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20 Minute Longbox: London Super Comic Convention Day One, Part One

posted Mar 14, 2012, 1:20 PM by Vu Sleeper

THING (25 Feb 2012)
art by George Perez at LONDON COMIC CON 2012

from 20 Minute Longbox
London Super Comic Convention: Day One, Part One
28 02 2012

So, day one started in an unfortunate fashion, when I realised that the sheer volume of single issue and trades I had packed for signing purposes was too much. I could barely lift my bag, and couldn’t do the zip up. Not a good sign. After some frantic repacking, I was just about able to lift my bag and I set off for the show.


First up for me was one of my favourite artists, George Perez. I joined his queue, thinking it was a signing queue, but once I realised that it was a queue for sketch orders, I decided to grasp the opportunity. I’ve not been one for sketches before. The only one I’ve ever paid for was a present for my then-girlfriend, a Steampunk portrait by the amazing Dan Boultwood. But with the price of the sketch at a very reasonable £20, it seemed like the time was right to have one. And, considering my podcast leanings, there was only one choice: The Thing.

Throughout the day, I returned to Perez’s table, eager to see if the art was done, or if he was working on it at the time – it would have been amazing to see it drawn in front of me! Sadly, I missed this, but I did return to his table just before closing to find that the sketch was ready. And here it is, the single greatest thing I took away from convention: a head-shot of The Thing, drawn and inked by the legendary George Perez.