SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2001 (Jul 19-22, 2001)

Photo from Comic Book Resources SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2001
George Perez appearance: Jul 19-22, 2001

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    SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2001 (Jul 19-22, 2001)

    NIGHTWING (Jul 2001), commissioned by Mike Silver

    SUPERMAN (Jul 2001), commissioned by Mike Silver

    GEORGE PEREZ (Jul 2001) from Albert Ortega
    News: Perez Art (August 12, 2006)

    Sat, 12 Aug 2006 12:51:03 CST [ submitted by Vu ]
     From Vu (email)

    THE SHADOW (2004), art by George P�rez, from Alan Henderson

    CAPTAIN MARVEL (2001), art by George P�rez, from Robert Baker

    TRINITY (2003), art by George P�rez, from George Moorer

    WASP (2001), art by George P�rez, from Robert Baker

    POWERGIRL (2006), From Israel B. (Updated Link)

    NIGHTWING (Jul 2001), commissioned by Mike Silver at San Diego Comic Con 2001. (Updated Link)

    SUPERMAN (Jul 2001), commissioned by Mike Silver at San Diego Comic Con 2001. (Updated Link)
    News: Thanos Art From 2001

    June 17, 2005 07:45 am
     From Mark Schweikert (email)

    THANOS (Jul 2001), art by George P�rez, colors by Laura Martin in 2004, at SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2001 (Jul 19-22, 2001). Commissioned by Mark Schweikert (email)
    I saw your site and thought it was fantastic. I wanted to throw in my sketch I got at my first con. San Diego 2001. Laura Martin colored it last year.
    News: New Art From

    December 24, 2004 09:27 am
     From Comic Art Fans
    Tuesday, December 21, 2004 4:12:39 PM:

    HELA (Jul 2001), art by George P�rez from San Diego Comic Convention 2001. Commissioned by Joe Gonzalez

    Sunday, September 21, 2003 4:18:56 PM

    BATGIRL (2000), art by George P�rez. Commissioned by Jim Cardillo

     August 30, 2003 | P�rez Photos From Mangels
    From Andy Mangels

    Andy Mangels (age 19) & George P�rez (age 32) at the San Diego Comic-Con 1986, photo courtesy of Andy Mangels George P�rez at the San Diego Comic-Con 1986, photo courtesy of Andy Mangels George P�rez & Carol Flynn at the San Diego Comic-Con 1986, photo courtesy of Andy Mangels
    George P�rez at International Rose Garden, Portland, OR (30 Jun 1997), photo courtesy of Andy Mangels Andy Mangels & P�rez at the Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, OR (30 Jun 1997), photo courtesy of Andy Mangels P�rez at the Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, OR (30 Jun 1997), photo courtesy of Andy Mangels
    Mangels & Perez at the PEREZ ARCHIVES #1 signing at the San Diego Comic-Con 2001 (19-22 Jul 2001), photo courtesy of Andy Mangels Perez & Mangles at the JLA/ Avengers Panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2001 (19-22 Jul 2001), photo courtesy of Andy Mangels
    Perez does a Green Arrow sketch for Paul Smalley at the San Diego Comic-Con 2003 (16-20 Jul 2003), photo courtesy of Andy Mangels Perez does a Green Arrow sketch for Paul Smalley at the San Diego Comic-Con 2003 (16-20 Jul 2003), photo courtesy of Andy Mangels
     March 2, 2003 | Andrew Hein's Lowry Gallery
    From Comicart-L

  • PHANTOM STRANGER (2001), art by George P�rez, from San Diego Comicon 2001
  • Andrew W. Hein's Lowry Gallery

    George Perez Phantom Stranger

    I waited in line for three hours to get Mr. Perez to do this for me in San Diego a couple of years ago. Yeah, it's only a sketch but I really love it. I think that coolest thing is that Perez said this was the first Phantom Stranger that he's been asked to do.

     August 18, 2002 | San Diego 2001
    From Comic-Con 2001
  • Superstar artist George Perez signing a book for a fan.
  • We cruised into Saturday, July 20 with an even bigger boatload of comics-oriented events! Starting off the day, a Comic-Con tradition, Scott Shaw!'s Oddball Comics slide show, featuring Scott's hilarious and twisted look at some of the strangest comics ever published. Terry Moore took the stage to discuss his popular Strangers In Paradise self-published series, and Kurt Busiek and George Perez got together to discuss the biggest team-up of 2002, the JLA/Avengers mini-series, co-published by DC and Marvel. Image Comics, DC, Vertigo and WildStorm all offered major editorial presentations about upcoming books and products. We explored the world of online comics with panels devoted to the "Art of Digital Comics" and the "Business of Digital Comics," featuring experts like Scott McCloud and Steve Conley. 2002 special guest Peter David did a special reading, and CrossGen focused their panel on writing.

     February 4, 2002
    From Revolution Science Fiction
    San Diego 2001: The JLA / Avengers Panel
    In attendance: George Perez, Kurt Busiek, Tom Breevort, Mike Carlin
    � Kenn McCracken

    It was a strange site, seeing these men, representative of DC, Marvel, and now CrossGen, sitting side by side, discussing plans for what may be the single most anxiously awaited project in the history of comic books: the JLA / Avengers inter-company crossover. There were no heated words, no fisticuffs - it was, to say the least, an exciting moment, one that held the promise that the project was really happening.

    The project has history dating back to 1983, when George Perez (currently under exclusive contract to CrossGen Comics) had written and penciled a full single issue, detailing the meeting of the two teams that truly represented DC and Marvel. Things quickly fell apart, due to company politics, and the book was shelved (Rob Liefeld is currently in possession of the original pages). Rumors surfaced intermittently over the years that the project was being revived, but in the end, the rumors were just that.

    Flash forward to the turn of the century, nearly twenty years later. Both companies registered a huge success with Amalgam, a huge inter-company promotion that saw the biggest characters from both companies meeting in possibly the biggest event to date. The success of the event and changing environments at both companies has allowed the project to see a green light, and (thanks in no small part to CrossGen's Mark Alessi, who is allowing Perez to take a one-year leave of absence to work on the book), JLA/Avengers is finally moving forward.

    The fanboy's wet dream is shaping up better than ever, according to the panel. Perez, well known for his ability to fill a scene with more characters than would seem humanly possible, said, "I want this to be something that will put Crisis [on Infinite Earths] to shame in terms of the number of characters." It certainly looks like he'll have his wish; anyone who has ever been a member of the JLA or the Avenger will appear, along with Starro, the Watcher, the Squadron Supreme, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mongul, Doctor Doom, the monsters of Monster Island, the Hawk Police of Thanagar, the Punisher, and many, many others. According to Busiek, though, no Wolverine; "I'm confident that Wolverine will not show up" (to which Perez replied, "I'm confident that he won't be scripted."). Issue number three will sport a cover featuring every character who has ever been a member of either team.

    The story will be a stand-alone issue, spread over four Prestige Format books. They will not be Comics Code approved, although this is not a reaction to Marvel's new policy; rather, Prestige books are rarely submitted for CCA approval. Although it will be self-contained, Busiek says that there is at least one element that would be great for both companies to follow up on. It certainly appears that the possibly for real ramifications exists; it should also be noted, though, that the creators are ignoring the previous meetings of the teams for strength of telling.

    The possibilities for licensing and merchandise such as posters, hardcover collections, and the like is still up in the air at this time. This is an obviously tricky area; the books have been set up to take place over four issues, allowing each company to publish two books (and thus profit accordingly), but anything further will have to be contracted in such a way to allow both companies to share revenues, making for a potential minefield.

    When asked if he thought that waiting nearly twenty years was a good or bad thing, Perez responded with both pros and cons. 1983's version, he said, would have been the silver age characters in their purest form, and it would have been special simply due to the lack of crossovers that were occurring at the time. However, today's production standards are much higher, and his art has had twenty years to get better.

    Either way, its doubtful doubt you'll hear anyone complaining.

    Kenn McCracken is Comics Editor for RevolutionSF.

    � 2001 Kenn McCracken, courtesy of

     August 12, 2001
    From CrossGen Comics (also see "What's New" page for a glimpse of a rare promotional CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #4's poster print)

    George preparing for one of his 203 sketches
     July 27, 2001 | Mangels San Diego Report
    From Andy Mangels
    I'm back from San Diego, where things went very well, though not without a few glitches.

    George signed for four long days at the CrossGen booth, producing 203 (if I remember the number right) sketches for fans.

    He also appeared at a spotlight panel in which I interviewed him and fans asked questions, and at a JLA/Avengers panel.

    The Perez Archives book sold very well, with the Deluxe versions (50 copies) selling out in the first two days, and the regular edition selling about 50 copies of the 200 total printed. George signed with me at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund booth for the first two days, then at the CrossGen booth the second two days.

    The Perez Archives is still available at (though there was a little lateness getting it onto their website - sorry Steven and others) in both the Deluxe and Regular versions. After August 10th, ordering will be closed, and all copies of the books which have been ordered will be mailed THEN. Copies ordered through the website will be signed by myself and George, but not personalized.

     July 24, 2001 | San Diego Roundup
    From Wizard
    July 24, 2001


    CrossGen Comics Senior Artist and comics legend George P�rez likes to keep meticulous track of all the sketches he does for fans when he�s at cons. By mid-Sunday San Diego, P�rez had done almost 200. Wonder Woman was the most popular choice, with Captain America coming in second. One fan asked for the Psycho Pirate.

    P�rez has done an absolutely ass-kickin� JLA/Avengers piece for the next ACTOR charity auction featuring seven female members from each the JLA and Avengers. And, as he pointed out, there are 14 distinct faces and 14 distinct hairstyles. This guy don�t take the easy road on anything.

     July 18, 2001 | CBLDF at Comic-Con
    From CBLDF
    CBLDF at Comic-Con International
    The largest gathering of the comics community in the United States is getting started in San Diego, and the Fund is there through the generosity of the con's organizers. You'll find us at booth #507-- stop by and have your favorite comics signed by greats like George Pérez, Will Eisner, Peter David, Dave Gibbons, Jim Valentino, Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti and more! We've got original items for sale at the booth including The Pérez Archives by Andy Mangels, a tribute to the art of George Perez (you can also preorder it via the CBLDF Premium Catalog). Plus, stay for the CBLDF Members' Reception on Saturday night. You can become a member, too.
     July 17, 2001 | P�rez Archives at Comic-Con
    From Comic Book Resources
    by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer
    Posted: July 17, 2001

    The P�rez Archives, a massive collection of work by fan favorite artist George Archives, will see publication and be ready in time for sale at Comic-Con International in San Diego later this week. An ambitious on-going project, the book attempts to showcase the artwork of the prolific artist with content contributed by fans and professionals alike featuring a complete checklist of every item of artwork P�rez has ever contributed to the comics field and other areas.

    The archives writer, Andy Mangels, in a press release, provided more details of the book:

  • 150 black and white pages
  • 4 color pages
  • 2 color covers (front and back) with inside covers
  • Includes the most comprehensive and detailed checklist of all published work by P�rez.
  • Includes 191 black-and-white images and seven color images by P�rez (including unpublished work, sketches, character designs, and more).
  • Covers are a new wraparound image by P�rez (see picture).
  • Printed 8.5x11" on 60# paper, with heavy stock covers, clear plastic over-cover, and black vello-binding.

    There are two versions of the book. The above version and a Deluxe version featuring 34 more pages of rare and unpublished artwork.

    All proceeds from this project will go to benefit Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The book can also be purchased at the CBLDF Web site.

  •  July 20, 2001 | P�rez at the Comic-Con
    From CBR

    George "JLA/Avengers" Perez
     June 19, 2001 | ComicCon Panels
    From Andy Mangels
    Here's a look at the panels which I'm chairing or will be involved in at this year's San Diego ComicCon Interntaional. Hope to see you there!

    Friday the 20th -- 4-5:30 pm, Room 16B (230 people)
    George P�rez: Creator Insight
    One of the most popular and friendly comic artists in the industry, George P�rez has worked on projects including Man-Wolf, Avengers, Justice League of America, New Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earth, Wonder Woman, Avengers, and Crossgen Chronicles. Now, on the cusp of the hot new JLA/Avengers mini-series, P�rez is interviewed by Andy Mangels, creator of The P�rez Ar chives book - only available at this year's Con at the CBLDF booth!

    George Perez's other panels include:
    JLA/Avengers -- Saturday the 21st --10:30-11:30 am, Room 16A/B (460 people)
    Crossgen Comics -- Saturday the 21st --2:30-2:30 am, Room 7A (230 people)

    October 3, 2000 | Future Projects
    From George Perez (A recent email updating on various projects and clarifying SPAWN 100.) convention appearances next year include, so far, MegaCon (Orlando, FL), Wizard World (Chicago, IL), Big Easy (New Orleans, LA) and Comicon International (San Diego, CA)
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  • PEREZ ARCHIVES #1 (deluxe)

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