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Arlen Schumer Interview

posted Dec 11, 2018, 6:09 PM by Vu Sleeper
From Vu

In "7 Questions With Award-Winning Comic Book Illustrator Arlen Schumer", award-winning illustrator Arlen Schumer talked about the superstar artists that inspires today's artists: "Jack Kirby’s “children” are artists ranging from Bruce Timm (Warner Brothers Animation) and Steve Rude to John Byrne and George Perez, who, in turn, influenced the Jim Lees and Todd McFarlanes, whose Image Comics has defined the look and read of today’s mainstream superhero comics... Neal Adams’ dynamic, realistic style also influenced a generation of artists who followed in his tsunami-like wake, most notably the great multimedia artist Bill Sienkiewicz and the photo-realistic superhero painter Alex Ross..."