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Comic Book Flashback # 11: Logan's Run #4: "Dread Sanctuary!"

posted Jul 18, 2008, 7:41 AM by Vu Sleeper

LOGAN'S RUN #4 (Apr 1976)
Comic Book Flashback # 11: Logan's Run #4: "Dread Sanctuary!"
2008-07-18 07:21:00 by John Kenneth Muir in John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Film/TV


In early 1977, Marvel Comics offered "the official adaptation" of Logan's Run, the hit science fiction movie starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter.

As you no doubt recall, Logan's Run concerned a futuristic City of Domes which was a virtual paradise...except citizens were not permitted to live past their thirtieth birthdays. This comic-book adaptation split the movie's sprawling narrative into five issues authored by David Kraft and drawn by artist George Perez (based on the screenplay by David Zelag Goodman).

My favorite issue of the bunch is April 1977's action-packed number #4, "Dread Sanctuary" which finds an on-the-run Logan 5 and his sexy companion Jessica leaving the City of Domes proper and stumbling upon the "eternal ice world" of the mad robot called Box. As it turns out, Box is a bit of a sculptor in his spare time despite his mechanical nature, and he wishes to forge (out of ice..._ an artistic representation of Logan and Jessica that he believes will prove his enduring "masterpiece."