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MEGACON 2015 (10-12 Apr 2015) Orlando, Florida

cover:  Joe Kubert
Date: 10-12 April 2015 
Location: Orlando, Florida

  • George Perez

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    MEGACON 2015
    (10-12 Apr 2015)
    Orlando, Florida
    MEDUSA (Apr 2015)
    art by George Perez at MEGACON 2015, Jae Lee, Brandon Peterson, Khary Randolph, Tom Raney, Matthew Clark, and Ryan Stegman
    from Gary Clute

    FLASH (11 Apr 2015)
    art by George Pérez at MEGACON 2015
    from rff7706

    DEATHSTROKE (10 Apr 2015)
    art by George Pérez at MEGACON 2015
    from rff7706

    SPOCK (09 Apr 2015)
    art by George Perez at MEGACON 2015

    from empire.auctions

    DARTH VADER (Apr 2015)
    art by George Pérez at MEGACON 2015
    from comicstripcorner  

    STARFIRE (10 Apr 2015)
    art by George Pérez at MEGACON 2015
    from codemaster_comics_games

    NIGHTWING (Apr 2015)
    art by George Perez at MEGACON 2015

    Scoop: April 10-12: MegaCon
    posted Feb 13, 2015, 3:51 PM by Vu Nguyen

    MEGACON 2015
    (10-12 Apr 2015)
    Orlando, Florida
    13 Feb 2015

    A MegaCon is getting ready for a mega-sized show this spring on April 10-12, 2015. The show is filled with exciting events, including the second annual Cosmos celebrating the con with special celebrity hosts, DJs, and six laser shows, Noise Complaint the group of professional tap dancers will perform choreographed dances to Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, Nintendo characters, and more, the Pleasure Pixels will perform burlesque acts to convention goers favorite characters, Crazy Random Happenstance the shadowcast troupe will perform Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog and Firefly’s “Out of Gas” episode, the Rebel Legion Star Wars volunteer organization will be there, and Free Play Florida will run a free play arcade all weekend. There will be a MegaWalk, tons of exhibitors, lots of anime events, gaming events, and a tattoo pavilion.

    Comics guests include guest of honor Stan Lee (Marvel writer-editor-publisher-creator), Alex Saviuk (artist The Amazing Spider-Man), Alvin Lee (Agent X co-creator), Amanda Conner (writer-cover artist Harley Quinn), Billy Tucci (Shi creator), Bob Layton (writer-artist-editor Iron Man), Brian Pulido (Chaos! Comics founder), Dan Parent (writer-artist Archie), Darwyn Cooke (writer-artist Catwoman), Ed McGuinness (artist Superman), Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows creator), George Perez (writer-artist The Avengers), Jimmy Palmiotti (writer Harley Quinn), Katie Cook (Gronk: A Monster’s Story creator), Mike Lilly (artist Nightwing), and Sean Chen (artist Rai and the Future Force).

    George Perez Leads First Annual MegaWalk for Hero Initiative
    posted Feb 6, 2015, 1:10 PM by Vu Nguyen

    MEGAWALK 2015
    (10 Apr 2015)
    Hero Initiative

    (Apr 2015)
    Hero Initiative
    As MegaCon Megawalk is a charitable fundraising event, CBR is happy to provide a platform for the President of Hero Initiative, Jim McLauchlin, to discuss the inaugural walk with one of comics' greatest living legends -- and a member of Hero's Board of Directors -- George Pérez.


    Jim McLauchlin: I recall our having a discussion once -- and this became a bit of the genesis of MegaWalk -- that you have a bit of a "tradition" where you take a long walk around the convention floor before the con day starts, right?

    George Pérez: Yes. And a lot of it is to get some exercise in, because I know I'm likely going to be sitting down for several hours during the con. Having been a good deal heavier in the past, walking was the primary way I eventually lost a lot of weight, and keep myself fit.

    How important have the simple things like maintaining health and fitness become to you as you get older? Hey -- you're now 60 years old!

    The amount of energy I gained after I stopped carrying the weight equivalent of a pygmy on my back -- or perhaps more correctly, around my waist -- was a life-changer. And in my case, being a diabetic, it became a case where if I didn't start doing something, I wouldn't be talking to you now. I realized I had a lot to live for, a lot to enjoy, and I wanted to be there to enjoy it. [My wife] Carol tried helping badger me into I-don't-know-how-many diets, but finally there came a time where I said, "It's all up to me. No one else will do this." So I started walking. It became the low-impact system that worked for me. Now, I've been up and down the weight ladder a bit, but since dropping the initial 50-plus pounds, I've thankfully never been back to the larger size I once was.

    George Perez's Convention Schedule for 2015
    posted Nov 13, 2014, 4:44 AM by Vu Nguyen

    George Pérez writes:
    Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 9:19am


    Now that I'm working on a regular series again, I will be keeping my convention schedule relatively light next year, but these are NY scheduled shows so far. I've deliberately kept January, March and May clear for some personal stuff so I'm not likely to book anything for those months.. There are a few places I have never visited before, so I'm looking forward to meeting up with some new faces there.

    February 13th – 15th: Amazing Arizona Comic Convention, Phoenix, AZ
    April 6th – 7th: Fan Expo Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    April 10th – 12th: MegaCon, Orlando FL
    June 19th-21st: Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, Las Vegas, NV
    August 7th – 9th: Texas Comicon, San Antonio, TX
    September 4th – 7th: Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA
    September 18th – 20th: Amazing Hawaii Comic Con, Waikiki, HI

    AMAZING ARIZONA COMIC CON 2015 (13-15 Feb 2015)
    Phoenix, Arizona

    FAN EXPO CANADA 2015 (06-07 Apr 2015)
    Vancouver, Canada

    MEGACON 2015
    (10-12 Apr 2015)
    Orlando, Florida

    AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON 2015 (19-21 Jun 2015)
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    TEXAS COMICON 2015 (07-09 Aug 2015)
    San Antonio, Texas

    DRAGON*CON 2015 (04-07 Sep 2015)
    Atlanta, Georgia

    AMAZING HAWAII COMIC CON 2015 (18-20 Sep 2015)
    Honolulu, Hawaii