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Andy Kubert redesigned Cyborg for Flashpoint

posted Feb 27, 2011, 1:38 PM by Vu Sleeper

FLASHPOINT #1 (Perez Cover) (May 2011)
FLASHPOINT FRIDAY: A Q&A with artist Andy Kubert
Friday, February 25th, 2011 By David Hyde

FLASHPOINT is an epic storyline and a huge undertaking. How did you become involved in the project? How long has it been in the works?

As I was wrapping up the Batman “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader” 2-parter that I did with Neil, I had asked Dan Didio if he had anything in mind for my next project. I had told him that I really wanted to do a Flash project someday. Flashpoint was in its infancy (there wasn’t even a title at that point), and there were really no details at all, except that Dan did say (with this gigantic smile on his face) that he had a huge Flash project on the horizon and I could do it if I were interested. At that time, I didn’t know the storyline or even who was writing it, but I said yes right away. I really trust Dan’s instincts.

It’s funny…Geoff and I have always said that we wanted to work on a project together at some point before this ever happened. I had no idea he was involved with it, and I think when Dan offered it to me, Geoff didn’t know I was going to be involved with it either. I flipped when I heard he was the writer!

We started working on character designs late last spring and it took a good few months to get those going. There were a lot of characters to redesign and we had to coordinate them with DC Direct and all the people involved with that. Sounds simple with re-designing, but it’s not. There’s a lot of thought, sketches, ideas and themes tossed back in forth with everyone involved. You don’t just push a button and out comes a redesign.


Who is your favorite character to draw?

I can’t pick one! The toughest re-design was Cyborg, and what we had finally came up with I was very happy with, especially when I saw the sculpt for the toy. He’s a lot of fun to draw! Batman, as always, is a blast but I’m handling him a bit different than I did when I drew him when I worked with Grant. Of course, The Flash is iconic and a blast too!

One of the fun parts about re-design is that you get to make the character the way you want while keeping them in the parameters for the story. I love drawing knights, armor, and helmets. That was a perfect fit for me and Flashpoint Wonder Woman.

And wait till you see Superman…