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Bedrock City Interview

posted Feb 18, 2018, 12:31 PM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Feb 18, 2018, 6:00 PM ]
From Vu

BEDROCK CITY COMIC (Signing) (24 Feb 2018)
Clear Lake, Texas
There's a lot of yada yadas in the first few minutes, so if you skip 30 minutes, the actual interview will start. Direct download (50mb) at

Some notable items from the George Perez interview:

• George Perez is basically "retired". He admits to taking too long to draw, due to his deteriorating eye sight.  Plus the royalties from Teen Titans, he is comfortable financially that he doesn't have to work.
• When asked if he wants to write for Marvel or DC, George absolutely refused. It's understandable, as his last writing gig on Superman (in 2011) had numerous changes, re-writes, and disapproval (even though he had approval three months prior), that it left a bitter taste in his mouth. Not surprised that he will not be returning to writing for the major publishers.
• Strangest commission was Crisis #7 Recreation, but with all the characters laughing and smiling.
George will be attending Comic Conventions in 2019.
• The next attendance will be at Dragon*Con 2018, but "as a plus one" (as an attendee)
• Two characters George wanted to draw were Judge Dredd and Vampirella ("for obvious reasons"), as he never got the opportunity to draw them because he was usually signed to Marvel or DC Comics.

@BedrockCity writes: The 100th @BRCUncanny Universe Podcast will get you hyped for the upcoming George Pérez Signing at Clear. Celebrate the podcasts 100th episode featuring an interview with Mr. Pérez himself & further discussion of the just released New Teen Titans Omnibus.