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George Perez homages in Stray #6

posted by Vu Nguyen

art.of.steven.a.wilcox writes:

ACTIONVERSE: STRAY #6 (28 Feb 2018)
Action Lab
I was talking about my George Perez homage pin up that appeared in Actionverse featuring The Stray #6 recently, so I thought I'd repost it here. The comic itself had a couple different covers. The one I got for my copy was the Mitch Ballard cover because it featured a homage to another George Perez Teen Titans cover. Seemed appropriate. 

The Thing reward from the Liberty Brigade Kickstarter

posted by Vu Nguyen


Thrilling Nostalgia Comics

THING (Jan 2019)
art by George Pérez
from Chris R
9" x 12" head sketch of The Thing - a reward from the Liberty Brigade Kickstarter

Alé Garza's New Teen Titans #1 recreation

posted by Vu Nguyen

Alé Garza Art Online writes:

NEW TEEN TITANS #1 (Nov 1980)
DC Comics

Another classic classic cover recreation... #teentitans issue one based off of the amazing #georgeperez

Avengers: Untitled Prelude TPB has been renamed as Avengers: Endgame Prelude TP

posted Feb 17, 2019, 9:25 AM by Vu Sleeper

From Vu

Marvel Comics
MARVEL’S AVENGERS: UNTITLED PRELUDE TPB has been renamed as MARVELS AVENGERS TP ENDGAME PRELUDE to coincide with the forthcoming movie. The book comes out Apr 03, 2019, and will reprint Infinity Gauntlet #1.

(W) Will Corona Pilgrim, Jim Starlin, Brian Michael Bendis (A) Paco Diaz, George Perez, Valerio Schiti, More
As the Avengers and their allies continue to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger emerges from the cosmic shadows: Thanos! A despot of intergalactic infamy, Thanos' goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment - and the fate of Earth, and existence itself, has never been more uncertain! Plus: A classic comics tale of Thanos' original reign of terror over the galaxy, and a blockbuster showdown between the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Mad Titan! Collecting MARVEL'S AVENGERS: UNTITLED PRELUDE #1-3, INFINITY GAUNTLET (1991) #1 and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2015) #19.
Rated T+

Titans Giant #1 and Wonder Woman Giant #1, out now at Walmart

posted Feb 16, 2019, 3:35 PM by Vu Sleeper

From Vu

DC Comics
Titans Giant #1
and Wonder Woman Giant #1 are both out now at Walmart. Both of these titles are re-numbering/re-naming of Teen Titans Giant and Justice League Giant, respectively.

In Titans Giant #1, there is an interior homage to George Perez's Mento Who's Who art entry. Artwork by Scot Eaton and Wayne Faucher.

Five pages of the lost Sojourn / Lady Death #1 comic book

posted Feb 16, 2019, 10:25 AM by Vu Nguyen

From Vu

Check out the first five pages of the unpublished Sojourn / Lady Death #1.  Story by Brian Pulido and Chuck Dixon, with art by George Pérez and Tom Ryder. The five pages shown are of George Perez's (tight) pencils only, inks were never started.

SOJOURN / LADY DEATH #1 (Errata) (12 May 2004)
CrossGen Comics

SOJOURN / LADY DEATH Center Fold Poster (2004)
Wizard Press

art by George Perez/Rick Magyar

SOJOURN / LADY DEATH #1 Page 1 (2004)
art by George Perez

SOJOURN / LADY DEATH #1 Page 2 (2004)
art by George Perez

SOJOURN / LADY DEATH #1 Page 3 (2004)
art by George Perez

SOJOURN / LADY DEATH #1 Page 4 (2004)
art by George Perez

SOJOURN / LADY DEATH #1 Page 5 (2004)
art by George Perez

George Perez will be at O-17 at C2E2

posted Feb 15, 2019, 9:28 PM by Vu Sleeper

From Vu, thanks to Jim B

C2E2 2019 (22-24 Mar 2019)
Chicago, Illinois
Attention C2E2 attendees, "George Prez" will be located at O-17.

While you're at C2E2, be sure to attend Marv Wolfman and George Perez: In Conversation on Sunday, March 24 at 2:45pm at S401.

Custom Omnibus-style CrossGen Chronicles hardbound book

posted Feb 14, 2019, 4:58 PM by Vu Sleeper   [ updated Feb 14, 2019, 5:03 PM ]

From Vu

CrossGen Comics
Check out this custom Omnibus-style CrossGen Chronicles hardbound book, complete with dust jacket.

According to their website ( the custom book is about $50, but you can get some discounts if you create your own cover designs, etc.

Amazing Comic Con Aloha announces private dinner with George Perez

posted Feb 13, 2019, 6:56 PM by Vu Sleeper

From Vu

AMAZING COMIC CON ALOHA 2019 (22-24 Feb 2019)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Amazing Comic Con Aloha announces private dinner with George Perez.

Limited to 25 seats. Regular dinner is $150 and Platinum dinner is $200 and does not include entry fee to the convention. Platinum guests gets seating choice and 3 prints (regular gets 1 print).  No mentioning of what kind of food you're getting....

Niagara Falls Comic Con also offers dinner with George Perez at $125 (CAD) and includes a three course dinner with appetizer, entree, desert, and a non-alcoholic drink.

Details of Amazing Comic Con Aloha George Perez dinner below at

Spend an intimate dinner with George in fine restaurant, a private banquet hall, and ask everything you ever wanted to know about his glorious run on Avengers, Justice League, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman and Many More!  As a special bonus to this one of a kind dinner experience, you will receive one commemorative print, which can be autographed.  Photographs are allowed at this dinner session as well, along with memories lasting a lifetime!

Both regular and Platinum Experience are now available on an extremely limited basis.

Limited to less than 25 total people will be seated in this special session. Please note that the price is per person, and no additional seats or place settings will be allowed.

Super-Iron-Man sketch by George Perez

posted Feb 13, 2019, 6:33 PM by Vu Sleeper

From, Thanks to Ilke

AVENGERS/JLA #4 (Feb 2004)
DC Comics/Marvel Comics
Super-Iron-Man sketch by George Perez.

Avengers / JLA #4 CGC 9.8 signed by both Stan Lee and George Perez. Also George Perez did an original sketch on the back of the Man of Steel / Iron Man.

Also please note there are some scratches on the case shown in the close up picture of Stan Lee's signature.

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