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Beware the Con Crud!

posted Oct 14, 2013, 6:59 AM by Vu Nguyen

NEW YORK COMIC-CON 2013 (10-13 Oct 2013)
New York, New York
by Jim McLauchlin  on 09 October 2013 Time: 10:42 AM ET


And for every 9-outta-10 [Rick] Remender, there’s a George Pérez. The now 39-year comics vet has attended hundreds of conventions in his time, but is rarely laid low. “I seem to have an incredibly resistant nature,” he says. “I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the times I’ve actually been ill. But that could have been form anything—the food, the plane. Who knows?”

As anyone who’s seen him knows, Pérez is the outgoing type. And he never bothers with Purell. “I shake hands, I kiss, I hug…when fans want to take a picture, I don’t just sit behind a table, but I get up and take a photo with them because it feels more personal that way,” he says. “I guess it’s kind of amazing I haven’t become Typhoid Georgie.”