PITTSBURGH COMICON 2000 (28-30 Apr 2000) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

cover:  George Perez
Date: 28-30 Apr 2000
Publisher: pittsburghcomicon.com

Guests includes: George Pérez

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    PITTSBURGH COMICON 2000 (28-30 April 2000) Monroeville, Pennsylvania

    BEAST (29 Apr 2000)
    art by George Perez at PITTSBURGH COMICON 2000
    from Bob Berkheimer

    MS MARVEL (29 Apr 2000)
    art by George Perez at PITTSBURGH COMICON 2000
    from Matt Caruso

    ROBIN (Apr 2000) art by George Pérez at PITTSBURGH COMICON 2000,  thanks to Andy Mangels

    News: Ken Branch's "Death of Jason Todd"

    Thu, 26 Oct 2006 19:43:17 CST [ submitted by Vu ]
     From www.khbproductions.com
    This 11x17 limited edition print by Ken Branch is a dark look at the Batman and death of Robin!!!! Inspired by a George Perez Sketch.

    ROBIN (Apr 2000) art by George Pérez at PITTSBURGH COMICON 2000,  thanks to Andy Mangels
    DEATH OF JASON TODD (2006), art by Ken Branch
     October 29, 2002 | Defender of Liberty Update
    From Andy Mangels
    I believe that for a variety of reasons, the 2000 award was never actually presented to George. As far as I know from discussions with Charles, the award presented here was the long-late 2000 award.
     October 29, 2002 | Pérez Winner of Defender of Liberty
    From Jeff Mason, via Pulse
  • Image from "George Pérez receives CBLDF Defender of Liberty Award" (May 2000)
    posted 10-29-2002 04:36 PM

    Call me a geek, but I love convention centers, and really enjoyed the Baltimore Convention Center.

    I was really excited on Sunday to see so many people in downtown Baltimore all dressed up in costume and headed for the show, until I realized that those folks were actually dressed up in costume to attend the Baltimore Ravens/Pittsburgh Steelers football game.

    Seeing Charles Brownstein surprise George Perez by presenting him the absolutely gorgeous Defender of Liberty Award at the Friday was quite touching. I'm still thinking of ways that I can possibly help the comics industry and specifically the CBLDF so that some day I may be deserving of such an honor.

    (Vu: That last paragraph above confused me, because I did not know who actually won the award. Upon some research, I was able to find out that Charles Brownstein works for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, who are the presenters of the award. So it is a safe assumption that Pérez won the award! This was the original award that George was suposed to receive in 2000, please read Andy Mangel's explanation: October 29, 2002 | Defender of Liberty.)

    May 21, 2000 | CBLDF Defender of Liberty Award
    From Digital Web

    GEORGE PÉREZ has been honored with the 2000 DEFENDER OF LIBERTY AWARD. Bestowed by the COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, this annual award recognizes outstanding efforts to promote and protect free speech in the comics community. The award was presented to Pérez by 1999 Defender of Liberty BRIAN PULIDO on April 28 following the Harvey Awards at the PITTSBURGH COMICON.

    Pérez is an industry veteran whose work has delighted fans for more than a quarter of a century. His epic work on "The Avengers," "The Teen Titans," and "Crisis On Infinite Earths" is superhero storytelling at its finest. He 's found renewed popularity re-assembling "The Avengers" with writer KURT BUSIEK, and his creator-owned comic "Crimson Plague" will re-launch with Gorilla Comics this summer. In recent years, Pérez has proven himself a consistent and gifted fundraiser for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and other charities.

    "I'd like to let everyone know just how important the CBLDF is to me," said Pérez, "and to the entire comics industry. If we want to be creative, if we want to have a real variety of work out there, work that not only indulges people's fantasies but challenges their intellect, than nothing should be so sacred or profane that it cannot be talked about, or written about, or drawn about. The day we let a small faction of society say not 'we don't like what you're doing,' but 'we won't allow you to do it,' that's the day that every single principle of this country starts to fall apart. And I will do my damnedest to be the last man standing on that day if I have to be. But with the CBLDF I won't have to be the last man standing. I'll have an army with me."

    True to his words, Pérez has raised well over $15,000 for the CBLDF in the last three years alone. In the process, he's alerted countless fans and industry professionals about the very real censorship issues which affect everyone in the comics community. "My modus operandi at all comic conventions is to choose a charity and donate every cent that I make from doing sketches," said Pérez. "It's a lot more meaningful and beneficial than simply making a donation. And by sketching non-stop for a full three day show, I've found I can really raise a lot of money."

    Pérez's stamina at these marathon sketching sessions is legendary. He'll often sketch for more than eight hours at a time, and he's been known to take sketch orders back to his hotel room to finish after the convention floor closes. "As my wife will attest, when I get home I suffer from a severe case of not being twenty. You may see me as Iron Man, but you don't see me at home when all the bolts start to fall out. I'm at full throttle at conventions because I get to watch the fans at their best. When you tell them where the money is going, the good vibes I get just make me want to do more. It's a great feeling to inspire a fan or another professional to help out. There's a lot of good out there, and I get to see it first-hand. I leave shows feeling incredible."

    Fans of Pérez's work aren't the only ones to come out for these events. He' s often joined by his friends and fellow comics professionals, including Busiek, "Avengers" colorist TOM SMITH, and Crimson Plague models DINA SIMMONS and SHANNON LOWER. With their assistance, Pérez raised $3,000 over three days at Wizard World 1999, and over $2,000 in just one day at Megacon 2000. "The next show I do," he promised, "I've got some records to break!"

    Pérez will be doing more charitable work, and not just for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. His next scheduled appearance is at HEROES CON (June 16-18 in Charlotte, NC) where he'll be raising money for the CBLDF and the Burned Children's Fund. After that, look for him at BIG EASY CON 2001 (Memorial Day weekend in New Orleans), where he'll be helping out the CBLDF before boarding MAKING WAVES, the second CBLDF fundraising cruise. Pérez has also raised thousands of dollars for the Make-A Wish-Foundation and to benefit those suffering from muscular dystrophy and diabetes.

    "When I read about some of the cases the CBLDF funds," admitted Pérez, "I might be unfamiliar with some of the books involved. But that doesn't matter. I have the choice to read them or not. The fact that I have that choice is what makes the CBLDF so important. I don't want someone else telling me what I can and can't read. I'm a 45 year old artist, I should have that right.

    "It's both an honor and an inspiration to be recognized with the Defender of Liberty," he continued. "I hope the fact that I'm such a mainstream comics artist makes my dedication to the Fund all the more meaningful. There are those out there who will try to stop a comic book because they say it might encourage a child to put on a cape and try to fly out a window! We've all got to be vigilant. I'll have no one to blame but myself if something were to happen to me and the CBLDF wasn't there because I didn't choose to support it when I didn't need to. None of us can afford to be complacent. If we love this industry, hard times and good times, we have to fight to protect it. No creator or retailer or fan should think themselves so safe that they don't need the CBLDF."

    The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization protecting First Amendment rights in the comics community. Donations and inquiries should be directed to the CBLDF at P.O. Box 693, Northampton, MA 01061. For more CBLDF news and information, pick up a copy of "Busted!," the Fund's free quarterly newsletter, or visit the CBLDF web-site at http://www.cbldf.org.