartist You are amazing, George! Your enthusiasm and kindness is unparalleled!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful Superman sketch.

    @CaptnAtheist writes:
    11:10 AM - 25 Mar 2014

    @perezartist Thank you George! You made my wife @WondieBee ecstatically happy with the awesome WW sketch and Kiss!🎯

    George Perez

    George Perez will be at table #417 at MegaCon
    posted Mar 21, 2014, 9:36 AM 

    MEGACON 2014
    (03/21/14 - 03/25/14)
    Orlando, Florida
    George Pérez writes
    Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 11:00am

    Well, now, as Carol and I get ready to head over to MegaCon, I just want to tell everyone that I will be situated at table #417 throughout the show. I will be raising money for the Hero Initiative and will likely be kept quite busy the entire time I'm there. So busy that I won't be able to get together and watch all my cosplay family members strut their stuff unless they actually come to me. So, pretty please, everyone, if you can find a little opportunity between shoots and costume changes, drop by and say hello. This also applies to any other friends and extended family members coming to the show. I've been missing you all terribly! Cyber Hug! (To be redeemed for a physical one at MegaCon).

    George Perez


    Hero Initiative Slates 20 Conventions for 2014

    posted Jan 26, 2014, 7:27 AM by Vu Nguyen

    MEGACON 2014
    (03/21/14 - 03/25/14)
    Orlando, Florida

    AWESOME CON 2014 (18-20 Apr 2014)
    Washington, DC
    Hero Initiative, the non-profit organization that raises money for comic veterans in medical and financial need, will attend 20 comic conventions in 2014. Over the course of the year, the Hero crew will bring special guests, parties, and much more to conventions ranging from San Diego to Calgary to New York City.

    “We may be attending a convention near you, so make sure you stop by and help us help others who have paved the way for many others and have brought us years of joy,” said Hero Initiative President Jim McLauchlin.

    Hero Initiative will be at the following shows:

    March 7-9
    Wizard World Sacramento

    Sacramento, California

    March 14-16
    Planet Comicon

    Kansas City, Missouri

    March 21-23

    Orlando, Florida
    Special guest Herb Trimpe exclusively at the Hero booth, #733

    March 28-30
    Emerald City Comicon

    Seattle, Washington

    April 4-6
    Wizard World St. Louis

    St. Louis, Missouri

    April 18-20
    Awesome Con

    Washington, DC

    April 25-27
    Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo
    Chicago, Illinois

    April 24-27
    Calgary Comic Expo

    Calgary, Alberta

    May 2-4
    Wizard World Minneapolis

    Minneapolis, MN

    May 17-18
    Big Wow ComicFest

    San Jose, California

    May 31-June 1
    Long Beach Comic Expo

    Long Beach, California

    June 5-8
    Phoenix Comic Con

    Phoenix, AZ

    June 20-22

    Charlotte, North Carolina

    July 23-27
    Comic-Con International: San Diego

    San Diego, California
    Hero Board of Directors member Dennis O’Neil

    August 21-24
    Wizard World Chicago

    Rosemont, Illinois

    September 5-7         
    Baltimore Comic-Con

    Baltimore, Maryland

    September 27-28
    Long Beach Comic Con

    Long Beach, California

    October 2-4
    Wizard World Austin

    Austin, Texas

    October 9-12
    New York Comic Con

    New York City

    October 31-November 2
    Wizard World Ohio

    Columbus, Ohio

    For more information, please visit Hero Initiative at