WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2017 [Canceled] (26-27 Aug 2017) Chicago, Illinois

cover:  N/A
Date:  26-27 Aug 2017
Location:  Chicago, Illinois
Publisher: wizardworld.com

George Perez has canceled his appearance

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    WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2017 (26-27 Aug 2017)
    Chicago, Illinois

    Wizard returns to publishing with WizPop

    posted Aug 25, 2017, 4:30 AM by Vu Nguyen

    From Vu

    Wizard Press

    WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2017 [Perez canceled] (26-27 Aug 2017)
    Chicago, Illinois
    With Wizard World Chicago starting today (Friday, August 25th), I just thought I'd mention that the company is back to publishing with WizPop.  Note that George Perez was supposed to appear at this convention, but due to illness and recommendation from his doctor, Perez had to leave the convention scene for a while.

    Anyway, WizPop is described as a daily pop-culture news service reporting on the biggest stories of the day in pop-culture, entertainment, and fandom. WizPop will also feature a weekly round-table reviewing the relevant news of the week. 

    If you're a print fan, WizPop will be available as a premium quarterly magazine. It's good to see Wizard back to publishing, as you know I was a massive Wizard Magazine fan back in the day.

    Check out the first episode of WizPop at wizd.me/7ge0

    Questions and Comments (08/06/2017)
    posted Aug 6, 2017, 9:40 AM by Vu Nguyen

    From Contact

    WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2017 [Perez canceled] (26-27 Aug 2017)
    Chicago, Illinois
    NOTE: George Perez is not attending any comic book conventions this year.  His only appearance will be Super Heroine Showdown at FetishCon (August 12th), as moderator.  He will not have a table to sign or sketch.
    Bradley B asks:
    8/6/2017 2:23:49   

    Hello, I had a quick question about George's convention appearances. I had received tickets to Chicago Wizard World 2017 just so I can meet him, but I was sad to hear about his heart attack and that he had to cancel. I know that due to the presidential election, he has now restricted what states he will go to, and I'm in Missouri. I was just wondering if or when he will be attending cons again, I'm a huge fan and don't want to miss the honor of meeting him. Thank you.

    @BeRadtz writes:
    9:58 PM - 5 Aug 2017

    I hope to see you at MotorCity ComicCon one day. You, Wolfman, Levitz and Giffen are my ultimate gets on creators I need to meet list.

    Matt H writes:
    Monday, July 17, 2017 at 2:20am
    Finally found a copy of this digging through some special priced hardcovers at a local comic and toy store. I did not think I would ever find one. This has my 3 favorite hulk stories in them written by the great Hulk writer Peter David and drawn by two great artists George Perez and Dale Keown. I missed this the first time around as I thought it only contained The End but when I saw it had Future Imperfect in it I had to find it.

    Wizard World Chicago question
    posted Apr 26, 2017, 8:56 PM by Vu Nguyen

    WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2017 (26-27 Aug 2017)
    Chicago, Illinois
    Joe asks via Contact
    4/26/2017 16:05:03

    I remember hearing that George Perez will be at Wizard World Chicago this year, but Wizard's Website has no mention of him on the guest list. I see it is also mentioned on this website under the appearances section.

    Did George cancel? Or am I missing something?

    Vu writes: As far as I know, George Perez will be appearing at Wizard World Chicago this year.  If George announced a show, he will commit to it.  Here is George's schedule: