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Attributor reports for every published book, 10k copies are stolen

posted Jan 15, 2010, 9:52 AM by Vu Sleeper   [ updated Jan 15, 2010, 10:00 AM ]
From Vu

Articles from Publisher Weekly and suggests for every published book, 10,000 copies are stolen. That sounds to me like perhaps digital copies should be made available on the date of release.

Relating to comics, I hear that people are making comics available online the day (Wednesday) it's released because the publishers are delaying or not making their titles available.

Personally, I don't really understand the digital-thing, I think they're overpriced and would much rather read my comics on printed paper. But maybe it's generational thing, where it may be the norm to read your comics on a computer.

Which brings me to the fact that there may be a real need for a tablet-like device that can read comics. The technology behind the e-books like the Nook and Kindle seems like it's outdated. Who wants to read comics on grayscale? I predict by the end of the year, we'll get a magazine/comic book reader device. Wouldn't it be cool to read comics on this magazine-sized device and then flip over to watch a movie on it? I would buy it (if it's under a certain amount of money like $300).