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Troy Hickman on Twilight Guardian

posted Jul 12, 2008, 10:11 PM by Vu Sleeper

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Troy Hickman on Twilight Guardian

Posted by Gwen

Thanks to Troy for taking time out to answer my questions. Having been conducting these interviews for almost a year now I have to say that I continue to enjoy the opportunity to converse with various comic creators. I am constantly amazed at how nice everyone is. Troy's current project, Twilight Guardian, is a great read and I encourage everyone to give it a shot (and vote for TG if you like what you see!).


Gwen: Tell us a little about yourself (or a lot about yourself if you'd like ;) ).

Troy: Let's see. I am a lifelong Hoosier and live in Lafayette, Indiana where I teach creative writing and English at a college. For a number of years, though, I've been writing comic books when someone will give me the chance, and eventually I'm dying to do it full-time (hey, you editors out there---). I'm primarily known for my mini-series Common Grounds, which was nominated for a couple of Eisner Awards (Best Short Story and Best Anthology), and featured artwork by Dan Jurgens, George Perez, Mike Oeming, Chris Bachalo, Ethan Van Sciver, Carlos Pacheco, Sam Kieth, Angel Medina, and Rodolfo Migliari. I've also written an arc for Top Cow's City of Heroes comic which was popular enough that they turned it into a story arc in the game itself (which I also scripted), as well as a couple issues of Witchblade, a Turok one-shot, a Hulk story in ACTOR Comics Presents, and tons of indies and mini-comics.