BEYOND THERAPY (08/08/14 - 08/17/14) Moonlight Warehouse Theatre

cover:  George Perez
Date: 08/08/14 - 08/17/14
Location: Clermont, Florida

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    BEYOND THERAPY (08/08/14 - 08/17/14)
    Moonlight Warehouse Theatre

    George Perez and his Moonlight Family

    posted Jun 7, 2015, 2:20 PM by Vu Nguyen

    BEYOND THERAPY (08/08/14 - 08/17/14)
    Moonlight Warehouse Theatre
    George Pérez writes:

    Those who follow my posts know just how much my wife and I enjoy the theatre and how much love I have for the small but oh so creative group of performers of the Moonlight Players Theater in Clermont, FL. There are other great theatre groups in the Central Florida area and Carol and I have had the pleasure of attending many of their shows as well.

    But Moonlight is home to us and yesterday's performance of THE WIZ again attested to what marvelous creativity can be achieved on a shoestring budget and with limited resources. I am proud to be a sponsor of this little theatre-that-could and honored that they asked Carol and I to be part of the cast photo.

    I am also attaching the sweet letter that accompnied this photo by Sean Gregory.

    Good Morning George,

    First off, I just want to give yourself and your spouse our warmest thanks and gratitude for all that you do for the theatre! Also, last night's show was the best run we had thus far and because of your presence and astounding love for theatre it just made it so much better for the audience, as well as, the cast! I have attached the cast photo and we thank you for all that you do for our theatre!

    The Wiz Cast

    Where ever you may be, support your local theatre. Support the arts! It's a good thing to do.

    Moonlight Warehouse Theatre 2005 Schedule
    posted Jan 14, 2015, 12:39 PM by Vu Nguyen

    BEYOND THERAPY (08/08/14 - 08/17/14)
    Moonlight Warehouse Theatre
    The new 2015 Moonlight Warehouse Theatre shows starts on January 30th.  George Perez typically draws the program book, but given his comic book convention appearances and work on Sirens (which he writes, pencils, and inks), I do not think he will have time to draw these Moonlight Warehouse Theatre shows.  

    2015 Shows
    • Last of the Red Hot Lovers: January 30 – February 22
    • Dangerous Liaisons: March 20 – April 12
    • The Wiz: May 8 – June 7
    • Prelude to a Kiss: July 3 – July 19
    • Whose Life is it Anyway: August 7 – August 30