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Bob Greenberger: Continuing at Dragon*Con

posted Sep 7, 2009, 9:58 PM by Vu Sleeper

DRAGON*CON 2009 (04-07 Sep 2009)
Continuing at Dragon*Con
Posted by Bob Greenberger on September 7, 2009

Saturday was an interesting day at the convention as Deb and I largely followed different paths. I tried to attend one panel, only to discover it had been moved to Monday so we wound up checking out the dealer’s rooms together for a bit.


Our evening was spent with the Davids, and a few dozen of their friends, during their annual rib and chicken dinner. I had a chance to catch up with George Perez and meet new friends. Once George and Peter headed down to emcee the masquerade, the rest of us settled in to watch from the room. Having master costumers like Kath and Marty Gear on hand offer instant opinions and critiques, it was like having the director’s commentary to a great film. There were many wonderful costumes, several marred by bad presentations, but we were overall very impressed.

The wrap-up tomorrow.