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REFLECTIONS: Kurt Busiek, Part II

posted Jul 23, 2008, 4:40 PM by Vu Sleeper

REFLECTIONS: Kurt Busiek, Part II

by Robert Taylor, Staff Writer
Wed, July 23rd, 2008 at 12:57PM PST

Kurt Busiek’s “trinity” of interviews with “Reflections” is continuing this week, and if you missed last week’s premiere interview about reaction to his new weekly series “Trinity” then, please, click here.

Busiek: "Wonder Woman is a badass."

If there are nine million tanks coming at you over the hill, and Wonder Woman's standing there between you and the tanks, you can still feel safe because she's Wonder Woman, she can rip them to bits. That's much stronger than her choosing that moment to preach about nonviolence -- she's going to show the bad guys that violence isn't going to work for them, not try to reason it out with them on the battlefield.

There's certainly more to Wonder Woman than that, of course. Another thing that's gotten lost over the years is that she's supposed to be an ambassador of peace. She wants to change the world, to show us a better way -- and honestly, beating up Angle Man every month isn't showing us that way. She has all these strong conceptual underpinnings for being in this world that have often gotten lost over the years -- they get trotted out to explain why she's here in Man's World, and once that's done, the writers treat her as just another superhero who they can play identity games with and build a stable of supervillains for and figure out if she wants to marry Steve Trevor. Basically everything Superman does, but as a woman. The idea that she was here to show us that there's a better way to live than our warlike society got kicked to the wayside -- and since that's her reason for being here, you'd think it would come up.

That's something George Perez got, and Greg Rucka got, and Gail gets -- but for much of Wonder Woman's history, it's been an afterthought when it came up at all.