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AD Boorman meets George Perez at Third Eye Comics

posted Nov 9, 2014, 10:00 PM by Vu Nguyen

THIRD EYE COMICS (Signing) (25 Sep 2014)
Annapolis, Maryland
AD Boorman meets George Perez at Third Eye Comics!!
Posted by ComicWow! September 30

Wednesday before Rosh Hashanah; that means no school Thursday.  A day off for a teacher.  That was good; the night was not.   It was not a warm night.  It was cold and drizzling and windy.  This was a good night to stay home and sleep in.

Despite the weather, I was there, waiting in the cold.  Alone in the cold and the rain.  On a night like this, I can feel the cold in my bones.  Old injuries creak and groan in the damp  and chill.   Despite the weather and the prospect of a sleepless night, I am actually happy.  First in Line (yet again!) 


He thanked us (!) for coming out to see him in the cold and the rain on a weekday.  He went down the line (ME FIRST!) signing an item for everybody waiting in line. 

I had him sign a TEEN TITANS trade paperback; others had him sign different things.  Many fans had him sign copies of SIRENS.

Due to the weather, Steve Anderson, the entrepreneur/fanboy who runs THIRD EYE COMICS opened up a few minutes early, and the line moved in.  I got George to sign copies of the Cover of the trade paper for two of my students and I got him to sign a copy of SIRENS for me, as well. 

The line for the signing wrapped all through the store.