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SDCC 2008 – DC Nation #1

posted Jul 26, 2008, 12:46 AM by Vu Sleeper

SDCC 2008 – DC Nation #1 
written by Dominik B.
Friday, 25 July 2008

San Diego Comic Con is here! Hooray! And with this, the latest news tickle in. Here's what fans learnt at the first DC Nation panel!

Good news: Dick Grayson will survive whatever's thrown at the Bat-Family as there are apparently plans for his character. I hope they don't include Peter Tomasi. Also, no female character was confirmed to die. It seems like DiDio can't get away with everything anymore.

Bad News: Peter Tomasi sticks with Nightwing, probably writing the character into a corner where death will be the only solution in a couple of arcs. Seriously, there has never been an author who disrespects a comic book character this much in his own book. Also, George Perez, one of the most boring, outdated artists is still getting work at DC. Just because he did awesome stuff way back when rubber boots were still made out of woods doesn't mean he's still great today.

  • Flash: Rebirth will feature the reintroduction of Barry Allen into the DCU.
  • Final Crisis: Revelations will have The Question, The Spectre and "Payback in spades."
  • George Perez will draw Final Crisis: Legion of three worlds
(apparently this guy doesn't like traditional super-hero comic book art)