cover:   George Perez 
Date: April 2005
Publisher: pittsburghcomicon.com


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    PITTSBURGH COMICON 2005 (22-24 Apr 2005)
    Monroeville, Pennsylvania

    Pittsburgh Comicon

    xx xx

    Perez's Teen Titans Recreation by Gary Martin

    posted Dec 23, 2014, 6:31 PM by Vu Nguyen

    Pittsburgh Comicon

    art by Gary Martin
    GEORGE PEREZ Teen Titans recreation
    by SKY-BOY
    ©2014 SKY-BOY

    A commissioned recreation of the Teen Titans by George Perez.
    Brush and india ink on 11x17 bristol.

    News: Perez Raised $4k For Charity

    April 26, 2005 07:07 pm
     From Tom Smith

    PITTSBURGH COMICON 2005 (22-24 Apr 2005)
    Monroeville, Pennsylvania
    By the way, George raised over $4,000 by himself for the Make a Wish Foundation at the Pittsburgh Comicon, doing sketches and also putting the Teen Titans image from the T-Shirt in the charity auction.

    The man is amazing and has a very bigggg heart, ya got to love him :)

    News: Pittsburgh Teen Titans T-Shirt For Sale

    April 06, 2005 12:57 am
     From www.pittsburghcomicon.com

    Pittsburgh Comicon
    2005 Comicon T-Shirts
    Tuesday, April 05, 2005 6:10:38 PM

    $15.00 each plus $5.00 priority shipping

    Sizes: Small - Medium - Large - X-Large - 2X - 3X
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    News: From George Perez (Feb 2005)

    February 20, 2005 12:00 am
     From George Perez
    I am currently inking the incredible Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez on a project written by Phil Jimenez, who is also the cover penciler, with me inking Phil. Unfortunately, beyond that, I'm not at liberty to reveal what the project is so I've been calling it "The EZ Company Project" since all three creators share the same last two letters in our family names. DC Comics should be making an announcement relatively soon and it will be a relief to finally be able to talk about it openly.

    Contrary to solicitations I have indeed drawn the cover for FALLEN ANGELS #20. Due to a mix-up in the scheduling it initially appeared that I couldn't do the cover, so the regular team was told to go ahead and draw the cover. When Peter David found out about that he reminded the editor that the deadlines had been pushed back and even though the book had been solicited with another cover, Peter figured few would be bummed out to find that there was a Perez cover after all.

    I have also drawn a cover for a Marvel Visionaries book spotlighting my 1970's run on FANTASTIC FOUR. Tom Smith colored that piece and, as usual, did a wonderful job.

    I am currently drawing a variant cover for Top Cow's CITY OF HEROES #1 and will be drawing the cover for a CITY OF HEROES novel called "Web of Arachnos". This should be the first of three covers for a series of CoH novels. And since I just mentioned Top Cow, I should also announce that I will be participating in a special 10th Anniversary edition of WITCHBLADE. I will be drawing three pages written by Ron Marz. And as I draw those pages I will be filmed by a video crew for TwoMorrows' DVD companion to its MODERN MASTERS book series.

    There have been other offers, including some covers for Dynamic Forces' RED SONYA and ARMY OF DARKNESS. I also will be providing a cover for DF's STORYTELLER, yet another retrospective on my career. (I am definitely being over-exposed). A cover for ForceWerks' B.A.B.E. FORCE is also on my schedule. There have been other one-shots I've been offered that I'm not yet free to discuss, or yet to accept, but after "The EZ Company Project" I will be primarily focusing my attention on completing GAMES: THE TITANS GRAPHIC NOVEL. Inker Mike Perkins has already started on some pages and Tom Smith has 30 pages ready to start so it's up to me to get busy so that Marv Wolfman can start dialoguing the first half of the book.

    As for conventions this year, here's my schedule for 2005 so far.
    February 25-27: Mega Con in Orlando, FL.
    March 18-20: Wizard World Los Angeles in Long Beach, CA
    April 22-24: Pittsburgh Comicon in Monroeville, PA (I even provided the T-Shirt art)
    July 14-17: Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA
    September 13-17: Comic Book Festival in Aviles, Spain

    Those are the confirmed shows. There is a possibility of more, but I'm trying to limit my time away from the drawing board this year.