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MEGACON 2020 (16-19 Apr 2020) Orlando, Florida

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Date:  16-19 Apr 2020
Location:  Orlando, Florida

  • George Perez
  • Josh Middleton
  • Arthur Adams

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    MEGACON 2020 (16-19 Apr 2020)
    Orlando, Florida


    No FCBD 2020 signings/appearances from George Perez

    posted Feb 17, 2020, 5:20 PM by Vu Nguyen

    Tibi asks:

    MEGACON 2020 (16-19 Apr 2020)
    Orlando, Florida
    Will Mr. Perez be signing at any local comic stores before or during Free Comic Book Day in May? I’d like to get one signature and am trying to avoid going to overcrowded Megacon 2020 to meet him.

    George Perez: I will not be making any store appearances for this year’s FCBD.

    George Perez to appear at MegaCon 2020 (16-19 April 2020)
    posted Jan 21, 2020, 9:53 PM

    MegaCon Convention writes:

    MEGACON 2020 (16-19 Apr 2020)
    Orlando, Florida
    Here comes the first round of comic creators at #MEGACONOrlando! Witness a rare appearance from George Perez and meet the legendary Arthur Adams, Josh Middleton, and more in Orlando. Get your tickets TODAY!

    Announcement from George Perez

    posted Jan 18, 2020, 11:05 PM

    From George Perez

    Happy New Year to all my fans, friends and family!

    Well, today, Jan. 19th, 2020, marks ONE YEAR since I officially announced my retirement from drawing comics and attending comic convention.

    I have to say that my life has been quite nice, although a bit busier than I anticipated. I can tell you that I have been enjoying not having to deal with the stress and strain of air travel and trying to make my way through strange surroundings with my less-than-perfect vision.

    However, there’s one thing I didn’t consider when I announced that I would no longer be attending conventions, sketching and doing commissions. I always took great pleasure and personal pride in the amount of money those activities raised for the many charities, friends and family members I’ve helped through the years. I find that, despite enjoying the downtime, I really do need to keep drawing …it is, after all, what I do and who I am.

    So, that being said, after much consideration and a lot of requests, I’ve decided to start doing private home commissions again. There will be a few restrictions due to my vision issues, such as no backgrounds ( unless I decide to throw one in on my own ), no multi figure group shots, no portraits of real people and no cover recreations. What I will be able to offer are Full-Figure marker line art with pencil-tone illustrations on standard 11” X 17” comic industry Bristol Board and convention-style head shots on 9” X 12” Bristol paper ( no pencil tones ).

    Please understand that these will not be inexpensive since I want to be able to raise as much money as possible and I’m limited to how many commissions I can draw any given week without straining my eyes & starting to see double.

    For those that will be asking … the prices will be as follows :
    • Full-Figure marker line art with pencil-tone illustrations on standard 11” X 17” comic industry Bristol Board - $1,200.00 US dollars

    • Convention style head shots marker line art on 9” X 12” comic book board - $ 200.00 US dollars.

    All prices are plus $30.00 for US domestic shipping ( Hawaii and Alaska add an additional $10 shipping )

    International Shipping Rates based upon distance.

    PayPal payments are acceptable and actually preferred. Ask for details when placing your order.

    Further, in addition to my annual appearances at Dragon Con and Fetish Con … I have one more make-up convention appearance to honor in 2020, which should be officially announced in a few weeks … that will be my entire convention schedule for this year. For said appearance, we will accept a limited number of pre-convention sketch requests. There will be a limited quantity available. Check my fan website for more information as they become available.

    Next bit of good news … In addition to the sketch offerings … I will also be offering private, bulk signings for those wishing to participate in those as well. CGC & CBCS signings are welcome as well as long as proper arrangements are made in advance. Minimum quantity for all signings are 50 pieces. Larger quantities are encouraged and available with proper arrangements as well. Prices available upon request based upon volume.

    If any of this sounds desirable to you, please contact my long-time art agent Spencer Beck of The Artists Choice at for any additional questions, concerns or other pertinent information regarding sketches and signings.

    Attached are some examples of some sketches I’ve done for clients in the last few months to so that you can get an idea as to what I’m offering. I look forward to getting back to my drawing board for you!


    WONDER WOMAN (2020)
    art by George Pérez

    SUPERBOY (2019)
    art by George Pérez
    SUPERGIRL (2019)
    art by George Perez

    GALACTUS (2019)
    art by George Perez

    GREEN GOBLIN (2019)
    art by George Pérez

    DR DOOM (2019)
    art by George Perez

    GREEN LANTERN (2019)
    art by George Perez 

    art by George Perez

    THUNDER (2019)
    art by George Pérez