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The Wizard Retrospective: George Perez

posted Jul 12, 2008, 5:57 PM by Vu Sleeper


Enjoy these excerpts from Christopher Lawrence's bio of the greatest team-book artist of all time, from his most personal book to his odds-defying return to 'Avengers'

By the Wizard Staff Posted 07/08/08
  padTHE WIZARD RETROSPECTIVE: GEORGE PEREZNever underestimate the power of a good Hawaiian shirt.

Whether it's covered in flowers or palm trees, superheroes or pink poodles, Hawaiian shirts are the fashion equivalent of a tranquilizer. They emanate serenity, their bright colors blaring like a giant neon sign reading "Welcome."

George Pérez wears such a shirt—one of the many in his collection—as he opens the door to his central Florida home. The shirt's a vivid reminder to relax, and walking into the living room of a living legend…well, that reminder is certainly appreciated.

Sure, Pérez is one of the nicest, most gregarious and respectful men in the comic industry, but he's also one of the names in the history of the medium; a superstar in four different decades, a master draftsman whose composition, attention to detail and passion for storytelling have shaped some of modern comics' masterpieces.

Following Pérez through his house, it remains tough to block out images of The New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman and The Brave and The Bold. Sitting down in a poolside chair, settling in across from the man himself, it would have been downright impossible not to think "This is the artist who co-created Crisis on Infinite Earths." Would have been impossible…if not for the Hawaiian shirt, that is.

"So," Pérez says with a smile, "where would you like to begin?"