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Brevoort Reflects onTen Years Ago This Month (February)

posted Feb 6, 2009, 1:28 AM by Vu Sleeper
AVENGERS #15 (Sep 1999)
Ten Years Ago This Month
2009-02-05 19:10:08 written by Tom Brevoort

Got time to pound out a quick blog entry while I wait for people to upload pages, so for the sake of making it an easy one to get through, I thought I’d do another one of my periodic looks back at what comics came out of my office this month ten years ago. I’m one of the few people left at Marvel who can do this (Ralph Macchio being the other one—and then some.)

Compared to the kind of workload I juggle these days, February 1999’s output seems paltry—I’m sending out this many titles this week alone. But to hit the highlights:

AVENGERS #15 was the last consecutive issues of that relaunched title penciled by George Perez before he finally needed to take a three-issue break to catch up. I remember that George was exceedingly proud of that fact. At the outset of the Heroes Return project, the question most asked when we’d announced that George would be drawing AVENGERS was, “That’s great—who’s going to be penciling issue #2!) But George did more consecutive issues than any of the other Heroes Return launch artists, and he remained with the title for close to another two years.

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