WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2017 [Canceled] (26-27 Aug 2017) Chicago, Illinois

cover:  N/A
Date:  26-27 Aug 2017
Location:  Chicago, Illinois
Publisher: wizardworld.com

George Perez has canceled his appearance

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    • George Perez's name appears on the cover of Comix #53 From Vu COMIX #53 (Germany) (15 Aug 2017) Comix George Perez's name appears on the latest issue of Comix #53 (Aug 2017). The publication looks like a magazine about comic books. According to details on comicforum.de and w.ppm-vertrieb.de, the Wonder Woman article is written by Mike Hasse and is about the new film's inspiration from George Perez's work.>>> Mit den Comics: "Dashboard" von Jamiri"Hommage an Jules Verne" von Isabel Kreitz"Manu und Saul" von Volker Reiche"Schöne Töchter" von Flix"Brett der tapfere Raumpilot" von Bill GoGer, Rudolph Perez & Thomas BaehrDer Cartoon-Chronik von Burkh, Schwarwel, Thomas Plaßmann, Michael Holtschulte & 18 Metzger"Spirou & Fantasio: Kofferträger" von Jean-David Morvan & Hiroyuki Ōshima ...
      Posted by Vu Nguyen
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    WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2017 (26-27 Aug 2017)
    Chicago, Illinois

    Questions and Comments (08/06/2017)
    posted Aug 6, 2017, 9:40 AM by Vu Nguyen

    From Contact

    WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2017 [Perez canceled] (26-27 Aug 2017)
    Chicago, Illinois
    NOTE: George Perez is not attending any comic book conventions this year.  His only appearance will be Super Heroine Showdown at FetishCon (August 12th), as moderator.  He will not have a table to sign or sketch.
    Bradley B asks:
    8/6/2017 2:23:49   

    Hello, I had a quick question about George's convention appearances. I had received tickets to Chicago Wizard World 2017 just so I can meet him, but I was sad to hear about his heart attack and that he had to cancel. I know that due to the presidential election, he has now restricted what states he will go to, and I'm in Missouri. I was just wondering if or when he will be attending cons again, I'm a huge fan and don't want to miss the honor of meeting him. Thank you.

    @BeRadtz writes:
    9:58 PM - 5 Aug 2017

    I hope to see you at MotorCity ComicCon one day. You, Wolfman, Levitz and Giffen are my ultimate gets on creators I need to meet list.

    Matt H writes:
    Monday, July 17, 2017 at 2:20am
    Finally found a copy of this digging through some special priced hardcovers at a local comic and toy store. I did not think I would ever find one. This has my 3 favorite hulk stories in them written by the great Hulk writer Peter David and drawn by two great artists George Perez and Dale Keown. I missed this the first time around as I thought it only contained The End but when I saw it had Future Imperfect in it I had to find it.

    Wizard World Chicago question
    posted Apr 26, 2017, 8:56 PM by Vu Nguyen

    WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2017 (26-27 Aug 2017)
    Chicago, Illinois
    Joe asks via Contact
    4/26/2017 16:05:03

    I remember hearing that George Perez will be at Wizard World Chicago this year, but Wizard's Website has no mention of him on the guest list. I see it is also mentioned on this website under the appearances section.

    Did George cancel? Or am I missing something?

    Vu writes: As far as I know, George Perez will be appearing at Wizard World Chicago this year.  If George announced a show, he will commit to it.  Here is George's schedule: