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SDCC's Legion Panel

posted Jul 28, 2008, 6:45 AM by Vu Sleeper
From Vu


More or less the same Perez news from the Legion Panel:


Re: LegionWorld at San Diego
Posted: Jul 25, 2008 10:06 PM by exnihil

Third Day Impressions (Friday at the Con)

Well, preview night, for me, was about stuff, day one was walking the floor, day two was all about sitting on my @ss. Too much walking yesterday meant that today I wanted to focus on just chilling out at some panels, asking some questions of the guests if the opportunity arose, and letting serendipity work its magic as it would.


Geoff Johns panel. The least interesting panel to me, initially. Filled with fans who were asking ridiculous questions, basically asking Geoff to reveal plot points of ongoing series, like "Flash- Rebirth" and "In Darkest Night," two series I have no interest in. A few cool Legion of 3 Worlds nuggets: I asked him whether it was limited to just "3 worlds" or whether we would expect to see any "5 Years Later" characters, and he revealed that George Perez has said that he wants to draw "everyone who was ever in the Legion," so that bodes well for you Kent Shakespeare and Celeste MacCauley fans out there. Michael Grabois asked him about his future with the Legion, post L3W, and he was cagey, saying he couldn't reveal anything yet. Some guy asked him whether he could insure that L3W includes a bit where Superboy-Prime punches off Dream Boy's head. Geoff Johns seems like a very likeable guy, who honestly loves comics, specifically DC, and is very grateful that he's got the chance to work with so many of his favorites. I had no preconceived notions of Mr. Johns, but came away thinking he was a very "regular guy".

SDCC08: updates for Friday entries
Posted by Michael at 7/28/2008 03:14:00 AM

I have updated the Keith Giffen panel and the Mattel toy announcement post, and added an entry for the "That 70s Comics" panel. The Mike Grell and Geoff Johns posts were already updated a couple days ago, if you haven't read them. What was originally there was a quick blurb posted from my cell phone from the panel.

I didn't attend the Gays in Legion Fandom panel, but here's a report from exnihil (who comments here from time to time), which also covers his take on the Grell and Johns panels.

There was nothing of Legion importance at the Final Crisis Management panel. George Perez wants to draw everyone who was ever a Legionnaire, and the lightning rod last seen at the end of Lightning Saga is kind of important.

Geez, I'm just barely finished with Friday and it's Sunday night already.