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An Addendum to the She-Devils Casting Call

posted Jan 12, 2014, 9:31 AM by Vu Nguyen
George Pérez writes:
January 4, 2014 at 1:50pm

SHE-DEVILS #1 (2014)
Boom! Studios

I've been getting a wonderfully large number of volunteers and so many have already sent your photos, and for that I am grateful. There are a few specific types I'm still looking for, though and, while I can just simply create the faces, I'd still like to get a chance to use as many live models as I can, even for parts that may not be all that glamorous or even likable.

Now, at the risk of spoiling the story for anyone--although these requests will no doubt elicit more confusion than clarification--I currently have need of a couple of Japanese Samurais, young Japanese geishas.

I'm also looking for an African-American woman over 30 for a small part similar to the role Viola Davis played in THE HELP. I'm also looking for a black male to be in a one or two panel scene with her.

These last two roles may be the toughest roles to fill due to the sensitive nature. I can understand a modern black woman being adverse to portraying a maid and for a black man to be portrayed in a similar function. However, the roles are not going to be negative or condescending portrayals--just going for some historical context in the storyline which has a scene in the 50s era South..

Of course, some of you are being cast in rather unsavory roles-- many at your own request, so maybe I'm being a little over-cautious in the name of political correctness, but I just needed to make myself clear that all this is being done for entertainment and the desire to involve my fans in some of that enjoyment, if they want to. The parts mentioned are little more than cameos and could easily be filled by fictional faces, but I will leave that totally up to all of you. No offense meant and none will be taken.

As with all the other casting, the deadline for photos is January 31st, by which time I will have to use whomever I have in my list for the first SHE-DEVILS story arc. Thanks for your attention, consideration and understanding

Casting Call for George Perez's She-Devils
posted Dec 30, 2013, 2:12 PM