TATE'S COMICS (Signing) (30 Sep 2014) Lauderhill, Florida

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Date: 30 Sep 2014
Location: Lauderhill, Florida
Publisher: tatescomics.com

George Perez is on tour for his new miniseries with BOOM! Studios, SIRENS! His first original series in over a decade.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 from 5-7pm

Flyer> tinyurl.com/perezflyer

Working in the industry for over 30 years, he has an amazing & lengthy resume!
Check it out here: tinyurl.com/perezwork

Meet April Hunter Siren character “Agony”, fitness and glamour model.

April Hunter is featured on the TATE’S Variant cover for issue 1 of George Perez’s SIRENS.

The purchase of each copy of George Pérez Sirens, during the event on 9/30/14, guarantees you a maximum of 3 signatures from him on the items of your choice.
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    TATE'S COMICS (Signing) (30 Sep 2014)
    Lauderhill, Florida

    GEORGE PEREZ'S SIRENS #1 (Tate's Comics) (Sep 2014)
    Boom! Studios

    Tate's Comics 2014 Event Recaps

    posted Dec 31, 2014, 5:17 PM by Vu Nguyen

    TATE'S COMICS (Signing) (30 Sep 2014)
    Lauderhill, Florida
    Recap of our 2014 events!
    December 30, 2014

    Holy macaroni! Looking back at this crazy, super speedy two thousand and fourteenth year its hard to believe all the fun times we had together! Thank you all for your ridiculously loyal and enthusiastic support of our business and our special events. Our diverse and truly special community of customers is what makes it all worthwhile. We will do our best to be worthy of you, 2015 will be just as epic! We are planning the schedule now, and you can expect to find many of your favorite events back at TATE’S in the New Year! 2015…. WHAT?!!!!!

    September 2014: Young at Art Kingdom of Characters Exhibit
    September 2014: George Perez & April Hunter Signing
    September 2014: Broward County Library Anime Fest
    September 2014: Superhero Night at the Florida Science Center
    September 2014: Khans of Tarkir Pre-Release Event at Gaming Satellite


    Photos of George Perez & April Hunter In-Store Signing at Tate's Comics (9/30/14)
    posted Oct 25, 2014, 1:30 PM by Vu Nguyen

    TATE'S COMICS (Signing) (30 Sep 2014)
    Lauderhill, Florida
    More photos here: George Perez & April Hunter In-Store Signing 9/30/14

    Photo archive of George Perez and April Hunter signing at TATE’S Comics in Lauderhill, FL.

    Took place on: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 from 5-7pm

    In addition to his new creator-owned series SIRENS, George Perez is best known for his work on The New Teen Titans and for his runs on Wonder Woman, Marvel Comics’ Avengers series, and for the maxi-series to end all maxi series, Crisis on Infinite Earths. George first started in comics in 1973 and has worked for every major publisher, as well as some minor ones.

    April Hunter is the model for SIREN character “Agony”, plus she is an American professional wrestler (her signature moves are the Bitch Lock, the Cloverleaf and Hunter’s Hangman), professional wrestling valet and fitness and glamour model. She has appeared in many publications, from MuscleMag International to Playboy Magazine.

    More info on TATE'S : www.tatescomics.com

    Perez details first-ever national signing tour
    posted Sep 8, 2014, 11:23 PM by Vu Nguyen

    BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2014 (05-07 Sep 2014)
    Baltimore, Maryland

    GEORGE PEREZ'S SIRENS #1 (Baltimore Comic Con) (Sep 2014)
    Boom! Studios
    George Pérez writes:
    Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 7:22am

    Okay, the wait is almost over. After a pretty long spell of preparation, challenges and long blissful work hours, my new book SIRENS will be making its debut in a special variant edition this weekend at the Baltimore Comic Con. The con organizer, Marc Nathan, was the gentleman who set me up with BOOM!, so this seemed like the perfect way to thank him.

    To celebrate the book’s official mass release on September 17th, I am going on my first-ever national signing tour. Six stores and two conventions in two weeks! And all but one stop will include an exclusive variant cover! Here is my schedule (some of the signing times could be extended if attendance warrants):

    COLLECTOR'S PARADISE (Signing) (17 Sep 2014)
    Winnetka, California

    GEORGE PEREZ'S SIRENS #1 (Collector's Paradise) (Sep 2014)
    Boom! Studios
    Wednesday, September 17th
    Collector’s Paradise, Winnetka, CA, 6pm – 8 pm. The variant cover spotlights SIRENS villain Niada and the model for that character, Diana Knight, will be attending to sign copies. Also planning to attend is Akira Lane, the model for the Siren Kage and Jennifer Nguyen (Mazu) both of whom appear on the double covers that form the main image of the regular edition. Other models that will appear in upcoming issues may attend, but nothing's confirmed yet.

    GEORGE PEREZ'S SIRENS #1 (Keith's Comics) (Sep 2014)
    Boom! Studios

    KEITH'S COMICS (Signing) (18 Sep 2014)
    Dallas, Texas
    Thursday, September 18th
    Kieth’s Comics, Dallas, TX, 6 pm – 8 pm. The Siren Bombshell appears on this variant cover and the model Chan Everest will be there to sign with me

    CINCINNATI COMIC EXPO (19-21 Sep 2014)
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    GEORGE PEREZ'S SIRENS #1 (Cincinnati Comic Con) (Sep 2014)
    Boom! Studios
    Friday – Sunday, September 19th-21st
    Cincinnati Comic Con. A variant featuring Camille Bishop as Ammo will be sold at this show. Regrettably, my niece won’t be able to attend, but I’m sure there will be future opportunities to get her autograph on this edition

      GEORGE PEREZ'S SIRENS #1 (Larry's Comics) (Sep 2014)
    Boom! Studios

      LARRY'S COMICS (Signing) (22 Sep 2014)
    Lowell, Massachusetts
    Tuesday, September 23rd
    Larry's Comics, Lowell, MA, 6 pm – 8 pm. This variant spotlights Highness, the Sirens leader. I’m not sure if my model Margie Vizcarra Cox will be able to attend, but I will let you know if she is.

      THIRD EYE COMICS (Signing) (25 Sep 2014)
    Annapolis, Maryland

      GEORGE PEREZ'S SIRENS #1 (Third Eye Comics) (Sep 2014)
    Boom! Studios
    Thursday, September 25th
    Third Eye Comics, Annapolis, MD, 11 am – 1 pm. This cover spotlights Interface. No appearance from my model Sherita Dunbar due to her not living in the area, but please holds on to your copies for future autograph opportunities

    PITTSBURGH COMICON 2014 (26-28 Sep 2014)
    Monroeville, Pennsylvania
    Saturday & Sunday, September 27th-28th
    Pittsburgh Comic Con. While there will be no variant cover specific to this show, model April Hunter (Agony) will be a guest there as well and will be more than happy to autograph any version you put in front of her.

      GEORGE PEREZ'S SIRENS #1 (Tate's Comics) (Sep 2014)
    Boom! Studios

      TATE'S COMICS (Signing) (30 Sep 2014)
    Lauderhill, Florida
    Tuesday, September 30th
    Tate's Comics, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 5 pm – 7pm, This variant actually will solo-feature April Hunter as Agony on the cover and the lovely model plans to be with me to sign this edition as well

      GEORGE PEREZ'S SIRENS #1 (Coliseum of Comics) (Sep 2014)
    Boom! Studios

      COLISEUM OF COMICS (Signing)
    (01 Oct 2014)
    Sanford, Florida
    Wednesday, October 1st
    Coliseum of Comics, Sanford, FL, 4 pm – 6pm. This final stop is at my local comic shop and the variant will spotlight the Sirens mystic Fanisha. My wife Phoenicia Flynn (Fanisha) will be accompanying me to autograph the books along with several other cast members who have consented to pop into the store and autograph copies, including April Hunter yet again! This will likely be the largest gathering of cast members for the tour and a fitting finish to what promises to be a very exciting—and exhausting— experience.

    See you all soon!