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A MAJOR George Perez Announcement.

posted Mar 20, 2009, 9:32 AM by Vu Sleeper

CYBORG (2009), art by Perez, from The Artist's Choice
As some of you may know, superstar artist George Pérez has been creating some beautiful commissioned sketches and fully finished pencil and ink masterpieces for the past few months that have become treasured art pieces for a number of lucky fans and collectors.

Well, for a limited time, and for the first time available to a wider audience, Mr. Pérez, through The Artist's Choice, will be expanding and accelerating the number of sketches and fully rendered commissions he will create for any fan with the desire and funds to have their illustrated dreams come true.

During March and April, Mr. Pérez will be completing both FINAL CRISIS: LEGION OF 3 WORLDS and a small backlog of fully rendered commissions. Starting in May, George will be taking a month's sabbatical from drawing for the big boys so that he can draw as many sketches and finished works as are ordered and paid for between now and April 10th. Yes, even superstar artists have to deal with the financial crunch of mid-April, but this is where a some lucky fans can benefit from Uncle Sam's wallet picking.

There is practically no limit to what you can have drawn** and there is a price scale that should appease everyone from the casual hobbyist to the serious art collector. Cover recreations, cover reinterpretations, large team shots, cross-company pairings, all this and more will be available to you for this limited time offer.

(**Exceptions include any lewd or inappropriate depiction's of copyrighted characters, and, due to George's exclusive contract with DC Comics, he cannot draw anything, such as original characters created by the purchaser, that could then be published by that customer. All illustrations are for private ownership only.)

Recreate the cover of NEW TEEN TITANS #1? No problem. A reinterpretation of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS # 7 with Scarlet Witch in the Vision's arms as the Marvel Universe mourns? Yours for the asking. The prices for the fully rendered works will vary, depending on the complexity of the work, although a CRISIS #7 would likely be about $5000, with a limit of two such recreations so that Mr. Pérez can look forward to some variety in your choices. For price quotes, please contact The Artist's Choice at

Samples will be posted on for viewing as soon as possible.

The prices for SKETCH pieces are as follows:

9" x 12" - Marker - Sketch style - Chest up Portrait.

9" x 12" - Marker & Tonal Pencil - Chest up Portrait.

9" x 12" - Marker - Sketch style - Mini Bust

9" x 12" - Marker & Tonal Pencil - Mini Bust

11" x 17" - Marker - Sketch style - Full Body

11" x 17" - Marker & Tonal Pencil - Full Body


$500.00 first figure, pencil only
$400.00 each additional figure pencil only

$300.00 to ink first figure
$200.00 to ink each additional figure

$500.00 pencil only fully detailed "PEREZ" background
$300.00 to ink fully detailed "PEREZ" background

Cover reinterpretation prices based upon the cover in question. Subject to George Perez's approval. MINIMUM of $2,000 regardless of content. Although George's intent for recreations is to do them as closely as possible, George will NOT be doing line for line exact replica covers.

All prices are plus applicable shipping and handling charges. Foreign order prices are subject to location.

As we said, this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. All payments IN FULL, MUST be IN MY HANDS no later than  April 10th and George Pérez personally guarantees that the final piece of artwork will be finished no later than August 1st, 2009.

After that George will be heavily involved in several new exciting projects for DC Comics and will likely not be available to draw such complex private works again. So act NOW, and let George Pérez make your fanboy dream come true !

THANKS for your ongoing support and patronage.

Spencer R. Beck
The Artist's Choice