CANADIAN NATIONAL COMIC BOOK EXPO 2004 (27-29 Aug 2004) Toronto, Canada

cover:  N/A
Date:  27-29 Aug 2004
Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
255 Front St. W - North Building
Toronto, Canada
Hours: Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-6pm

  • George Perez, Patrick Stewart (Only North American Appearance), Michael Turner, Joe Quesada,  Brian Azzarello, Mike Deodato, Rags Morales, Adam Hughes, Pat Lee, Talent Caldwell, David Mack, Steve McNiven, Scott McNeil

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    Toronto, Canada

    Phil Fogel and George Perez

    posted Jan 26, 2019, 9:17 PM by Vu Nguyen [ updated Jan 26, 2019, 9:50 PM ]


    Toronto, Canada

    Toronto, Canada


    After 25 years of admiring is work I’ve always wanted to meet George and in 2004 I got my wish. I heard George was appearing at Fan Expo in Toronto. I had planned a trip for the first time to New York City just beforehand and I remember arriving back in Montreal just in time to drop my luggage and take a bus out the next day to Toronto. I decided to visit his booth on the Friday night when it would be less busy. I asked if I could take a picture of him, he said sure and asked if I wanted to be in the picture, I was there alone but luckily another fan agreed to take my camera and the pic. He noticed as I went up to pose with him and put my arm around him, that I was shaking, and he asked if I was OK, I told him that for me, meeting him, was like meeting the Beatles, I knew George was a big Beatles fan, and he totally understood. Unfortunately that picture was taken with my old film camera, something went wrong and it didn’t come out. Luckily I got to meet him again in 2006 back in Toronto at Fan Expo and got a shot with my new digital camera. Sometimes you meet your idol and they are not who you expected them to be, sometimes they can disappoint you but George surpassed all my expectations. He was the nicest guy, gracious and spending his time drawing for charity. I could kick myself for not asking for a commission all those years ago what I wouldn’t give for one now.

    News: Pérez Art From Comicartfans (May 10, 2005)

    May 10, 2005 10:47 pm
    ROBIN and KID FLASH vs BROTHER BLOOD (2002), art by George Pérez, from Michael Lovitz NIGHTWING (1993), art by George Pérez, from Michael Lovitz
    WONDER WOMAN (Aug 2004), art by George Pérez at CANADIAN NATIONAL EXPO 2004, from Danny Truong WONDER WOMAN (1996), art by George Pérez, from Joel Thingvall SACHS (1996), art by George Pérez at Wizard World Chicago in 1996, commissioned by Roger Ash
    News: Gates of Eden #2 (Errata)

    October 13, 2004 07:34 am
     From Ilke Hincer

    GATES OF EDEN #2 (Errata) (1982)

    Here's another Perez Errata:

    In Comics Scene (Vol.1) #6 (November 1982 cover date), George's name pops up in an ad for publisher Fantaco Enterprises, Inc. They list a bunch of comics available for mail-order; the listing that caught my eye was for Gates of Eden #2.

    I asked George about this comic at the recent con in Toronto, and he said he did not contribute a story for it.

    News: Mike Turner Vs George Perez Photo

    September 26, 2004 10:29 am
     From Ilke Hincer
    MIKE TURNER VS GEORGE PEREZ SKETCH OFF DUEL (Aug 2004), photo by Ilke Hincer

    During the 'Sketch-Off Duel' : George Perez displays his work-in-progress sketch of Wonder Woman, while Michael Turner works on his own sketch of the amazing Amazon.

    For my full write-up of the 'duel', check out the Wonder Woman-themed Pacesetter #6!

    News: Drawing Avengers Panel: Drawing Capes

    September 24, 2004 09:36 pm
     From Ilke Hincer
    DRAWING AVENGERS PANEL (Aug 2004), photo by Ilke Hincer

    At the 'Drawing Avengers' panel: George shows us how he draws capes. I believe that's Spawn on the left, Robin in the middle and a fan giving rise to Batman's cape on the right.

    News: Drawing Avengers Panel: Sketch Cover to JLA/Avengers #3

    September 24, 2004 12:00 am
     From Ilke Hincer
    DRAWING AVENGERS PANEL (Aug 2004), photo by Ilke Hincer

    At the 'Drawing Avengers' panel : George showed us what he basically drew as his cover rough to get editorial approval for the cover of JLA/Avengers #3. The final cover may have caused his injury, but getting the approval was a breeze - he just drew the direction that the characters would be going in, and then added the words 'Lots of characters'.

    News: Scene & Heard Covers CNE

    September 23, 2004 11:09 pm
     From Scene & Heard
    JLA/Avengers artist George Perez sketches for fans (Aug 2004)
    Sci-fi Fans invade Toronto
    Or, How I learned to love and appreciate the fan-boy (and girl)
    By Kyle Hume
    Tuesday, September 14, 2004 8:44:12 PM


    George Perez has been drawing comic books for nearly 30 years, and the industry’s version of an A-list Hollywood idol. He said he doesn’t do as many appearances as he would like, but enjoys every minute he spends with his fans.

    “In a job that is so incredibly solitary, since I work alone in the studio, it’s always nice to get the feedback. The rush of enthusiasm the fans have, you don’t really get to see that behind a drawing board,” Perez said smiling. On Saturday alone, he spent over 4 hours signing autographs, several more sketching for charity, and another hour leading a discussion about his art.

    News: "EZ Company"

    September 23, 2004 11:07 pm
    UNTITLED #1 (2005)
    Modern Masters 3 : Bruce Timm
    Posted: 2004-09-12 22:42 by Ilke

    More good news - as George Perez announced at the National Comic Book Expo in Toronto, Garcia-Lopez will be pencilling a project which Phil Jimenez is writing and Perez will be inking. I believe Perez referred to the trio of creators as 'EZ Company' because of their last names.

    Perez also mentioned in a panel that he's always been in awe of Garcia-Lopez's work. He said, while laughing, that when he saw Jose's work on The New Teen Titans many years back (a book which Perez was known for), he was afraid DC would just keep Garcia-Lopez and never hire Perez to work on the characters again. Perez also mentioned that the quality of Garcia-Lopez's work has always inspired him to be a better artist.

    And I believe I read somewhere that the Simone/Garcia-Lopez/Janson JLA arc will likely see print in the new JLA: Classified series.

    News: Geoforce Art From CNE 2004

    September 22, 2004 09:49 pm
     From Ilke Hincer
    GEOFORCE (Aug 2004), art by George Perez at the CANADIAN NATIONAL EXPO 2004, commissioned by Ilke Hincer
    News: Pérez Updates From CNE

    September 19, 2004 05:04 pm
     From Ilke Hincer
    CANADIAN NATIONAL EXPO (27-29 Aug 2004) TITANS: GAMES GN (Fall 2005)
    SOJOURN / LADY DEATH #1 (Errata) (Jul 2004) SOJOURN / LADY DEATH #2 (Errata) (Aug 2004)

    Just some tidbits from George at the recent Canadian Comic Expo:

    - Mike Perkins will be inking him on Titans: Games, since George was so impressed with the results of their previous collaborations. The pages already inked by Al Vey will see print as they are.

    - George said that when the convention was over, he would draw his contribution for Astro City: A Visitor's Guide. (The book is scheduled for release on October 13th.)

    - He drew 2 covers and 5 interior pages for the cancelled Sojourn/Lady Death.

    One thing I forgot to ask him was whether his work would appear in Even More Fund Comics. He was originally announced as a contributor, and the book was apparently made available at the Baltimore Comic-Con this past September 11-12, so I'm curious to look at it when it hits comic store shelves.

    News: Perez at the Drawing Avengers Panel

    September 18, 2004 12:14 am
     From Ilke Hincer
    George Pérez showing us the differences between Cap and Supes in the 'Drawing Avengers' panel at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo.

    DRAWING AVENGERS PANEL (Aug 2004), George Pérez at the CANADIAN NATIONAL EXPO 2004
    News: Photo Of Pérez at ACTOR Booth From CNE

    September 17, 2004 12:44 am
     From Ilke Hincer
    George Pérez sketching Zatanna at the ACTOR booth at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo.

    ACTOR BOOTH (Aug 2004), George Pérez at the CANADIAN NATIONAL EXPO 2004
    News: CNE Review From SBC

    September 09, 2004 10:26 pm
     From Silver Bullet Comics, thanks to Ilke Hincer
    Toronto Comic Convention Report
    Posted: Wednesday, September 1
    Posted By: Filip Vukcevic


    WONDER WOMAN (Aug 2004), art by George Pérez from CANADIAN NATIONAL EXPO 2004, commissioned by Filip Vukcevic
    George Perez
    Unfortunately there wasn’t a panel with Perez -just a workshop on drawing the Avengers - but I couldn’t talk about the other guys above without mentioning something about George Perez. And this is what I have to say: the guy is the best.

    I have been going to comic conventions for about five years now and I have never met a creator as cool and as nice as Perez. Now most guys are fine, and a few are really cool (Quesada, Palmiotti, Romita Jr., etc.,) but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite like Perez. First off, he was a good half an hour EARLY to his autograph session. People were lined up outside the autograph room doors and he began signing books for people as they waited in line. Then when we were let in, he sat at his table and told stories and jokes for everyone to hear as he signed books. He was also very warm and talkative with every single fan. I told him how cool I thought it was that he was such a nice guy and that he came early and everything, and he said that he liked to do whatever he could for the fans. Most creators say that, but I believed him more if only because I actually witnessed his kindness.

    Later on I decided that even though it was expensive, I would go ahead and make the $50 donation to A.C.T.O.R. and get a sketch from Perez. Once again he was very cool, talkative, and nice to everyone in line as he sketched. Always making jokes and making sure everyone left happy. As I waited in line I debated with myself over what I wanted to get from him…Superman? Batman? A Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman? Nah, it wouldn’t be very detailed.

    In the end, you guessed it, I ended up going with Wonder Woman. I might as well since he is THE definitive artist for her . . . and boy am I glad I did.

    I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but I think I’m in love with his Wonder Woman sketch. I just can’t stop looking at it, it’s so beautiful!

    I’ve met many great creators over the years and I have to say that George Perez is by far the nicest guy out there. If you ever have the chance, talk to him. You will leave with a smile on your face, and really, what’s better than that?

     September 02, 2004 08:21 am | Pérez Schedule at CNE
    From Vu
    These are the George Pérez schedule, available on Hobby Star's website.


    Come watch Comic Book Superstars on the drawing boards. All original art made during this event will be raffled off for FREE! Yes, you can walk away with an original piece of artwork from a superstar professional. Now, on the count of ten, DRAW! Skottie Young vs Steve McNiven(FRI), Brandon Peterson vs Mike Deodato Jr (SAT), George Perez vs Michael Turner (SUN)

    Hosted by George Perez
    Assemble! This is an opportunity of a lifetime for budding artists and fans to learn the secrets from the man himself! Perspective, Style, Background, and most importantly, Story-telling will all be all be covered in this amazing workshop.


    Autograph Session with George Perez Fri 6:00 PM Autograph Area C
    Drawing Avengers with George Perez Sat 11:00 AM Workshop Room
    Autograph Session with George Perez Sat 12:30 PM Autograph Area C
    Spotlight on George Perez Sat 5:00 PM Seminar Room
    Autograph Session with George Perez Sun 12:00 PM Autograph Area A
    Sketch Off Duel: Michael Turner vs. George Perez Sun 4:00 PM Workshop Room

     September 02, 2004 12:07 am | Site Update
    [ Forum ] From Larry
    My "almost" 1st Perez Sketch
    « Thread started on: 09/01/04 at 10:46pm »

    I am from Toronto and was elated that Geore Perez was doing the con. After 25 years, finally getting the chance to meet him and get an autograph and sketch was a dream come true. I took my JLA/Avengers hardcover to get an autograph.

    I was taking my daughter down as well, and about 15 mins from reaching the downtown con on Sunday, some lady rear-ended me. We weren't hurt, but by the time the police/tow truck came, and my wife to pick us up....well...we never made it.

    Do you know of any other con's that George is doing this year. I was really looking forward to getting a autograph and a sketch of kid flash.

    Anyways, thx and great site.

     September 01, 2004 06:15 pm | CNE Report From Williams (Updated)
    From A. Jaye Williams
    I was checking out your website about one of my all-time favourite artists, George Perez, and thought I'd add in my experience at this years Canadian National Comic Book Expo. with my sister. We were there primarily to sell our comic books, "The Sorcerer's Children" and "The Adventures of Astrodog" for our company SillWill Press. BUT, meeting George Perez was a primary goal of ours, too. And man, did we ever. Here's an excerpt from our experience that I wrote up for friends:

    DEVIN (Aug 2004), drawn at CANADIAN NATIONAL EXPO 2004, commissioned by A. Jaye Williams
    Well, another Toronto Comic Book con. has come and gone. First impressions? It was the best yet. Everything seemed to gel all at once very well. At least for Alison and me. The high lights were meeting and schmoozing with comic book artist great, George Perez. He proved to be one of the nicest guys in the business bare none!

    I met him on Friday during the autograph session and gave him a set of our mini-series "The Sorcerer's Children," vol. 1. He was very appreciative and flattering of it. I told him Alison and I were in Artist Alley selling our 'stuff' and that, if he had time, Alison would love to see and meet him if he'd like to stop by some time. Whenever I invite someone to stop by, I always hope for the best but, understanding they often have very little time to spare while at the con., I don't really expect them to stop by.

    And when Friday came to an end, no George.

    Saturday morning, after setting up our table for a new day of selling, Alison and I were sitting behind the table when this kind-looking and very familiar person was suddenly standing before us. Yup! George Perez! He came right to our table in Artist Alley to see us and meet Alison and me.

    We chatted for about 5 minutes--which was pretty good since he had to get some where by the start of the hour. He was funny, very energetic, polite, and truly giving. Naturally, I got a picture of Alison and him together behind our table. I got a snapshot with him the day before.

    Later that day, we also got a sketch of Devin (one of our main characters from "The Sorcerer's Children") done by George. It cost a pretty penny but all the money went to the charity ACTOR. It was worth it.

    George proved to be a true class-act.

     September 01, 2004 06:13 pm | Turner Vs Pérez Art
    posted August 27, 2004 by GTAzn

    Originally Posted by Toga
    whats going on Sunday and how much are tickets?
    As for the first question, the following seminars are taking place:

    "Marvel Super Panel" featuring Joe Quesada, Mike Deodato Jr., Steve McNiven, David Finch & C.B. Cebulski.

    "Drawing Covers With Michael Turner"

    "The Art of Writing" featuring Brian Azzarello and Jill Thompson.

    "DC Super Panel" featuring Rags Morales, Brian Azzarello & Adam Hughes. and the one I'm for sure going to...

    "Sketch Off Duel" featuring Michael Turner vs. George Perez

    Tickets are $20CDN for a single day. Dunno if they discount the last day. If you plan on getting tickets, be sure to line up around 8-9am. By 11am today, the line up was freakin huge!!! Glad I got advanced tickets, and arrive early.

     August 30, 2004 11:09 pm | Canadian National Expo Review by Kendall (Updated)
    From Kevin Kendall
    My first Perez sketch
    « Thread started on: 08/30/04 at 09:15am »
    written by Kevin Kendall

    HAWKEYE (Aug 2004)
    art by George Pérez at CANADIAN NATIONAL COMIC BOOK EXPO 2004
    from Kevin Kendall
    At the Canadian National Comicbook Expo in Toronto, Canada I finally got my chance to meet the great George Perez. I waited in the lineup during his autograph session with my 2-year-old son Kaelan, feeling a little like I was back in high school and an awkward kid (I'm 31 now). Suddenly, the power goes out! Everyone is a lttle shocked, but Mr. Perez in true professionalism and not to miss a beat yells "..and George Perez is still signing!" Unfortunately, my son did not like the dark so much, so I was forced to leave.

    After attending the rest of the show and a little disappointed that I missed my chance to meet George, I happened to take an alternate route back to where my beautiful (and patient) wife Tina was watching our son. Lo and behold - there is George doing charity sketches at $50.00 a pop (for A.C.T.O.R.). I ran to my wife and we joined the line.

    Shortly thereafter, a lady who was working with Georgegave a "Last in line" sign for the lady standing behind me - whew! I had just made it and now there was just a matter of waiting.

    For the next 2 hours, I watched George endear himself to fans, make jokes and work on some beautiful art. When it was finally my turn, I went with a Hawkeye headshot, a character I have enjoyed by Mr. Perez for decades (wow, I am getting old!). He silently performed his magic, but with a smile on his face. (At this point, I was the second last person after a long 3-day convention - I was surprised he didn't nod off!) Afterwards with a warm handshake he thanked me (!) sent me on my way.

    I was happy to see that everything I had heard about George was true. He is a class act.

     May 17, 2004 06:55 pm | George to Appear in Toronto
    From, thanks to Ilke Hincer

    August 27-29, 2004
    Metro Toronto Convention Centre
    255 Front St. W - North Building
    Hours: Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-6pm


    Patrick Stewart (Only North American Appearance)
    Michael Turner
    Joe Quesada
    George Perez
    Brian Azzarello
    Mike Deodato
    Rags Morales
    Adam Hughes
    Pat Lee
    Talent Caldwell
    David Mack
    Steve McNiven
    Scott McNeil