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Back Issue #119 features a tiny Avengers 167 and Marvel Two In One 61 cover in Al Milgrom's interview

posted Apr 23, 2020, 7:23 PM by Vu Sleeper

BACK ISSUE! #119 (Apr 2020)
TwoMorrows Publishing
Al Migrom:

At the time, Marvel was still in the throes of expanding, and not having enough talent to do all the work. And once you had a few jobs under your belt - for a new assignments. Having done Captain Marvel, which had a lot of outer-space science-fiction-y stuff, and cosmic stuff... I think they felt like I might be a good fit for [Guardians].

Up 'til then, I think all I had done was just take over books that [Jim] Starlin quit, you know? He did Captain Marvel, and when he decided to leave that, I got it. And then he was doing Master of Kung Fu, and when he decided to quit, I got that - briefly. That was the first one where I think they said, "Yeah, let's just skip Starlin and go straight to Milgrom on this one."