• JLA/A Panel (Sunday), Photo by ES
    April 25-27, 2003
    Pittsburgh Expomart - Monroeville, PA
    $17 per day, $45 for 3 day pass

    George Pérez is scheduled to appear, Terry Austin, Frank Cho, Joe Linsner, Joe Jusko, Amanda Connor, and many more.
    NOTE: Neil Gaiman and Tom Smith will not be attending this event.
    Program Book cover to be drawn by George Pérez.


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    PITTSBURGH COMICON 2003 (April 25-27, 2003), Pittsburgh, PA

    News: Graphic Novel Scene #1 Review

    October 22, 2004 12:25 am
     From Vu (email)

    GRAPHIC NOVEL SCENE #1 (Oct 2004)
    As mentioned by Bill Love earlier, there's nothing new for fans who's already followed this series. The review was vague, and didn't really go into details what was in the hardcover, which suggested that they didn't have the hardcover book prior to going to press.

    Following the two page article on the book, is a one page article on George Perez. Again, nothing new here. You might be surprise to see a quote from the JLA/Avengers Panel at The Pittsburgh Comicon (April 27, 2003), which sums up the way George feels about drawing comics - to die with a pencil in his hand.

    Unless you're a hardcore Perez or JLA/Avengers fan, you don't need this magazine in your collection. If you are interested in reading the magazine, you can always ask your local library or order a copy.

    Anyway, here is an excerpt from the JLA/Avengers Collected article:

    Twenty years ago comic book fans were promised their dream project. Marvel fan or DC fan, everyone was looking forward to the meeting between the premier super-hero teams of both companies: The Justice League of America and The Avengers. Everyone knew only one artist could handle such a monumental task: George Perez. George had drawn long runs on both titles and was one of the most popular super-hero artists ever. Inter-company crossovers were rare, but fans and professional alike wanted to see this happen. Who was stronger, Thor or Superman? Who was faster, Quicksilver or The Flash? Who would win in a battle between Batman and Captain America? George was twenty pages into drawing the story when he found out that the editorial department at DC and Marvel were more combative than their heroes could ever be.

     May 23, 2003 | CBG's JLA/A Report
    From COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1542 (6 Jun 03)

  • "Worth the Wait?"
    written by George Nelson
    published in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1542 (6 Jun 03)
    transcribed by Vu
    related websites: www.comicsbuyersguide.com

    Pérez promises late 2003 release for JLA/Avengers

    Publishers of the long-awaited JLA/Avengers DC-Marvel crossover should be closer to setting a release date within a few weeks, artist George Pérez said at April's Pittsburgh Comicon. "This is going to be a very, very intensive two months," said Pérez, who is penciling and inking the crossover, written by his fromer Avengers collaborator Kurt Busiek. "It will be very nice in 2004 to be able to draw one page a day, five days a week, because that's all that CrossGen ever wants as output from their artists." Pérez draws Solus for CrossGen.

    The first two issues of JLA/Avengers are pencilled and inked, and Pérez has pencilled all but four pages and inked 16 pages of #3. Covers have been colored, as well as all of #1. the plot for the fourth and final issue also has been approved. "The book is definitely coming out the last quarter of this year," he told CBG. "As I've told many people, I refused to have this as the cover feature for Wizard's 2004 preview. It's been the cover feature now for two years. I've got to get that book out."

    The Avengers have 81 members, honorary members, and hangers-on - and the JLA includes more than 100. "As Kurt Busiek put it, when people say the Avengers have pretty low standards for members, the JLA have none," Pérez joked. "And, as was my desire - and they're honoring it - I wanted every single character who's ever been a member of either group to be in this book." There may be another 200 characters who have cameos. In the last issue alone, close to three dozen super-villains appear who had not previously shown up in the story.

    Though he would not disclose plot details, Pérez said the story - which takes place, he quipped, on "Earth-$" - has time - and dimension-spanning aspects that allow him to draw things that he would not have had the opportunity to draw, if he had to stick to literal timeline, such as Wonder Woman with an eagle on her bodice.

  • AVENGERS: HEROES REBORN, art by Rob Liefeld/Jon Sibal
  • WONDER WOMAN (Eagle Bodice), art by George Pérez/Dick Giordano
  • "When I was in issue #1, when I got to draw the Spectre, I said, 'OK at least Hal Jordan does appear.' Little did I know what Kurt had in mind. I get to draw the classic Green Lantern in the classic costume - even the one without the shoulder epaulets and the V-shapes: the very, very early version of his costume." Even Heroes Reborn versions of the Avengers might appear. Yes, Kurt is going to try to make this as logical as possible, but there's going to be some stuff you're just going to have to, as Marv Wolfman said, spray the fairy dust on and let your imagination run wild," he observed. "We're going to have fun with this book. It's a lot of work, I hope it's going to be worth the wait for you. For me, I'm just looking forward to not having to answer, 'When is JLA/Avengers coming out?'"

  • AVENGERS MANSION, art by George Pérez/Bob McLeod
  • ASGUARD, art by Ron Frenz/Brett Breeding
  • JLA SATELLITE, art by Chuck Patton/Romeo Tanghal
  • Locations for the story include the Flash Museum, Asgard, Avengers Mansion in its different incarnations, and the various headquarters of the JLA. It also include nods to the original version of JLA/Avengers, started in the early 1980s but never published.

    Announced in 2001, the crossover has been the subject of much speculation regarding its eventual release, and Pérez acknowledged that he had hoped the four-issue mini-series would have been finished sooner, as well.

    "When people ask why this book is taking so long, a lot of them don't know that I'm inking myself - so, when they find that out, suddenly all is forgiven," he said. He added that he has had to take on outside work to be able to afford the project, noting that his income dropped 60% during the year he worked on the series exclusively.

    He acknowledged that fans might be tiring of news regarding the project but said he thinks that will be taken care of, once an official release date is announced. "There have been a lot of false dates. Fans have made assumptions based on the Internet version of 'telephone', where news was actually disseminated incorrectly that there was a release date. No, there was a hoped-for date. I had hoped to get this book done a lot sooner, but it became apparent that, if I wanted to earn a living, doing this book alone without something to supplement my income was going to be a financially disastrous for me."

    He said the project is moving faster with DC Executive Editor Mike Carlin stepping in as DC's editor. He described former Editor Dan Raspler as "a bit of a tehnophobe," which slowed down approval of coloring. "Another great thing about having Mike Carlin involved - having nothing to do with Dan's ability or any disagreements - is that Mike Carlin was the late Mark Gruenwald's assistant editor, when Mark was the editor of the original JLA/Avengers, so Mike, is the only other personal involved other than me from the original. Having worked with Mike, I have a great, great respect for him as an editor: the type of editor who believes that, if you hire good people, let them do their jobs," he continued. "If he has suggestions, he'll be the first to tell you, but in the end he says we all have to be happy with the book."

    Pérez said he is satisfied with the work by colorist Tom Smith and remarked that working with Busiek reminds him of working with Wolfman: "The greatest compliment I can give to any writer."

     May 13, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 11
    From ES

    transcribed by ES

    Continuing the extensive coverage of THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL from PITTSBURGH COMICON (April 25-27, 2003). Compiled transcription in: TRANSCRIPT OF THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL WITH SPEAKER GEORGE PEREZ BY ES.


  • JLA Meets the AVENGERS (2002), art by George Perez for ACTOR Auction (sold for $1,900)
  • Eric: Ah homages are there drawn any homages to like you said in Baltimore the comic cover to the original JLA/AVENGERS from 1983/1984 and that wasn't the original cover and you were going to try and sneak that in.

    George Perez: "Well the original cover has already been snuck in.

    "In fact I did an original piece for ACTOR showing the famous first meeting of the JLA/JSA with the crystal ball but this time it's the AVENGERS lined up around the table and the JUSTICE LEAGUE inside the crystal ball outnumbering the original JSA members from the original cover. I did that as an ACTOR piece for auction and made good money but I knew full well that was going to appear in the book.

    "There is a scene where CAPTAIN AMERICA is looking at some pictures at the mansion and knowing something is not right particularly since on of the pictures he is looking at is that particular scene and I don't remember any of this and what's going on you. I will not tell you (everyone laughs) but again the idea that Kurt really and, ah, everyone involved, the editors, Kurt are going out of there way to make this more than ah just a quick lunch. We want you to chew on it for a while. My whole goal as an artist, I'm assuming most of you are familiar with my work, I like you to find something new the second time you read a comic, the third time, the fourth time. Never draw one line when four will do. I like the density that people are still coming to me, like the HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT book saying they just found something in the museum sequence because I spent so much time sneaking things in, little nooks and crannies there. I find sometimes there's the editors that criticize, of course that takes time.

    "In the long run if I simplify my artwork, yea I can get the work down faster but I think the fans lose out on what makes my style unique. For better or ill this is the Frankenstein that I created, ah, if I started simplify my artwork I going to start hearing "George isn't putting the attention in he use to" (everyone laughs).

    The thing is I love what I do. This is my 29th year of doing comics professionally. I like to think that I have the same enthusiasm I did when I saw my name in print for the very, very first time when I was 19 years old. I hope to have an unfinished page on my drawing board when I finally pass on. I just don't want it to be the page I'm working on right now (everyone laughs). I absolutely adore what I do. I have been incredibly, incredibly lucky. I am still kicking and have a loyal fan following after 29 years, I'm celebrating my 22nd Wedding Anniversary this year. I have a lovely house, I get to work at home doing the thing that I love. People have commented I always have seem to have a smile on my face even around the fans (everyone laughs) but I would be the biggest ingrate if not to be grateful for what I have. I have been blessed probably more than one man should be and I am going to take advantage of it and appreciate it."

  • RICK JONES, art by Perez/Vey. HONORARY, joined in AVENGERS #1 (Sep 63)
  • EDWIN JARVIS , art by Pérez/Al Vey. STAFF, Avengers' Butler. Joined in AVENGERS #1 (Sep 63)
  • LUCAS "SNAPPER" CARR, art by Perez. HONORARY, Joined in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28 (Feb-Mar 60)
  • Fan: Well, This is kind of a fan boy question. I was wondering if SNAPPER CARR was going to appear.

    George Perez: "YES. Every single member. In a scene SNAPPER CARR barbecuing burgers with RICK JONES and giving a burger to JARVIS (everyone laughs) and why are they barbecuing you are asking? You will see. Now people are going to say I'm looking for the famous barbecue scene that George Perez told us about." (everyone laughs)

    (That's it for now. The final JLA/A question was answered in April 30, 2003 | JLA/A Page Count, and the rest is the CBLDF's More Fund Comics, and George answering about Comic Con appearances...)

    Very special thanks to ES for his wonderful contribution and hard work!

     May 12, 2003 | AFA Protests Pittsburgh Comicon
    From Vu

    As reported by Jen Contino at Pulse, the American Family Association is protesting against Make-A-Wish Foundation and Pittsburgh Comicon. You can also read about it here: Local Make-A-Wish Foundation bombarded with e-mails over fund-raiser (Friday, May 09, 2003).

    Since George Pérez was an active participant in the Make-A-Wish charity at the PITTSBURGH COMICON 2003, I thought I should mention this story.

    After looking at the AFA's website, and reading about their latest protest (the YWCA hires a lesbian), I personally think these people need to get a life.

     May 12, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 10
    From ES

    transcribed by ES

    Continuing the extensive coverage of THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL from PITTSBURGH COMICON (April 25-27, 2003). Compiled transcription in: TRANSCRIPT OF THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL WITH SPEAKER GEORGE PEREZ BY ES.


  • WONDER WOMAN (2003), commissioned by Chris at Creation 2003 (added: 03 Mar 03)
  • WONDER WOMAN (29 Mar 2003), from PLANET COMICON 2003 via Ebay, user toreadors.
  • Fan: In all the time that you have been drawing who is your most favorite character and who's your least favorite character?

    George Perez: (George repeats the question to make sure everyone heard it) "I don't have a most favorite character which is why I do team books the great advantage to team books is if I get tired of any one character I can jump on to another and I keep going to a character fresh.

    "I know as I have gotten older drawing the babes I definitely get a greater charge out doing of that (everyone laughs). I can tell you as far as the most requested character when I go to conventions it's always WONDER WOMAN. I am very proud of the mark that I made on that character and still sometimes on a ratio of 3 to 1 she is the most requested character for private commissions and I still love drawing her because like a lot of the characters I try to do I'm not drawing the outline of the character. I know who the character, ah, is she speaks to me and ah I try to capture the personality of the character even in one static drawing.

    "And one of the fun things about doing team books is that I love the characters interactions more than the fight scenes. I love the idea of characters interacting. I had some psychological mumble jumble one time that I thought that since I work all alone in a studio with the exception of time spent with my wife ah there is no social interaction in what I do so I let the characters do it for me, ah, so they provide me with my social skills (laughs)-- no I mean exercise my social skills!" (Everyone laughs)

    to be continued...

    Coming up: George talks homages and ACTOR pieces...

     May 11, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 9
    From ES

    transcribed by ES

    Continuing the extensive coverage of THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL from PITTSBURGH COMICON (April 25-27, 2003). Compiled transcription in: TRANSCRIPT OF THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL WITH SPEAKER GEORGE PEREZ BY ES.

    Fan: Yes. Hi. I just wanted to get your feelings on, ah, you've worked with Kurt for awhile now. I just wanted to get your feeling on your working relationship and how things are working on this project oppose to working on the AVENGERS book monthly.

    George Perez: Well working on the AVENGERS book is obviously different from working on the JLA/AVENGERS for no other reason than, ah, Kurt would do a plot on JLA/AVENGERS and not see artwork for weeks and weeks on end as opposed to the regular AVENGERS book where everything was much more immediate you know I would get a plot a week he's getting artwork and we have to get it done by a certain time.

    The fact that the last plot I received from Kurt Busiek was months ago and I still getting ready to start it. I have to wait for references. That is a very unique situation.

    Working with Kurt is a dream. I compare it to the greatest compliment that I can give to any writer it reminds me of working with Marv Wolfman on the TITANS. Marv spoiled me for many writers as far as a great give and take working relationship the generosity of Marv Wolfman can't be over emphasize he is responsible for my writing for the first time, ah, when I was co-plotting TITANS.

    I felt it was just part of the job Marv felt my contribution were worthy of not only credit, but pay. There was no financial structure for a co-plotter at that time. Marv paid me out of his pocket from his pay for co-plotting and on a creative level Marv and I got to such a symbiotic relationship there was no written plot anymore. We would discuss it I would draw it and the only written plot was the plot I gave Marv telling him what I had just drawn. I had to explain it to Marv who had a lousy memory he couldn't remember what we talked about (laughs).

    But working with Kurt is a dream it has been one of the great relationships and when the choice came to write the JLA/AVENGERS there was no question. At one point we were considering having Kurt and Mark Waid working together, but at the time Mark was still writing the JUSTICE LEAGUE, ah, but when the book was being brought together Mark was no longer on the JUSTICE LEAGUE and the writer of the JUSTICE LEAGUE (Joe Kelly) really didn't want to work on the crossover and, so Kurt ended up having the challenge of studying the history of both teams. And I must say he took his job very, very seriously because he knows he is working with of the most anal retentive artist (laughs)

  • AVENGERS vol 3, #21
  • AVENGERS vol 3, #21, art by George Pérez/Al Vey (page 3)
  • Serious when it comes to detail and wanting to get it right they are still badly burned and scarred from the cover I did to the AVENGERS (AVENGERS Vol#3 #21) that showed the characters in the middle of the ULTRON story line where they are raising their fist in battle, ah, the BLACK PANTHER and, for no apparent reason, FIRESTAR is not there even though she is in that scene inside the book.

    (George fakes a rant) 'I said why didn't you tell me FIRESTAR was going to be in the scene. I left FIRESTAR out I wanted everyone in that scene on that page so they learned their lesson' (laughs) (Note: that story can also be found in the 1999 AVENGERS CASEBOOK behind the scenes case notes)

    We wanted everyone in there. Don't say oh well we'll take it easy on him. Never tell a masochist to take it easy (laughs)

    to be continued...

    Coming up: George talks convention sketches, Wonder Woman, and his love of team books.

     May 11, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 8
    From ES

    10 May 2003 15:06:02 -0400
    transcribed by ES

    Continuing the extensive coverage of THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL from PITTSBURGH COMICON (April 25-27, 2003). Compiled transcription in: TRANSCRIPT OF THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL WITH SPEAKER GEORGE PEREZ BY ES.


  • GREEN LANTERN II (Hal Jordan), art by Dave Johnson. (scripted to appear in first issue)
  • SPECTRE (Hal Jordan), art by Matt Smith/Christopher Jones/Steve Mitchell. (scripted to appear in first issue)
  • SPECTRE (Jim Corrigan), art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. (scripted to appear in first issue)
  • Fan: Anything on if the SPECTRE is going to be involved?

    George Perez: "Ah if you like Hal Jordan as the SPECTRE you will like JLA/AVENGERS. If you like Jim Corrigan... is that who was the original SPECTRE? (a few fans echo back yes) You will like JLA/AVENGERS.

    "I get to sneak everyone in. How many Black Canaries are there? How many costumes? Ah because you know in issue one (1) when I did get to draw the SPECTRE, I said, 'Ok at least Hal Jordan does appear,' little did I know what Kurt had in mind and when I realized I get to draw the classic GREEN LANTERN in the classic costume even the one, ah, just you know without the shoulder epaulets and the V shape the very, very early version of his costume, ah, this is what I hoped it would be (background noise)

    "Inking it doesn't make people shutter: 'Oh My God he's inking himself', ah, cause when I draw thirty-six (36) characters in a panel that means I draw thirty-six (36) individual faces in a panel because this means a lot to me. You can tell the difference between SUPERMAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA and THOR even if I shaved their heads bald."

    (a fans cell phone goes off)

    George jokes "Shoot that man".

    to be continued...

    Coming up: George talks about his working relationship with Kurt(It is a dream)and Marv Wolfman plus Kurt's researching the project

     May 10, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 7
    From ES

    10 May 2003 12:46:49 -0400
    transcribed by ES

    Continuing the extensive coverage of THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL from PITTSBURGH COMICON (April 25-27, 2003).


  • Fan: What's the difference this time between working on it, this time around and as it was 20 years ago working with ah you know Roy (Thomas) and all of them?

    George Perez: There are many difference between this version and the last version. You see one of the things we can't recapture with this version is the uniqueness of it. There have been so many Marvel/DC crossovers in the course of the 20 years since the original JLA/AVENGERS was planned, ah, that's one negative we can never be able to get back.

    That by the very nature we are doing Post-Crisis versions of a lot of characters. Hey, the word "Post" and "Pre" Crisis didn't exist when the original JLA/AVENGERS was done. It proceeded the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTH series which some of the concepts for the original JLA/AVENGERS were used in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTH and we are utilizing some of those same concepts for the current version.

    You see there are just so many comic stories you can do. You are probably going to notice when you see the first five pages a definite little tip of the hat to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTH you'll be able to tell when you see it, ah, if you can't see it well then you will have to ask what were you talking about?

    Ah, I like to think I have improved as a artist in 20 years. I would not have had the skill to ink myself, ah, 20 years ago on a project that big, which is why Dick Giordano was the inker at the time, ah, and story wise Kurt probably because of the history, ah, of the original project is treating this like the major event that he feels and we all feel that it is.

    I, with all do respect to Gerry Conway, I believe he thought of it a just another job and Kurt is there to say, 'Ok people have two decades, we didn't have 20 years of anticipation then either and we have a lot to ah hopefully live up to.'

    Are we going to make a lot of people happy we hope so are we going to make some people upset or feeling less that fulfilled probably 20 years of anticipations a lot to live up to. All I can say is that we are trying are best there and that no one is taking any short cuts, ah, there was one issue of JLA/AVENGERS I think went through eight rewrites and I might be underestimating, ah, the only redrawing I had to do was that damn GREEN LANTERN costume (laughs).

    After a while (background noise) sorry no one changes their underwear much less their custom during the rest of the story but one thing great advantage of still working on it is there is a possibility that I can sneak in the new version of Aquaman now somewhere in the four issue to keep it current.

    You know so much has changed in the course of the two years that I have been drawing this project so I will do something but the main parts of the story AQUAMAN is, ah, Captain Hook, ah, and that's the interpretation we are using for the bulk of the story because that's how he was when we started.

    I think most people are smart enough to know that this isn't set in any real time. It is set in Earth-$ (Dollar Sign) that I call it (everyone laughs). You are going to see members of the JLA that if you look at them visually and they don't correspond to maybe the AVENGERS in that same Time frame but of course you are going to have to be a little flexible.

    One of the great things also because so much history has changed in the course of MARVEL and DC Universes is this story has a lot more time spanning and time travel aspects to it and inter-dimension type stuff so we get to draw things that if you had to be literal to the time line you wouldn't get a chance to do.

    You couldn't draw Hal Jordan as GREEN LANTERN, you would have to be literal to your time line, ah, certain characters who are dead, ah, or otherwise no longer able to function, you want to be able to use them, the fans want to see them. There are the Hal Jordan fans who are going to be very happy as I said.

    I get to draw the gold eagle on WONDER WOMAN barde again. Despite the fact technically under the continuity it shouldn't exist ever because I rebooted the character, ah, but Kurt said you know if we put it here and we can explain it away because who wouldn't want to see that eagle one last time.

    You know, so, yes, Kurt, Tom and everyone involved with the book are big fan boys as am I so one of the problems we had with the original one was: A) It was shorter so you had little you could expand and, ah, some of the criticisms of the plot were that you couldn't show this character because it didn't follow the literal time line and my whole feeling than and now is this is a fan boy's dream. This is what you have been waiting to see.

    Yes, Kurt is going to try to make it as logical as possible but there is going to be some stuff that, as Marv Wolfman says, you are going to have to spray the fairy dust on and let your imagination run wild. We are going to have fun with this book. It's a lot of work and I hope it's going to be worth the wait for you, ah, for me (laughs)

    I just looking forward to not having to answer when is JLA/AVENGERS coming out, which is the reason you guys are here (laughs)

    to be continued...

    Coming up: George talks about the Spectre, Hal Jordan, and James Corrigan.

     May 10, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 6
    From ES, via Forum

    posted 5/10/03 3:03 AM


  • Bob's Big Boy, from Bobs.net
  • Big Belly Burger Boy
  • Kurt Busiek, scan from Sean Chen's Art.com
  • Fanboy AKA Eric: George, can you confirm that yourself or Kurt or Tom are going to appear in the pages?

    George Perez: Oh at this point, ah, I have no real intention of putting Kurt, Tom or Me in the story. I am putting a couple of friends in who have asked. One person wanted to be specifically in a page with BATMAN, ah, appears so I put him in there.

    One person who helps my art agent would like his children to appear there so I'll probably sneak the kids in. I'm not doing as much tuckering, as I found out that's what it's called when you put real people into a fictional setting, ah, because I don't want to slow this book down any further than it has been slowed down and drawing real people takes time.

    There is one person who does appear in issue one (1) getting a autograph from HAWKEYE because, oh, did he badger me to death (laughs). Ok you're in there now luckily I didn't kill you (laughs).

    So there are only a couple of people there but I have no real desire to put myself in there, ah, I probably sneak by name in there but then again I'm already in the credits I guess my name is already snuck in there.

    Kurt, when I did the (pause) for those who have seen the pages in Wizard the scene from Belly Burger I believe the name of the place is from the DC Universe their version of Bob's Big Boy that kind of thing. No, that's not Kurt Busiek I drew there. That is the character as was shown to me in references they sent me. Oh yeah, cubby guy with beard, it is not Kurt. Kurt hair doesn't go that way (George makes a wave thru his hair)

    So I had actually saw this someone had printed a list of people appearing in the JLA/AVENGERS and had listed Kurt Busiek as Big Belly Burger guy. No, Hey Kurt is a friend I wouldn't insult him that way but at this point none of us actually physically appear in the story.

    to be continued...

    Coming up: George talks about inking himself, a tip of the hat to CRISIS, and keeping the series current.

     May 9, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 5
    From ES, via Forum

    posted 5/9/03 4:32 PM

    I broken the posts down to one question and one answer.

  • Fan: How long is it going to be?

    George Perez: It is going to be four (4) prestige books all 48 pages long with wrap around covers which means a grand total of 200 pages of artwork.

    George talked about how happy he is to be working with the creative crew and how they're doing a great job (Kurt Busiek, Tom Smith, Tom Brevoort and Mike Carlin).

    George then talked a little about the coloring of the project and it's approval from the higher ups. George also threw a little trivia at us when he said another great thing about having Mike Carlin involved in the process is that Mike used to be the Late Mark Gruenwald's Assistant editor when Mark was the editor of the original JLA/AVENGERS. It brings a nice sense of closure to the project for him since they are the only two from the original working on this project. Len Wein doesn't work in mainstream comics anymore (Note: George was unaware of Len's Current Batman Mini-series BATMAN: NEVERMORE at DC) and Jim Shooter no longer works for Marvel.

    Fan: Is there going to be a written history of your working on the original or the current version of the project?

    George Pérez: If anything like that is done it would be hopefully for a collected version of the book because this is all in the talk stages so until the book comes out anything regarding a collection is merely speculation by my part but the hope of using the original 21 pages as added material because I'm always a firm believer if you're doing a collected addition of anything particularly the JLA/AVENGERS which is already getting top notch reproduction. You really have to give the fans something extra. I am bound my contract at CrossGen so obvious I can't draw a new cover or anything else for a collection because I only had the wavier for the project.

    One thing that I did as sneaky as I am (everyone laughs) is that for all the ACTOR auctions and other places were I had art work auctioned off that I have done JLA/AVENGERS including the cover of this program well ever single one of those pieces I keep a file so we can use as additional material for any collect works as well so I will have new material, ah, because obviously the only people at Pittsburgh Convention will have seen that cover, ah, granted it will not say "Welcome to the 10th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Comic Con" (everyone laughs) but I will have new material there.

    to be continued....

    Coming soon: George answer about creator cameos, tuckering (drawing real people in a fictional setting) and the rumor of Kurt Busiek as Big Belly Burger.

     May 9, 2003 | SBC's Pittsburgh Con Report
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Apr. 23-29: Comics in Iron City (sort of)
    Wednesday, May 7, 2003
    By Michael Deeley

  • This week, I attended the Pittsburgh Comicon, one of the more popular comic conventions in the country. Since the convention center in Pittsburgh was under construction, it was held at the ExpoMart in nearby Monroeville. Major guests included Terry Moore, George Perez, Frank Cho, Michael Turner, and the cast of “Dawn of the Dead”. Like all major cons, there were dealers selling rare and cheap items, minor celebrities, and nude models.


    JLA/Avengers news: George Perez says he’s completed issues 1 and 2 of the mini-series. 16 pages of issue 3 are penciled, with “half of that” inked. Perez wouldn’t reveal any plot points other than these two: In Avengers Mansion, Captain America is puzzled by a picture of the Avengers looking into a crystal ball and seeing the JLA, a la ‘Justice League of America’ #29. Also, Rick Jones, Jarvis, and Snapper Carr are having a barbecue. (Sadly, Sanpper is not the one being roasted over an open flame.) Does this mean the two teams find themselves in a “shared” universe that they must somehow separate? Who cares? The book’s coming out at the end of the year.

    Perez praised writer Kurt Busiek, whom he said was the best writer he’s worked with since Marv Wolfman. He went on to express his gratitude and admiration for Wolfman. Not only did they work well together on the ‘New Teen Titans’, but Wolfman paid Perez out of his own pocket for his work as a co-plotter. What a nice guy. Perez said he’d be at the Pittsburgh and Baltimore Conventions every year. So if you want to meet him, that’s where you’ll find him.

     May 5, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 4
    From ES, via Forum

    posted 5/6/03 0:37 AM

    Mr. Perez finished up the next two minutes of his opening comments with how a lot of people didn't know he was inking himself on the project. How his income went down 60% during the year he was exclusively working on JLA/Avengers since he has been working on page rate for the project (if that doesn't show his love for this project I don't know what will).

    He also said next to "When is CRIMSON PLAGUE #3 coming out?" is the question he is asked the most is what is the status Of JLA/AVENGERS.

    Mr. Perez then opened up the floor to questions.

    To be continued...

     May 5, 2003 | Photos on Pittsburghcomicon.com
    From Pittsburgh Comicon

    Photos from 2003 Comicon

     May 5, 2003 | Pittsburgh Raises $27k
    From Scoop, thanks to Comic Book Conventions

    Pittsburgh Comicon Raises $27,000 for Make-A-Wish
    Industry News, Scoop, Friday, May 02, 2003

    JLA-Avengers artist George Perez, long-time X-Men inker Terry Austin, Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore, a slew of Star Wars guests, and many cast members celebrating the 25th anniversary of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead were just a few among the many guests of the 10th annual Pittsburgh Comicon, which was held last weekend, April 25-27 at the Expo Mart in Monroeville.

    The venue, located just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was not-too-coincidentally located just across a parking lot from Monroeville Mall, where Dawn of the Dead was filmed in 1978.

    “We're super happy the way everything turned out. We're ecstatic,” said show promoter Michael George. “This was his first time at the show, but Adam Hughes already e-mailed us and let us know he wants to come back next year. George Perez will be back, and so will Terry Moore. We're already hard at work on next year's show.”

    George said that the charity auctions at the show had raised more than $27,000 for Make-a-Wish and $4,000 for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, not including their booth sales.

    [ Read more on Scoop ]

     May 3, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 3
    From ES, via Forum

    posted 5/3/03 0:55 AM

    (Note: This is still Mr. Perez's opening comments on the panel)

    George Perez: The WASP will wear one costume for the most of the issue except for issue three, which will be more like a strobe effect, and she will probably be wearing a costume in every single panel differently. Just because I can. (George laughs)

    Lets see here. There's a possibility. I don't remember, I will have to check the list again that even the Heroes Reborn version of the AVENGERS will make an appearance, ah, for no other reason than they were on the AVENGERS Banner and they feel duty bound to have/to do every character I desire. I don't want a fan to come in and say you left someone out and then they will say 'Oh My God we forgot because they know they're dead.' (George and crowd laugh).

    It took a week to come up with a finalized list of the JLA and AVENGERS primarily for the covers of issue three and issue four, which is going to be one crowded, ah, mess actually, right now the greatest number of characters that I have drawn in any single panel is thirty-six (36) and there are eight (8) other panels on that page. So for anyone who thinks I am taking any short cuts on this story (George and crowd laugh)

    to be continued...

     May 2, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 2
    From ES, via Forum

    posted 5/2/03 0:30 AM

  • LOOPHOLE, art by Tom Grummett/Doug Hazlewood, from ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #505 (Oct 93)
  • George Perez: Moria Brandon, one of the tough calls on the AVENGERS. One of the few honorary AVENGERS that I did not know was a honorary ANENGER, she did not appear in my AVENGERS poster, appears on a picture on the wall. I can't imagine a 80-something year old woman coming into the thick of a battle swinging an axe unless she was hop-sing. (everyone laughs)

    Let's see now. The characters you will see. Just in the last issue alone we are probably doing close to three dozen super-villains that are popping into the last issue that have not appeared in the issues before.

    We do get to just cameo some heavy hitters, DR. DOOM, MAGNETO, LEX LUTHOR to minor characters like LOOPHOLE (not sure if that's the proper spelling) who I hadn't even heard of until I had to draw it and we will get to see Fing-Fang-Foom, for those who are familiar with the 1950's Marvel Monsters.

    We have scenes in such various places as, of course Avengers Mansion in it's various stages. The various headquarters of the JLA. I mentioned the Flash Museum, Asguard.

    You'll see characters. I mentioned the WATCHER, you can be sure GALACTUS always has to appear in these type of stories. I really don't want to do THANOS but he may pop up. (sigh) I am not going to tell you who the main villains are or if the villains that I just mentioned have any key part, just that I get to draw them.

     May 1, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 1
    From ES, via Forum

    posted 5/1/03 5:55 AM

    I finally have my audio tape working so I'm going to try and transcribe a little of the panel each night. It's going to take awhile since the panel was almost 60 minutes long. Plus I am triple checking everything I post. As I said before no plot points were given away just some really cool scenes were mentioned. I arrived a few minutes late for the panel. I was at a CBLDF Quick Sketch so I will start in a natural break in Mr. Perez conversion which just happens to be when I walked in. (laughs) So here we go..

    George Perez: Just to give you a little visual and a story bit which of course if you put them together will make absolutely no sense but things like I had to draw to show you Kurt (Busiek) was really, really thinking the idea of showing the WATCHER standing by the JLA Watchtower, having scenes in the Flash Museum where we get to see all the Flashes, JESSE QUICK, and JOHNNY QUICK and the various Flashes and KID FLASH. The TITANS make a cameo appearance.

    In fact in the first seven pages of the JLA/AVENGERS there are over a dozen established characters who appear in those seven pages and not a single one of them is a member of the JLA or the AVENGERS so if we are talking close to a 200 membership just of the group themselves there are probably going to be another 200 characters who are not affiliated with them who will be making cameos or involved in some of the action scenes, who appear in (noise) pictures.

     April 30, 2003 | JLA/A Page Count
    From ES

  • JLA/Avengers Page Count confirmed on auto tape via JLA/Avengers Panel at the PITTSBURGH COMICON 2003 (April 27, 2003).

    (George said he had no problem with me taping the panel when I ask.)

    Using George's exact words:


  • Issues #1 and #2 completely penciled
  • 4 pages shy of finishing pencils of issue #3
  • He is ready to begin issue #4
  • Inked

  • Issues #1 and #2 completely inked
  • 16 pages of issue # 3 have been inked
  • Colored

  • Covers #1 and #2 have been colored
  •  April 29, 2003 | Convention Highlights
    From ES, via Forum

  • Topic: Con Highlights
    ES posted 4/29/03 1:19 AM

    There were many highlights for me at the con. Meeting George again and atually able to mutter out more than a few words. Getting two orginial skethes for Mr. Perez to winning a comic book trivia contest. (I guess I am a True Fanboy).

    George wowed over all his fans from the biggest fanboy (me) to the woman who like to take pictures of George's shirts at cons (he made his wife proud) to the gentleman who was explaining to his girlfriend why George is not only one of the top artist in the industry but a great human being for all his charity work and the way he treats his fans. The woman who ask for a Wonder Woman sketch and George produced on right on the spot.

    Also at the JLA/Avengers Panel. George delighted everyone with answers ranging from the projects current page count to creator cameos, homages, certain characters and their costumes appearing, praising the creative crew he is working with Mr. Kurt Busiek, Mr. Tom Smith, Mr. Mike Carlin and Mr. Tom Brevoort (take a bow) and certain panels that he has already drawn.

     April 29, 2003 | Pittsburgh will Charge for Program?
    From ES, via Forum

  • Topic: Con Program GIVE-AWAY
    ES posted 4/29/03 1:01 AM

    I believe Pittsburgh will charge you for a program too. They were selling past program at the con.

    If you email them they will probably give you a price. I have FOUR extra programs left. If anyone wants one email me your name and address and I will send it out to you free of charge.

    The first FOUR address received will get a copy (all unsigned). After two conventions I have only four things signed by the Legend. Not do to George's unwillness to sign. He will sign everything you bring to him with a smile, but I would rather take photos, it's more personal.

     April 28, 2003 | Site Update
    From Vu

  • Julie Rapp as Wonder Woman
  • ATTENTION: Please do not pay $$ for the PITTSBURGH COMICON PROGRAM BOOK 2003. These things were give out FREE if you attended the Pittsburgh Comicon 2003 and they will be available for FREE on their website www.pittsburghcomicon.com.

    If you desperately need one, please post in the Forum that you are looking for one - someone (I know there are a few out there that's nice enough) will send you a free copy, if you just send them a few dollars to cover for postage.

    It's pretty awful that someone is charging $5.99 for a signed copy on Ebay. It's just wrong.

    Anyway, there is an article on the new Teen Titans Comic on Diamond Comics. Nothing really new, except that I didn't know that Superman, Batman, and the two Flashes (Jay & Wally) are guest-starring in the first issue.

    One last thing, I hate to admit it, but with the two issue of SOLUS doesn't really impressed me (storywise). As always I'm impressed and blown away by the artwork but the writing really doesn't explain much (see above excerpt from Rich Watson). Maybe it was because the same week that I got SOLUS #2, I also received TOM STRONG #20, which was absolutely an amazing story, only to read SOLUS and be disappointed. However, I should point out that Alan Moore is a genius so there's really no comparison.

    I was talking to Marcus earlier and he didn't know that Adam Hughes uses a model for his Wonder Woman cover. So, I'm assuming a lot of other fans don't know this small detail as well - so here is a scan of his model, Julie Rapp, as published in COMIC BOOK ARTIST #21.

     April 28, 2003 | Pittsburgh 2003 Report
    From ES

  • George doing sketches (Friday), Photo by ES 
  • JLA/A Panel (Sunday), Photo by ES
  • Pittsburgh Comic Convention 2003
    April 25-27, 2003
    Pittsburgh Expomart - Monroeville, PA
    written by ES

    I attached a copy of the program and George doing sketches for fans on Friday and George on the JLA/AVENGERS Panel (himself) Sunday.

    At the end of the panel he talked about his work for the CBLDF and the More Fund Comics issue that will be available in September at Baltimore.

    George Sketched for Make-a-Wish Foundation and raised over 2,500 dollars for them.

    My tape recorder is playing back the panel discussion in super slow speed so until I can't figure it out and I can't transcribe it. Lots of cool info to tell you though about what Mr. Perez told us to at the panel. No plot points but about some cool scenes. One rumor I can shot down right now is Big Belly Burger is not Mr. Kurt Busiek.

     April 26, 2003 | Pittsburgh Con Book To Be Available
    From ES, via Forum

  • Topic: pittsburgh comicon
    posted 4/26/03 5:52 PM

    Just to let everyone know the con program will be available through the Pittsburgh Con web site after the convention. Having a great time in Pittsburgh. George rep as the nicest man in comics continues.

     April 25, 2003 | Pittsburgh 2003 Cover
    From Avengers Comicboard

  • Perez / Smith Avengers /JLA Pittsburgh Comic Con program cover
    Posted by Tom Smith on Friday, April 25 2003 at 19:42:19 GMT

    Hi Guys..

    For those of you who cannot attend the Con this weekend " I'm one of them " here is the Program book cover without logo's and lettering that I did with George for the con.


    Tom Smith
    "A/JLA CAL!"

     April 25, 2003 | Pittsburgh Turns Ten
    From Pulse

    posted 04-24-2003 07:59 PM


    The Pittsburgh Comicon is turning ten this year and there's a lot planned for the three day celebration: April 25, 26, and 27th. Comic superstars, movie stars, models, wrestlers, and lots more fun people are gathering in Pittsburgh this weekend to help the Pittsburgh Comicon observe their decade in comics. Con founders Renee and Michael George are happy the convention continues to succeed and reach fans of all mediums.

    They attempt each year to bring some of the best creators to Pittsburgh and this year is no exception. George Perez, Michael Turner, Joseph Michael Linsner, Frank Cho, Scott McDaniel, William Tucci, Adam Hughes, Bill Morrison, Josh Blaylock, Ron Frenz, Steve Conley, Holly Golightly, Jimmy Gownley, Myatt Murphy, Scott Dalrymple, David Mack, Andy Lee, Tim Bradstreet, Michael Avon Oeming, George Tuska, and David Wohl are just a few of the score of comics greats coming to the 'Burg this year. Terry Moore and his Strangers in Paradise are celebrating the same milestone as the Pittsburgh Comicon and he also will be on hand to interact with fans and introduce even more people to the world of paradise.

     April 24, 2003 | Pittsburgh Con Book Cover
    From Paul Leighty, via Forum

    Topic: pittsburgh comicon
    posted 4/24/03 4:34 AM

    I got a sneak peek at the cover to the convention program. It is a beautiful new JLA/Avengers piece. Unfortunately, they only had the art, the book itself is already in Pittsburgh. However, the good people running the show (and my local comics shop) always bring the extra copies into the store to sell after the con. I won't be able to attend the convention this year, but I still will be picking up one of these from them at their store. If I manage to get my hands on one from someone attending, I will be sure to scan the picture to the site.

     April 20, 2003 | Smith Cancels Pittsburgh 2003
    From Future Comics Messageboard, thanks to ES

    Re: A Convention Appearance Question for Mr. Smith?
    Posted by tom smith on Sunday, April 20 2003 at 12:19:22 GMT

    > Are you still going to Pittsburgh next week for the con? I am trying to get leave approved to attend.
    > Thanks
    > Eric

    Sadly no, I had to bow out of Pittsburgh con due to a family commitment.
    Maybe next year.
    Tom Smith "FCAL!"

     February 22, 2003 | Pittsburgh 2003 Cover By Pérez
    From Paul Leighty, via Forum

    Topic: pittsburgh comicon
    posted 2/22/03 5:40 AM

    I just received my flyer for the convention, and thought I would share part of it. Besides the usual bio stuff, the title of Mr. Perez's section is "Covered By George Perez" and the first sentence is this: "Not only are we happy to welcome George Perez back to Pittsburgh, but we're thrilled to announce that George will be doing the cover of our 10th Anniversary Program Book."

    From Pittsburgh Comicon

    (We'll post the artwork as soon as it is available. We will also be posting the cover to our 2003 Program Book by GEORGE PEREZ as soon as it is available)

     February 22, 2003 | Pittsburgh 2003 Event
    From Pittsburgh Comicon

    Pittsburgh Comicon Schedule of Events - 2003

    SATURDAY - APRIL 26, 2003
    1:00 - 2:00 JLA/AVENGERS UPDATE

    Get the up to date scoop on the upcoming JLA - Avengers Crossover with George Perez and Tom Smith. (Showroom)

     January 24, 2003 | Gaiman Cancels Pittsburgh Comicon 2003
    From Comic Book Resources
    We are disappointed to announce that Neil Gaiman has had to cancel his appearance at the 2003 Pittsburgh Comicon due to a conflict with his European book tour. Because so much of our pre-convention advertising has focused on Mr. Gaiman's appearance, we felt it was important to let all of our and his fans know of this change. An unfortunate consequence of Mr. Gaiman's cancellation is the cancellation of the Harvey Awards banquet for which Mr. Gaiman was to be the keynote speaker. The Harvey Award nominations and award presentations plan to go on as scheduled but without the added feature of a banquet. This was a cooperative decision between the Harvey Awards Committee and the Board of the Pittsburgh Comicon. This is in NO WAY a condemnation of Mr. Gaiman or the Harvey Awards Committee. We appreciate and are flattered that Mr. Gaiman wanted to come to Pittsburgh and we are hopeful that we can have him at a future Comicon. Likewise we are proud of our three-year association with the Harvey Awards and we look forward to working with them in the future. Are we disappointed? Of Course! But we our still VERY upbeat about our tenth anniversary. We still plan to give the fans a comic book spectacular, including first time guests such as Adam Hughes, Bill Morrison, Terry Austin and Erin Gray as well as returning favorites such as George Perez, Michael Linsner, Jim Balent, Michael Turner and many, many more. (An updated list of our guest list can be found at http://www.pittsburghcomicon.com. Plus, our tenth anniversary coincides with the tenth anniversary of Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise and the twenty-fifth anniversary of Dawn of the Dead, both of which will be celebrated at the show. Other huge surprises are in the works for April. Continue to watch our website and advertising for announcements. We are sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by the cancellations and we look forward to seeing you at the show.

    Michael & Renee George
    Convention Chairpersons

     December 2, 2002 | Pittsburgh Comicon 2003 Advertisments
    From Vu
    Here are some advertisments for the PITTSBURGH COMIC CONVENTION 2003:

  • Advertisment appearing in the CBG'S 2003 CALENDAR (for the month of April)
  • Advertisment appearing in PREVIEWS vol 12, #12 (Dec 2002) (thanks to ES)
  •  October 31, 2002 | Ad for Pittsburgh 2003
    From PREVIEWS vol 12 #11 (Nov 02)
  • Advertisement for PITTSBURGH COMICON 2003
  •  July 21, 2002 | Pérez at Pittsburgh 2003
    From Vu
    According to this advertisment for the 10th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Comic Convention 2003 (April 25-27, 2003), George Pérez is scheduled to appear along Neil Gaiman, Terry Austin, Frank Cho, Joe Linsner, Joe Jusko, Amanda Connor, and many more.

    This advertisment appears in COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1498 (02 Aug 2002).

  • Advertisment for Pittsburgh Comicon 2003

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