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A Hero Initiative Update with Jim McLauchlin

posted Jun 12, 2009, 12:04 PM by Vu Sleeper

HEROES COMIC CONVENTION 2009 (19-21 Jun 2009)
A Hero Initiative Update with Jim McLauchlin
By Matt Brady posted: 12 June 2009 02:36 pm ET

For the Hero Initiative, 2009 has already been a whale of a year - and we're just reaching the halfway point.

The non-profit charitable organization, whose mission is to help older comic book creators in need, has played host to many convention appearances, parties, and they're just getting warmed up. For more, we spoke with Hero's Jim McLauchlin.


NRAMA: Speaking of conventions, you’ll be at both Heroes Con and Wizard World Philadelphia the same weekend. How do you swing two events like that at the same time?

JM: It’s easy for me—I just don’t go! Christina will be running the show at Philly, and we have an absolutely aces volunteer who handles a lot of stuff in the Southeast named Chris Klamer who will take care of business in Charlotte for Heroescon. George Pérez will be the anchor for us in Charlotte, and George and Brian Pulido—both of whom are on our Board of Directors—will be doing a Hero Initiative panel at the con Friday at 3:30.