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Back Issue! #111 to feature Peter David and George Perez's Hulk: Future Imperfect

posted Jun 25, 2018, 7:35 PM by Vu Nguyen
From, thanks to Ilke

BACK ISSUE! #111 (13 Mar 2019)
TwoMorrows Publishing
Back Issue! 111 - $8.95
April 2019 - 84 FULL-COLOR pages

BACK ISSUE #111 (84 FULL-COLOR pages, $8.95) is the “Alternate Realities” issue, cover-featuring the 20th anniversary of ALEX ROSS and JIM KRUEGER’s Marvel Earth X! Plus: What If?, Bronze Age DC Imaginary Stories, Elseworlds, Marvel 2099, and PETER DAVID and GEORGE PÉREZ’s senses-shattering Hulk: Future Imperfect. Featuring TOM DeFALCO, CHUCK DIXON, PETER B. GILLIS, PAT MILLS, ROY THOMAS, and many more! Featuring an Earth X cover by ALEX ROSS. Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

This product will be in stock on Wednesday 13 March, 2019.