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Back Issue! #73 preview

posted Apr 21, 2014, 7:05 AM by Vu Nguyen

BACK ISSUE! #73 (Jun 2014)
TwoMorrows Publishing
Back Issue! 73 - $8.95
Open publication - Free publishing

July 2014 - 84 FULL-COLOR pages

BACK ISSUE #73 (84 FULL-COLOR pages, $8.95) takes a look at Batman’s Partners! Go “Pro2Pro” with MIKE W. BARR and ALAN DAVIS about their Detective Comics collaboration. Plus: Batman and the Outsiders, Nightwing flies solo, a Man-Bat history, Commissioner Gordon, the last days of World’s Finest Comics, Bat-Mite, the Batmobile, Dark Knight’s Robin the Girl Wonder, and “Prince Street News” digs through Dick Grayson’s closet! Shining the Bat-signal on the work of JIM APARO, KURT BUSIEK, STEVE DITKO, DAVID ANTHONY KRAFT, AL MILGROM, FRANK MILLER, GEORGE PEREZ, MARV WOLFMAN, and more! Batman and partners cover by ALAN DAVIS and MARK FARMER. Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: MAR141600